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Warrior Boats Factory Tour and Minnesota Walleye Fishing

Warrior Boats Factory Tour and Minnesota Walleye Fishing

(country rock music) – [Larry] Alright, team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathing is easy, the living is good ♪ Out in the great outdoors Welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors, we’re sponsored by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Lynch of Mukwonago, Big snow Resort, Hard and Soft Fishing, Suzuki, Wings Over Wisconsin, Dick Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Kmiec Law Firm, Komelon Measuring Tools, Vexilar, Deep Freeze, Cold Snap, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy.

And remember, it’s a great day to be alive. Holy moly. Hey, welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Hey, this week we’re up in Minnesota and guess what? Today we’re at Melrose here and we’re gonna be walking into the Warrior plant and we’re gonna be meeting our good friend Kent Anderson and rest of the guys here at Warrior before we go out fishing.

We’re actually gonna be doing a little walleye fishing, some rigging, and some jigging, up on some lakes right around this area. So it should be a good day plus we’re gonna check out what’s happening, new at the plant right here.

Stay tuned, let’s go meet the guys at Warrior and see what they got going on. – How you doing? – [Larry] Hey, Kent. – Great to see you. – Glad you could make it. – Chuck, I appreciate you guys inviting me to the plant, I’ll tell you what.

I gotta tell you guys, I’ve had a lot of boats in my life, this is the first Warrior boat that I’ve ever had and I’m hoping that you guys are gonna keep me for the rest of my life because honestly, that boat is so impressive and I’m very excited to see how you guys are building these boats because I’ll tell you something, again, I’ve had a lot of boats and I want to see how these things are built and why they ride so well.

So, I’m hoping for a little tour of the plant today and then maybe a chance, a chance to go fishing. – Think we can catch a fish. – [Larry] Oh, that sounds good. – Well, we’d love to show you around. – Okay, the sounds good, let’s take a little tour of the plant and see how these Warrior boats are built.

Hey, Chuck, so what have we got going on here? Now this is one of the first steps right here. – This is number one. – Okay. – We’re taping it off for our design in the boat. – [Larry] Okay. – You start first with doing the swirl and then they take that out and retape it and do the other part of it.

– [Larry] That’s all that’s going on. – [Chuck] That’s a two step process. – [Larry] That’s interesting, very impressive. – They’re built from the outside in not the inside out like you would think. – Right, that’s the way I thought it would be.

That’s interesting. – What you’re seeing on your finished product, the paint is actually the first thing that’s applied to the boat. – I never thought that at all. You know, it’s amazing when it comes to building one of these boats, really what’s involved in it and what do we have going on at this step right here? – Right here is one of the last steps before it’s gonna come off the model.

We’re sending down any slippers, any height spots. The built skeleton has almost like a finished coat on the same side so when you’re working on the boat, you’re not gonna be getting slivers, punches, anything like that, it really seals up that whole side.

– [Larry] Right. – People don’t realize the G-force on those boats when you’re flying across good sized waves. – [Larry] Right. – And that fiberglass has to take it. Sure, it’s reinforced with different frames, different little things but it’s, it’s still tough.

They, if not done right, you’ll see some repercussions from it in the near future. – And you guys see very very few boats come back for any problems– – Structural failure, no. – That’s absolutely awesome.

You know you’re doing the right thing then. Chuck, so what do we have here? – This is where the process starts, this is where we do our cutting. For all our doors, all our live wells. Everything in the front, the dry storage.

And we cut the cap to fit the hull. – [Larry] Okay. – This is actually coming back and it’s already set and he’s just finishing it. The first part would come in is the hull and then the cap. We’re just, this one will be shifted into there and to the third stage after from here.

It’ll go right through the door there and continue on. – So, there’s several different stages to putting one of these boats together. So, that’s kind of the first stage, once it comes into the shop here from the fiberglass factory, right? – Yes.

– Okay, and so now we’re gonna move onto the second phase/? – The second phase is carpeting and putting all of the pumps, the gas tank, all of that stuff in the boat and continue from there. He’s doing all the carpeting in there now and from there it’ll move, we’ll go to this stage in which they do all the plumbing and the wiring, the detail work in here.

And then those two will come together and we’ll set them together underneath this hoist. – Once they’re stuck together, that’s what we’ve seen when we’re in the cut booth. So, this would be, basically we’re out on what the second stage, here.

First stage, when you come in, they’ll go into the cut booth, where we were, and they’ll cut through the preliminary cut on the deck, which is right here and then they’ll preliminary cut on the hull which is over here.

And then once that’s all done, then they’ll start with he carpeting and go over to put the wiring and the plumbing and the caps. – Yes. – Now we’re at stage four, right here, huh? – That’s right. – Okay, so what’s all involved in stage four? It seems like you’ve got two guys in the boat here, they’re working pretty hard.

– Yep, what they’re doing is they’re putting the doors in, put the dry storage and the live wells and they’re trimming it out with the locks. Putting all the trimmer on the rod, rod holder part. They’re putting the dashes in and wiring up all of the pumps and all the electrical down the bottom.

– Okay. – And from there, they go and they start testing. We test everything when we’re done to make sure when it’s finished– – That when I get the boat, it all works. – Exactly, hope for best so that everything works, it doesn’t leak, and all of the switches work and we can continue on.

– Okay. So, Chuck, now, this is kind of the final stage in here, huh? So if a guy, if I have my own electronics that I want you guys to rig, you guys will put, you’ll rig the electronics and put the transducers on onboard chargers, all that kind of stuff happens right in here? – Yep, this is where this– – We won’t have people send them in, though, we’ll only factory install.

– [Larry] Only factory install, okay, that’s what you normal– – Just because we don’t want to get in that mix of somebody, you know, sending this and well, this got lost or that got lost. But we’ll pre-wire them and I mean, we do factory install electronics, so yeah.

– When it comes through on the invoice, we know what goes in the boats so there’s no mixup with– – Confusion, huh? Trawling motors, whatever bring in you want. – Yep. – We handle everything. – That’s awesome.

So pretty much, if I order a boat and I say I want this trawling motor and this electronics and this battery charger, on board charger. So when I get the boat delivered to the factory, or to, you know, the dealership, it’s gonna be ready for me to go out there and turn the key and fish.

– It’s pretty much wired and ready. – Yeah, that’s awesome. So what do we got going on at this stage of the boat right here, it’s almost ready to go, huh? – This is about the last step. We do, they’re doing a preliminary detailing right now before the motor’s hung but what goes on in here after the rigging is done, is we’ll have the final detail, any scratches, anything like that, any imperfections are fixed, cleaned up, buffed.

The final seats, any little thing that’s left is done here. The final checkoff list where the guys go through and make sure we didn’t miss anything. Just another step in the detail to make sure the customer and the dealers get the best product possible.

After that, we’re ready to roll out the door and get it to a dealer. – Hey, Chuck, it looks like we got some final boats ready to go out the door. Kent, I tell you, thanks for the tour of the plant here.

You know, if our guys out in our and gals out in our audience want to check out the boats, how do they get ahold of more information to check out a boat, Warrior Boats? – You can go to warriorboatsinc.

com and check out our Facebook page or our Youtube page. Now, I think it’s time for me and Larry to go fishing. Chuck was gonna go but he says he’s gotta go farming, I think it’s either he doesn’t want us to outfish him or just doesn’t want to feel bad and outfish us.

– I don’t want to give any of my secrets away. – Oh, that’s what it is? Okay, I’ll tell you, I appreciate it. – Alright, nice having you, Larry. – Thanks a lot, Larry. – Let’s go catch some fish. – [Announcer] The Badger Sportsman Magazine and Larry Smith Outdoors are teaming up once again to bring you more great outdoor prizes.

This time, we’re giving away a Frabill ice suit, three Beaver Dam tip ups, and Jiffy propane auger, a package valued at 1,400 dollars. With your entry to win this awesome ice fishing combo, you will also receive a complimentary issue of the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Wisconsin’s premiere publication on everything outdoors.

To enter your chance to win, visit Badgersportsman.com today. – [Narrator] The Warrior story continues with the best tracking, driest ride in the industry, designed with a high degree of dead rise and battle flare to push water out and down for a smooth dry comfortable ride.

The smart trawling keel limits bow drift for enhanced boat control in the wind. And with a lifetime hull warranty, Warrior boats are built to last. Warrior Boats: a legend reborn. – [Announcer] The new Acme Rattle Master has a built in echo chamber with a brass rattle that calls fish in.

The body’s solid brass too and won’t bend or dull and reflects fish attracting light all over the water column. This one-two punch of sight and sound means you drill us holes because fish come to you.

Jig, rip it, or shake it for crappy, walleye, northern, salmon, or trout, and experience multi species action with just one bait. – [Announcer] Wings Over Wisconsin. A non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement.

Through cooperation with private landowners, state and federal agencies, Wings over Wisconsin has been a leader in the preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in Wisconsin for Wisconsin.

For information about how you can join this great organization or how to start a new chapter, please visit wingsoverwisconsin.org. – You know what’s nice today, I didn’t even have to bring my Warrior, we’re using Kent’s.

This is nice. Live bait. We’re on live bait here today, even though I’m gonna try a little bit of plastics. – [Dan] I thought maybe that was your soda cooler. – You thought that was a soda cooler? I can tell you one thing that’s not in that cooler, there’s no Sundrop in there.

And there won’t be any Sundrop, we have issues. (light guitar music) Hey Kent, thanks for that awesome tour of the factory. Boy, I’ll tell you, I learned a lot about boat building and I can understand why these boats hold together so well.

Now we finally made it out on the water here. Tell us what we’re really gonna be doing this afternoon out here? – Well, we’re gonna come out here, we’re gonna do a little live bait rigging with some creek chubs and redtails.

– [Larry] Okay, feels like kind of a typical Minnesota– – It is, we’re, we’re gonna get real creative. We’re gonna use a lead sinker, a swivel, and a playing hook. – [Larry] Holy cats, that’s definitely getting creative.

– But I heard you were gonna try some plastics. – I’m gonna try, until you get like three or four up on me, you know what, I’m gonna stick with the little artificial and just to try to see if it’ll work.

It’s kind of one of them Wisconsin things. We we kinda got a Wisconsin versus Minnesota thing and I’m not a football guy so we can’t say the Packer thing versus the Viking thing, so, it’s just it’s gonna be, you know basically, just a typical Wisconsin artificial against a live bait Minnesota.

So, we’ll see what happens, I, I’m not gonna say much more. – And if he gets up on me, I do got a special rod for him. (laughing) – Alright, stay tuned, let’s see what happens this afternoon up here in Minnesota.

You know, we got some great weather, there’s a big storm coming in tomorrow and the time is absolutely perfect so looks like we’re gonna have a good time here. It’s interesting because I’ve never fished any of these waters before, so, it’s always something new that you’re learning and we’re fishing with one of the best live bait guys, just so you guys know that, one of the best live bait guys, so I just want to make sure to clarify that if does get me up on.

– Clearing up his excuse already. – Oh, no excuses, let’s just, you know what, I think some famous guy said something, shut up and let’s go fishing. – Alright, let’s do that. – You know why I didn’t wear many clothes? Because you got the reaper pepper jerky, so I figured if I start getting a little cold, a little piece of that, warm you right up.

Why is your leader so much longer than mine? – Because I’m putting a minnow on. If I was trying to make them bite my sinker, it’d be different. – [Larry] I don’t know, feeling kind of suspicious here already.

– [Kent] I got one of these just like this one– – Look how short my leader is. – [Kent] I got another one just like this for you, then you can’t say that it’s uh– – I’ll get my chance. Look at that! Uh oh, what do I got there? Oh, come on! – [Kent] That’s right.

– [Larry] You gotta be kidding. – [Kent] Somebody’s gotta get them slough sharks. – Oh, slough sharks, you guys in Minnesota and North Dakota are calling them slough sharks. Got a northern, here I thought I got the first walleye, was all excited.

– [Kent] He ate it. – Yeah, he definitely ate it. – [Kent] Told you it was a multi species fish. – Right, you know, that was the key thing, you know, Kent’s pulling live bait, creek chubs, and redtails, and when a fish is getting close, you can feel that creek chub getting nervous and the rod starts, you know, vibrating because you can feel that chub down there going like that.

Well, I felt the same thing with this plastic down there, I could feel that fish was getting close to it. There’s a lot of waiting going on with that bait of yours. – Well, it’s kind of like you, you’re sitting there, you’re still jerking away at it.

I mean, at least I know I have something on the end of it, maybe. I just gotta be more productive this time and see if I can catch ’em. – [Larry] Oh ho ho, what do you got, good one or not? – [Kent] It’s decent.

– [Larry] Pike, huh? – [Kent] The seasonal pike but it’s not a giant. – [Larry] Is it a flipper? – [Kent] Yeah, I’ll probably flip him. He’s bigger than I think. He’s probably 19. – [Larry] 19, oh he’s way bigger than that.

– [Kent] That’s a nice fish, you may want to grab another one. – [Larry] Oh, I thought you said we’re gonna flip ’em. – [Kent] Well, this one might be a little too big to flip. You gotta wait for Larry to get the net.

– [Larry] Well, you told me not, you weren’t gonna net him, that’s a nice fish. Look at that, look at the color on that fish. – They are beautiful fish. – [Larry] Yes they are. I love the colors on these fish right there.

Nice job, Kent. – You want to touch him to see what a long Minnesota walleye feels like? – Yeah. Smells better than that northern, I can tell you that. – You can get a little walleye stink time if you get, maybe get some of that reaper smell off.

– Well, I tell you, that reaper pepper beef jerky is awful good, I’ll tell you that. – [Dan] Yeah it is. – [Kent] Nice, 24. – [Dan] 24, nice fish. – [Kent] Alright, back in the drink. – [Dan] Had enough, huh? – I’m Mark Greene.

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– On to the next link. – [Kent] Dan, is he gonna get those fish? – [Dan] Oh, you know it. – Think it’s gonna be one up on me, agh! – [Larry] Does he need a net, just saying. – [Kent] That’s a decent fish.

I did get your line. – [Larry] Fall, he got my line! That might even be my fish. – [Kent] Larry was trying to get my fish, he can’t– – [Larry] What do you mean? – He can’t catch his own– – You’re on my side of the boat, Kent! – He can’t catch is own so he takes– – [Larry] He’s on my side of the boat, that’s how these Minnesota guys are.

Right, that’s they they like to pull backwards all the time, right? Look at that, I think that somehow the fish belongs to me. – Nice, nice. – [Dan] Them are nice fish, yup. – Nice color on ’em. – [Dan] Do a little measurement? – [Kent] 21 and a half.

– [Larry] Huh? – 21 and a half. – [Larry] I thought you said 41 point. – Well, it could be. – [Larry] I know you Minnesota guys exaggerate a little bit. – [Kent] Give you a kiss, right. Should maybe let Larry give him a kiss, maybe it’ll help him out.

– [Larry] Showing off now. Show off. – [Dan] I got confidence in you. – [Kent] Or lose them. – [Larry] What, you got another? You’re kicking my butt! I’m starting to feel like I’m fishing with Brett King.

(laughing) – [Kent] I don’t even like being in the same sentence as him. – I can’t say I blame ya, right? – [Kent] This is probably a better fish. – [Larry] Better one? – [Kent] Ugh, come on. – [Larry] You did see that one on the locator and you lifted up to him.

And you stuck him. Got the rod bowed over pretty nice. – [Kent] Yeah he’s got some– – [Larry] Boy I can’t believe– – [Kent] He’s a good fish. – [Larry] There he is, I see him way down there. Woah, is that a pretty fish.

That’s a nice fish, Kent. Real nice, look at the size of that walleye. – [Kent] And sometimes you don’t get em in the boat. – [Dan] I didn’t see anything. – [Larry] I could have got him the first time, but I figured you got him hooked good.

– [Kent] Hey, it’s better than nothing. – That was a nice fish. – [Dan] I saw the whole thing. – You did, I didn’t see nothing. But still, I’m only two down. Didn’t get him in the boat. – [Dan] I saw the whole thing.

– [Kent] That was jealousy, I think, because I had him laying on the top to be netted. – He wasn’t laying on the top. I didn’t want to take him when he was green. You never want to take a fish when he’s green.

– [Kent] You’re kind of nervous, aren’t ya? – [Larry] Oh, I did miss him, no, I got him, I got him, I thought I missed him. – [Kent] He just wasn’t up to him yet. – [Larry] I was so nervous about that fish.

– [Kent] That’s a nice fish. – [Larry] Yeah, it’s a fish! – [Kent] Look at that one. – Look at that. See now, I like to let my fish. I like to let my fish swim around. – [Kent] I’ll give you a net, net.

– [Larry] Oh, that’s how that works? – [Kent] That’s how that works right there. We’re trying to reel him. We’ll let him out. And watch this, folks at home, this is how you’re supposed to put him in the net.

When they come up to the water you put ‘im in– – That’s how you do it? I didn’t know that but your fish was real big, so that was a lot harder. – Mine would eat this one for lunch. – Nice fish, look at the colors on these fish.

What, I mean, it’s hard to believe the quality of fish in these lakes. Awesome, awesome way to catch ’em. We’ve got about a six hour run back home, so I think that maybe we’ll pull the plug and run back home and I gotta guide tomorrow.

So, hey. – Sounds good. – It’s always a pleasure. – I think our next adventures might be a little competition by the sounds of it. – Yeah, I like a little competition. You and me against Brett King. – Yup, and we’re gonna give him a handicap, we’re gonna invite Pat Brookshell, one of the owners.

– Okay, well, that sounds good. So, next time we meet together we’ll probably be on the Mississippi. – Yup, that’ll sound good. – That sounds good, hope everybody enjoyed our show this week and just remember, like I always say, it’s a great night to be alive.

– [Announcer] Badger Sportsman Magazine, Wisconsin’s premiere outdoor magazine. Fishing and hunting in Wisconsin, written by outdoor enthusiasts from Wisconsin. Each issue features timely fishing and hunting articles from experts across the sate.

Badger Sportsman Magazine will help you make the most out of your time in the woods or on the water. Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today. (tense music) – [Announcer] With ice fishing just around the corner, it’s time to gear up.

Check out the Pro Skimmer by Deep Freeze. Offered in six inch, eight inch, and 10 inch models. The fastest ice skimmer on the market and once you’re ready for those tip ups, don’t forget about Blue Tips, the first tip up alert system sent straight to your smart phone.

Free app available on Android and iOS. Check out these and other products at deepfreezefishing.com or any of your favorite retailers. (grand orchestral music) – You know what, you guys invited us down here and I’ll tell you what, we got the shotgun, Schaeffer.

– Right time of year, brother, I got my best friend out the windshield. – Right and you got some other friends. Why don’t you introduce our guests today, Shotgun? – Adam Berg and Zack Willow. I hunt with these guys quite a bit, they gave me a call, said man, you guys gotta get down, we got some ducks.

We’re gonna chase some ducks today. – Hey, we appreciate you guys asking us to come down here and film with ya and to be able to hunt with you today. You know, it’s kind of a funny deal. We got that cold front go through and I was actually supposed to be up on Castle Rock fishing this morning but the last three-four days, the fishing’s been pretty slow and I can’t think of anything better to do then come out duck hunting with a couple of really good guys, besides maybe the Shotgun Schaeffer, and plus I didn’t see any food here this morning.

But, to come out and do some duck hunting, you know, that’s an interesting part about this time of year, is that, you know what, if the fishing’s a little slow, you can switch gears and either go out bull hunting or come out and do some duck and goose hunting.

So let’s see what happens here this morning, doing a little duck and goose hunting down by Madison. (gunshots) – [Larry] Nice shooting. – [Schaeffer] Good boy, there we go! Okay, he’s getting one on his horn? – It’s just a drake.

– Thanks for inviting us up, for sure. – Any time. – And Shotgun thank you, buddy, and what is this thing I’m eating here? – Well, everybody’s complained that I’ve been cooking too much so I decided to bake yesterday.

You know, the old wife’s Italian, I guess you made some special sauce? – Yup. – So I take a pastry roll, roll it up. Cream cheese, sugar, some other stuff. They’re Italian. – You had me at sugar. – Well, we shot some birds and had fun and, you know, that’s what it’s all about.

These aren’t too bad, Shotgun, I’ll tell you that. – I start baking on the show now? (positive mumbling) – Hey, you know, like I always say, it’s a great day to be alive. What’s wrong with leaving the tag on? – [Dan] Nothing, you look good.

– You can always take it back. – [Dan] Safety first. – How long should I feed ’em, Brett? I just needed to call the big Bule for a little advice here.


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