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UCAN! Emergency Sleeping Bag bivy. Reusable Survival bivy Bag is Useful for Survival Sleeping Bag bivvy Emergency Blanket or shelter with Free Whistle and Stuff Bag


Price: $9.99
(as of Oct 13,2020 19:33:42 UTC – Details)

What is your worst case scenario? Sliding off of the road in car and getting stuck? Getting lost on a hike or the weather taking a turn for the worst? Getting caught out in the elements with no shelter? Our Emergency Sleeping bag will help you stay warm and out of the elements, while you wait for help or figure out how to get out trouble. It is small compact and light weight. It works better than a blanket because it completely covers you and will trap and reflect 90% of your body heat while seperating you from the rain, snow, wind and the cold. It can also be turned inside out to reflect the sun and provide shade to help keep you cool. Just pull it out of the stuff bag, unfold it and climb in, just that simple and you are out of the elements. Your body will become the heater that warms you up. Once inside of the sleeping bag you can get warm and dry, so you can start to solve the problem or fix the situation that you are in! The orange color will help you be seen by rescuers, The 120 decibel whistle will help you call for help. The design of this whistle will work every time you need it. One piece design made of sturdy plastic it has no moving parts reducing the possibilty of failure. Made of extra thick Mylar to resist tearing and cuts on one side and reflective material on the inside. It is glued and taped on the seam to hold it together. It is a small and compact shelter that you can throw in the glove box, backpack or emergency kit just in case.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your car broke down or got lost on a short day hike
This Reusable Emergency Sleeping Bag in your Survival Gear will protect you from the elements and keep you warm
Weighs 4.6 ounces measures 3 feet by 7 feet unfolded and compresses down to 3 inch diameter by 6 inches
Waterproof Windproof and Tear resistant, made of mylar it reflects 90% of your body heat
great for backpacking, roadside emergency kit or your emergency preparedness kit


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