Home Fishing Tips Winter Shot Uplift | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

Winter Shot Uplift | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

Winter Shot Uplift | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

one very important thing when you’re pole fishing especially in the colder months is to get your measurements absolutely right you can see here I’ve got a 15 centimeter hook length on which is my go-to length as far as skimmers and bream are concerned but you’ll notice that I’ve lifted the first shot about two inches away from the loop to loop this is very very important when you’re fishing for not as many fish and the waters slightly clearer lift everything away everything that’s visible just slightly higher you’re not fishing for a fish every cast like we have been in the warmer months say at Gold Valley on the Middle Lake fishing for F ones or Westwards or places like that where you want everything down and tight and a short hook lengths have a little look at the water not only the temperatures down the water’s going clearer so just lift everything away just that little bit and it would just make you rig slightly less visible and spook the fish less and obviously then result in more bites


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