Home Fishing Tips Web Only – Rainy Lake Pike on Tip-Ups with Chris Granrud

Web Only – Rainy Lake Pike on Tip-Ups with Chris Granrud

Web Only – Rainy Lake Pike on Tip-Ups with Chris Granrud

James dagger I set a couple flags up today to kind of spread our bait around a little bit I’m kind of a mid day time frame on top of these feeding Shoals the pike will want to come up here and early in the year well we like to do with with a sucker minnows we like to kind of trim the tails and what I found is pretty much all year long these big pike or big walleyes like Big Easy meals by trimming the tail and trimming the fins this sucker minima is much less elusive and these big pike gonna come in there and be able to analyze the bait not have to use a lot of energy and hopefully take it and we’re going to use a quick set rig here and what it is basically is two treble hooks on a phono spinner and actually what we’ve used is we’ve used one of these slender spoons and obviously a bright silver pattern because we’ve got Cisco’s and smelt in the lake here and that flashing along with this injured sucker medal hopefully will have us pullin some big Pike out of the lake here we like to set these sucker minnows about six or seven feet off the bottom Pike will almost always ambush their prey from the bottom and move up so that’s almost hard to have your bait too high but you can definitely have it too low the tip up finally pays off huh why are you thinking Pike or walleye I think it’s gonna be a pike it’s a walleye it’s gonna be a big guy right no he spun it out of line I think he was headin here to Canada he’s good he’s good buddy he is good when he sees the light he gets really really angry oh boy he’s huge I think he cut me from my elbow down to my fingers but look at the size oh look at that big that is that is tight 220 pounds that is a big game for goodness all right you just have a snowmobile into the hospital that’s your blood isn’t it I think sums mine something says I’m gonna grab the pliers all right we get that fish we have had so many close hookups with these big fish and this baby hit it absolutely fired out fired out and I saw it actually run it out of line and done your flex that tip up into the hole it has lights out for you just absolutely wrong you know the weather is nice but we better get that fish back before we freeze a fin or two so let’s get it home what off fish Chris Wow massive how’s your hands doing you let it go definitely let her go put the nose bag donor congratulations that’s is a big absolute monster all right and away she go any bigger that fish would baby yes which is the hand I told you it was your blood I am gonna go take a look at what we’ve got going on my hand by the heater and then we’re getting this back down there sounds good awesome great job I’ll say that fish took it all the way to the end that’s what set the hook no more line


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