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Ultra Light Trout fishing tip

Ultra Light Trout fishing tip

hey guys I’m back last night I promised you just gonna show you some tips maybe a couple of secrets on how to have some bragging rights down here to Creek when you’re fishing for trout all right now uh my basic setup I’ll show you here real quick Roma micro rod didn’t spend a fortune on I think it was like 20 bucks for the rod it’s 20 bucks for the real you know anyway it’s good little thing I had a couple years works very well this is strong with four pound test good stuff the excel line that I got from Bass Pro Shop I picked up like twelve thousand feet of it for like 25 bucks I’ve had it for years now let me show you the secrets here this year is a size 16 treble hook or as I lovingly like to call them trouble books because he’s a trouble now you wonder Nate what’s that white thing hanging off for there this white thing is a piece of McDonald’s coffee cup I cut up into little strips I’ll just keep a shit-ton up on me well we’ve got a little bag full of those and then up top here we’ve got a few split shots I adjust the amount of split shots depending on the water can a current there’s no current you don’t only need like one or two just to get it out there because a lot of current might need three or four to get it down there now let me explain something here with this little piece of foam here that’s off the Styrofoam cup you get an Adonis the wheats go down but the hook stays the fluke because of this now you can beat it up with anything you want power bait night crawlers garden worms a lot of people use corn corn is actually really good on opening day first ingredient and that the fish food that they feed them at the hatchery it’s corn so it make sense to use candy corn can’t go wrong throw a handful out there chum them up get them all hungry throw your hook out there bait it with only one or two pieces you don’t need like beet pieces on there I think I’ll probably scare him so it’s one or two pieces on your trouble hook with your floater on there it’s gonna keep it above in the in the zone is what I like to call it because it was down underneath the rock you know if it’s not gonna go hump it around digging around for that thing and I didn’t need it floating up in the zone now uh one of my preferred beats that I use a lot called wax worms aka be moss a lot of people are like oh what the the wire explorer what the hell is that Oh what it is it’s larvae of a moth all right well it kind of looks like a big fat maggot but they’re not slimy or anything like that you can actually touch it and it’s okay it doesn’t they don’t bite you or anything like that now this is my secret though all right since it’s a treble hook I put two wax worms on there I go to two of them for some reason trout like two wax worms so that is my trout fishing tip of the day go out there drown a couple worms drown some corn whatever good luck to you see you soon


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