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Winter Crankbait Bass Fishing Tip

Winter Crankbait Bass Fishing Tip

You know when I’m fishing during the winter the one thing I’m thinking about the most is is the baits that I’m gonna throw are Gonna be baits that are not real erratic smallmouth So what I’m doing is is I’m going along them right here I’m throwing a Lucky Shad, but I could throw a jerk bait.

I might throw a jig sometimes I might drop shot a little bit I’m just thinking of things that aren’t gonna cause a lot of action in the water and a lot of times It’s the action you actually put on the bait .

With a jerk bait I can make that incredibly erratic, but I can also slow it down where I just twitch and Then pause for a long time. Twitch twitch and a lot of times when that baits just sitting there.

It’ll get a bite this Lucky Shad is a bait that actually sits. There as I go through the water It’s just moving not very fast, and it’s just back and forth real tight little action And so when the water gets cold you can just catch a big fish on this – pretty good feeling fish.

Throwing a crankbait, and I am fishing water that it’s amazingly clear to get a bite on a crankbait on This may be a brown one here, yep, smallmouth, and he’s got two or three with him really does he’s got five with him I think.

Look at all those big old giant smallmouth. Oh my gosh How you get one of those? You feel like you could catch them on anything. A lot of times I’m thinking I could catch them on just about anything, but my preference is I usually in clear water situations I’ll have about four or five baits rigged up.

A jig, a crank bait, a jerk bait. I’m maybe gonna Have a drop shot a lot of times I’ll have a swim bait, and that’s about it You don’t need that many baits in the winter. In the winter time if you’re gonna fish somewhat shallow Those fish a lot of times all you’ve got to do is just get that bait down there get it near them Move it slow, and you can get them to bite And that dude ate that plug absolutely ate it!


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