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YONGZHI Fishing Lures Topwater Floating Weedless Lure Frog Baits with Double Sharp Hooks Soft Bait for Bass Snakehead Salmon Freshwater Saltwater Fishing (Mix Style)


Price: $13.99
(as of Oct 18,2020 12:08:39 UTC – Details)

Product Description


The frog is designed to cast long distances and land on its belly every time. Made with only the most enticing of colors. Its flow-through design drains water with each twitch to keep it from filling with water, sinking or snagging.
Softer-plastic hollow body frogs with double upturned hooks that ride against the body and come over weeds and wood without snagging.It is also extremely weedless so that you can be confident throwing your frog into weeds, lily pads, tulles, heavy mats, and under docks.Hollow body frogs see most use in heavy vegetation, but their weedless properties are beneficial any time you’re fishing heavy cover.This bait works effectively in the slop and walks back and forth like a Spook in open water.


​Product Parameter:

Length of body: 2.28inch
Cranking Depth: topwater
Package:5pcs in one plastic box

​Product Parameter:

Length of body: 2.0inch
Length of tail:2.35inch
Cranking Depth: topwater
Hooks: 2/0 Double Hooks
Package:5pcs in one plastic box



Wherever bass live,so too do multiple species of frogs,So this is great for bass fishermen because using frog lures can provide some of the most exciting bass fishing there is!
The soft hollow-bodied frog lures is that the hooks face upward and rest flush against the body. In addition, they float so the hooks never come close to the weeds under them. You can freely drag a frog across lily pads and other surface vegetation with no worries of getting hung up.
In frog fishing, all your doing is casting these lures out deep in to the middle of surface vegetation and slowly working it back across the top. The idea is to make the lure appear like a frog moving along the surface, or from lily pad to lily pad.
These lures are available in various colors. It’s a good idea to stay with natural colors like browns and greens in most waters, but especially in clear water.Different Colors can meet different waters.
Length of body: 2.28inch; weight:0.4oz; package:pack of 5 in a plastic box.


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