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Using a Count When Flipping and Pitching for Bass

Using a Count When Flipping and Pitching for Bass

I absolutely love to flip and pitch. One of the things I think is always a question on my mind is how long do I leave my bait around that target or in that spot where I’ve pitched the bait before I reel it in and make another cast.

I read an article on Tommy Biffle who is obviously one of the legends of our sport and especially one of the best ever to pick up a flipping rod. He said the thing to do (especially in the spring time when those fish are protecting an area like a bed or anything) is he would pitch up there and he would hop that bait in place and not really moving it horizontally but just shaking the rod tip.

He would count on it 1-2-3-4 and wherever he got that bite whether it was the 6th hop, 6th shake of the rod, 10th, or 12th. This would tell him how long he should leave that bait in the cover or in that spot before he would reel in and make another cast.

That would kind of give him a pattern within a pattern. How long to leave that bait in the area before moving it out and making another flip. You can be more efficient like that if you know typically you’ve got to leave that bait a little bit longer specially when the water is colder before you reel it in and make another flip or pitch.

So that’s something I always keep in mind. I’m not always counting it, but I’m always trying to see how long to leave it in there. But the count method is good because it gives us something to kind of focus on well we’re flipping and pitching everyone of these targets.

Next time you’re out there flipping check that out. It definitely works and it’s a great way to keep your mind focused on what you’re doing as well so you’re not wandering off mentally and you’re in tune with your bait wherever it is in the cover.


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