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Tweaking Sight Fishing Baits for Bass

Tweaking Sight Fishing Baits for Bass

Yeah! Yes sir, that’s a nice fish, bigger than I thought. That’s a nice nice Guntersville big bass on a Yamamoto Flappin’ Hog. I’m going to show you a little trick about this Flappin’ Hog. This is about a 4 pound male on a bed here, we just saw it, it bite my Senko, took my Senko away.

After they bit the Senko one time, ya know on a bed, most of the time ya gotta have something with a weight on it. I’ll tell ya why here, just let me get him back over there. A Flappin’ Hog is my favorite flippin bait and I flip it all the time.

But for bed fishing, I’m going to show you this little trick here. The bait comes, it’s a Flappin’ Hog LG which is large and then there is a regular size, a smaller one and this is how the bait comes in the pack with those long flapper tails on it.

Well I pinch those tails off and now it looks like a little short stubby crawfish. And for bed fishing, that right there is a deadly deadly weapon. When I lay that on the bed there with my weight, I’ll peg down like that to it and it stands up just slightly and those little pinchers on the back of this thing stand up and they’ve got a lot of thick salt in them because they are very heavy.

So when you shake them, their real real defensive looking. And just like that fish then, I sit there and shook it in his face 2 or 3 times and it ran by and I hopped it one time and those things flared and you saw him just eat it.

So the Flappin’ Hog LG large is my favorite flippin bait, favorite bed fishing bait, all around just a great bait. And Yamamoto makes a lot of colors in it. So that’s the bait I love to catch them on.

That was a 4 pound male!


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