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VIN-TECH Digital Fish Scale | LCD Display Portable Luggage Weight Scale| 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance Fishing Postal Hanging Hook Scale with Measuring Tape (Include 2 X AAA Battery)


Price: $9.99
(as of Oct 11,2020 03:16:12 UTC – Details)

portable hand held travel luggage digital scale, digital LCD hanging suitcase weighting scale

Range / minute scale: 0 ~ 10kg / 5g; 10 ~ 50kg / 10g

Unit: Kilogram Pound City Kilogram Ounce

LCD visual size: 33 × 20 mm

Blue backlight display

Power supply: 2 1.5V 7 # batteries

Product size: 115 × 57 × 22mm

Material: ABS plastic parts, high-precision sensor, with buzzer sound, blue backlight selection. The digital scale has smooth lines, sturdy structure, small size, easy to carry, various functions, and the weight unit kg / lb / jin / oz can be converted. Weighing is automatically locked for easy reading. It will automatically shut down after 30 seconds to protect the battery and make it last longer.

Instructions for use

1. POWER: On / Off button: press this button to turn on / off

2. Open the back cover, install the battery correctly, press the “POWER” button, the screen displays “8888” after 2 seconds, and then turn on, the screen displays 0.00kg by default;

 3. Press the “UNIT” key to switch the weighing unit between kg, lb, market pound and oz, and select the weighing unit you want to use;


1. Each time the power-on self-test is performed, the electronic scale should be in the vertical direction.

2. Please carry the lifting ring or add auxiliary tools on the lifting ring for weighing. Do not hold the shell for weighing, otherwise the error of the displayed value will exceed the standard.

3. When using it, try to avoid violent collision and impact.

4. The shell of the portable electronic scale is made of ABS engineering plastics. When cleaning, please use a soft cloth plus water or detergent to wipe. It is strictly prohibited to use benzene, nitro solvents, caustic soda liquid and other corrosive substances for cleaning.

Accuracy and High Capacity: Digital fish scale with ruler weighs up to 110 lbs/50 kg; Below 10Kg, accurate to 1/100 pounds or in whole ounce increments, the scale will also be in KG units, accurate to 5g. Above 10Kg, accurate to 2/100 pounds or in whole ounce increments, the scale will also be accurate to 10g;
Stainless Steel Hook: The Hanging Scale with a sturdy stainless steel hook at the bottom, and U-shaped wide tote with lifting and shrinking at the upper end; Use it to check luggage weight, for shipping packages, around the home and more;
Features on Digital Scale: Switch the button through the rightmost unit of the fish scale, quickly and accurately weigh in either pounds and ounces or in Kilograms; Easy to operate, no need to worry about the elderly will not use;
Portable Digital Scale:– The scale is only 5.6” long x 3.8” wide x 1.25” thick. It has a back-lit digital display, memory function, Auto-Off after 5-seconds of non-use to save batteries and includes 2 AAA batteries;
Scope of Application: This mini electronic fish scale can be widely used, necessary for outings and sea fishing; seafood farm; weighing in farmers market or home; high-end gifts; express delivery


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