Home Fishing Tips Tungsten Drop Spoon – Clam Pro Tackle Best Ice Fishing Spoon

Tungsten Drop Spoon – Clam Pro Tackle Best Ice Fishing Spoon

Tungsten Drop Spoon – Clam Pro Tackle Best Ice Fishing Spoon

The Clam Pro Tackle Drop Spoon lineup is the ultimate when it comes to catching giant panfish. Its small, compact and concise body, as well as its ultra fast drop is what we call the Clam Blue X Factor.

Pan Fishermen everywhere are known for being subtle and precise when trying to catch panfish during the winter months. I am Dave Genz with Clam Pro Tackle whats often overlooked is an aggressive cadence to help you catch more fish through the ice the new Drop Spoon from Clam Pro Tackle will help you master that presentation and put more giant panfish on the ice! One of the first spoons designed by Clam Pro Tackle was the Bomb Spoon and it has proven to be a huge success for many ice anglers.

New this year are the new brothers to the first ever Bomb Spoon. The new Drop Spoon lineup is going to up your game and allow you to fish more aggressively, seeking out those active schools of slab crappies or bull bluegills.

The Drop Spoon is the ultimate mini lure for catching the biggest panfish within the school. Its compact and concise body is built from tungsten which allows you to punch through slushy holes and it provides an ultra fast drop to get you back down into the homes of eagerly awaiting fish.

Much like all of its lures, Clam Pro Tackle pays attention to the little features on each lure design. With the Drop Spoon, its flat top surface allows for you to see it quicker and clearer on your sonar unit giving you a huge advantage when fishing suspended schools of crappies or sunfish.

Its 1/32oz body is the perfect profile to mimic natural forage. Combine all of those features with its six different color combos and you have the ability to change up your presentation to match what the fish are eating that day.

Each Drop Spoon comes with a glowing #14 epoxy treble, which can be the ticket when dealing with up feeding crappies or perch. If you are facing a more challenging bite where those finicky fish are needing a change up, switch over to the new Dropper Spoon.

The 3 link gold dropper chain is money during those cold front conditions or when fishing heavily pressured fish. The dropper gives the Drop Spoon an additional fish attractor that can seal the deal on those monster crappies or bull bluegills.

Tip either Drop Spoon with a minnow head, waxi or spiky … and you have the ultimate jigging spoon for any conditions. When using the Drop Spoon from Clam Pro Tackle and fishing an aggressive cadence You’re able to catch giant sunfish, crappies and perch like this one!


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