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Yoyito Aluminum Hand Line Reel Pocket/Travel Fishing Kit (30 lb Clear line)


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Product Description

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The Yoyito

A simple handline reel 3.5 in diameter by 1 in thick, capable of landing anything from freshwater bream to bull reds and groupers offshore.

We took a rod and spinning reel and removed anything that was not absolutely necessary to perform the basic functions: casting, retrieving, sensitivity and the ability to fight big fish. The Yoyito is the result of years of design and experimentation, the essence of a fishing system that is tried and true.

People have been fishing for at least 40,000 years and handlining is one of the earliest forms. Even today, millions of people around the world use a handline to feed themselves and their families.

The Yoyito is not the only handline reel on the market, but it sits in a class of its own. It is the most compact and durable reel of its kind. We took a 21st-century approach to improve on a design that has been around for millennia.

Unique features:

Snug finger holes for a very secure grip A silky smooth front cone with an optimized angle for casting great distances A center hex hole that fits on a base for attaching to bows, fishing piers, and kayaks Two rear holes for unattended slackline fishing Dimensions that allow the reel to fit in your pocket for all day carry Available in a kit that includes everything you need to go fishing on any environment Made in the USA

Why a handline?

Because life is complicated and fishing does not have to be. Whether you are a hiker, survivalist, sports fisherman or you are simply curious about a fishing; the Yoyito fishing kit is the ideal tool for the job. Keep it in your pocket, backpack, B.O.B or your glove box. Never find yourself in an awesome fishing spot without a mean to fish again. With no moving parts, made of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for corrosion resistance, there is nothing more reliable than a Yoyito handline reel.

After all, more fish have been caught on a handline than any other form of line and hook fishing

Great for catching bait

Great for catching bait, from greenbacks with a sabiki rig to pinfish, croakers or anything you need to go after your quarry of choice.

Handline reels for “real” fish

Whether you are fishing for sport or trying to put food on the table; The Yoyito handline reel provides a “tried and true” method of fishing.

Hand-to-hand combat

Feel every turn, dive and run like never before. When you handline, it’s just you and the fish. This is the ultimate fishing experience.

Awesome red on a Yoyito handline

Here we have Spencer landing redfish, somewhere off the coast of Texas. Even though he is relatively new to handlining, you can see him working the fish like a boss. Spencer is now traveling through Europe with his Yoyito handline, he’s already send us several picture of his catches in Portugal and Spain.

The Yoyito on Naked and Afraid

Watch episode “Worlds Collide” of the Discovery Channel’s show Naked and Afraid to see the awesome Melissa Miller catch piranha with the Yoyito. Melissa didn’t just survive, she thrived! Even though they only show her catching one piranha on the show, she actually dozens of them.

30 lbs tournament grade monofilament fishing line
2x small, 2x medium, 2x large circle hooks and 2x small, 2x medium, 2x large J hooks
1x 1 oz bank sinkers, 2x 1/2 oz bank sinkers, 1x 1oz egg sinker, 2x 1/4 oz egg sinker
4x medium size barrel swivels. The entire package fits in your pocket!
1x reel/kit carrying pouch with PAL webbing for MOLLE attachment and two inside pockets


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