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W4F – Top Tip: “How to Bass Fish”

W4F – Top Tip: “How to Bass Fish”

what’s going on everyone this is Ken Tanaka I wish for fish and in today’s top tip I’m going to show you some strategies as well as equipment that you should use for bass fishing now the equipment and setup I’m going to be using today is going to be a Texas rig and I’m gonna be primarily using plastic worms I’m gonna be using today an Eagle Claw quarter ounce weight also a one ought to Gamakatsu offset hook and as well as the Berkley power bait or and basically it’s the power worm I’m using the 7 inch tequila sunrise today we’re gonna be at Cedar Lake in Minneapolis now today’s equipment I’m going to be using a Shimano Corrado reel it is the 200 g7 and also a Shimano a comprar this is the 7-foot medium heavy and the reason I like the compre is it’s very sensitive it’s got the exposed blank right there for sensitivity as well as in the but thing is it is extremely sensitive but on the downside it is also very brittle it’s not a big fan of being straight up and down and with a sharp bend on the rod tip so be careful of that I’m using 50 pound power Pro braided line now I know that this rod and reel is not set up or rated for that pound test I mean you as you can see here it’s 10 to 17 pound and I’m not sure what this reel is rated at but primarily that’s more concerned about the diameter and today’s braided line the diameter is actually on this 50 pound braided line is actually smaller than a 14 pound monofilament I’m going to be using the Texas rig today and here’s the Texas rig setup here is my bullet weight I was mentioning earlier I just feed that through the line and with the offset you just feed a little bit of the worm through and hook the body like that and this is the Texas trick good thing about this is it is weedless or basically seminary read lists and you set the hook it’s gonna punch right through that that worms so don’t worry about that the reason why I like Cedar Lake the best out of the chain of lakes is that it has the best structure from the shore for instance you have all these pads right here a lot of good weed beds you have fallen trees all over the place and it’s definitely the most accessible from the shore last place to look for you know bass fishing primarily spots like this right here you’re gonna want to work these edges lilypad edges weed edges you could see some weeds sticking out right there milf oil you want to work these weed edges and lily pad edges here something like maybe toss a couple along this line here along this edge a couple pass right through here oh yeah there we go nice little guy got him right on this pad edge right here that’s just working the edges I don’t eat them but yes it is edible what kind of a fish is it it’s a bass largemouth bass yeah largemouth oh you so much much bigger than this oh no no no you swim with like we’re talking no we’re talking muskies like this big oh yeah oh here put it this way come here for a second that’s so funny this lady just saw this this largemouth bass and was like so that’s what I’m swimming with and I gave her the harsh realities by showing some of the pictures of the muskie that I caught this is actually what you’re swimming with she was petrified told her she should probably take off her jewelry anything you know shiny in the water they’re gonna go for it matter of fact I had a gentleman when he caught the must when I caught the muskie the other day he mentioned that he was swimming over there and he was wearing a silver watch the yellow face I don’t think anything with yellow face but the fact that it’s a silver watch you know it just saw silver shimmer I caught that guy right in these little pockets here just cast it out and brought it in you hit it right there on the edge it’s usually primarily where I catch it now for instance I’m gonna you know tread this little edge right here all through there is great as well obviously panfish you’re gonna hit this too and they’re gonna be more like a rapid-fire hit pull it right away versus a bass where you’re gonna feel a nice funk and Fisher just like I said they’re just gonna hit it real quick rapid fire mm better that take off with it you just want to let that go no best is gonna hit it like that that’s all gonna be and fish so patience and take your time with it besides these little pad edges these fallen trees right here are a great spot unfortunately this particular tree is in really shallow water but you’d be surprised what you could pull out of trees like this off falling trees like this is a perfect scenario where bass would be I already had a couple tosses right there and unfortunately catching did today but I have caught a nice fish right on that edge right there here’s ideal situation where we have these two fallen logs right there perfect spot gotta love when the plan works out Booya this little bass right next to that called a pig yes call him right up there on the weed edge there oh yeah it’s a bag yeah baby get some of that it is a pig oh yeah I just caught that pig right there like I said fallen structure is incredible for the bass just started dumping I had to just wait in my car for a little bit before I could come back out but I just caught him right off at that point right there literally casted it right at that point and he just took it instantly I’ve also caught one on the other side of this tree actually before not today but this little point man magic it looks like that’s all for today it is coming down last catch was awesome it’s all about started coming down side to call it a day but anyway I hope some of the tips that you learned today will help you catch some fish any questions please feel free to ask me on youtube or check out my facebook fanpage basically it’s facebook.

com forward slash wish for fish let me know if some of the things that you learned today helped you catch a fish I’ll post it on the Facebook page


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