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Understanding Jigheads for Bass Fishing Jigs

Understanding Jigheads for Bass Fishing Jigs

Hello, I’m professional angler Gary Klein and I’d like to take a few minutes to try and explain commonly asked questions I get asked all the time the across the country. JIGS. I kind of have a reputation for building, tinkering, and being part of FishBoss.

com offering other anglers the opportunity to do exactly what I do; build their own baits and create their own baits. Lets first just start out with picking out certain jig heads for certain conditions.

Basically all a jig head is, is lead on a hook. That’s it, lead on a hook. But as we build we’re building a bait for a certain condition and let me just explain this right here. If you look at the line ties on all the different jig heads that we offer, the shape of the head of the head is for a reason and the hook that’s in that head is for a reason.

Here we have a jig that is designed for cover. You notice that the line tie is coming out the very tip of the jig head itself. The reason for this is when you’re fishing like say wood you want to have a perfectly smooth transition from the line, to the knot, and underneath the head so you have no material to get hung up in the cover.

This allows the jig to follow the line through the cover. That right there is a heavy cover bait. Where as a football head jig is designed for two reasons. One if you notice the weight according to the hook and the line tie basically comes out of the jig head.

This is a 3/4-ounce football head and two things it’s basically designed for; one is a vertical fall. This is one of the few jig heads that you can use if you fishing vertical bluff walls or maybe shade lines on dock where you can cast it up and free spool it and it will fall straight.

This is because the majority of the lead is forward the line tie so it falls down. The more common use of the football head is to drag it on the rocks, pea gravel, and that’s the reason why we have the line tie on top because it doesn’t make contact with the rocks as often as if you were to use this jig here and your knot would constantly be driven into the rocks.

With your line tie on top of a football head your line tie stays away from contact with the rocks. But most importantly what it does is this is your pull point and as you’re dragging like most of us fish the football head, drag it with you’re rod tip or do a little reel with the handle, what you’re doing is you’re pulling it here but you’re actually pivoting the jig up so it elevates your trailer a little bit and it also rubbles across the bottom very well.

That’s a football head jig and this is not a heavy cover bait. You throw this into wood and you’ll have issues. This is like one of our heavy duty, heavy cover jigs with a big magnum hook in it and it’s called our Winch Jig and this is just a little 3/8.

But again I have the line tie and a perfect smooth tradition going past the jig. This bait was designed for big trees, big laid over logs, big bushes, and heavy line. So that’s just kind of it in a nutshell.

When you take a look at a jig head even you’re little shaky heads, football heads, heavy cover jig heads, they’re all designed for a reason so you need to basically fish them for the right conditions.


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