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Trolling Live Bait From A Kayak

Trolling Live Bait From A Kayak

trolling live bait is one of the most effective ways of catching fish and that’s what Jim is looking at today an ex officios kayak fishing tip of the week if you want to fish live baits of course you’re gonna need a way to carry those baits on your kayak if you’re fishing for small fish walleye that sort of thing and use the small minnows you can generally just keep those in some kind of a container on the back of your boat but for your larger baits like mackerel sardine mullet that sort of thing you’re gonna want a full circulating live bait well like I have here with this Bristol Bay from Shimano now when I’m trolling large baits down in Baja I like to use a circle hook that’s gonna make sure that I get a good hook set in the corner of the mouth now I attach that to my Seaguar fluorocarbon leader with a small loop knot the reason I do that is that allows the bait to have a little bit more motion and giving it that natural presentation I’ll put that circle hook either sideways across the nose of the bait or in the back of the collar just behind the head usually even with the top of their Gill plate now when trolling live baits you want as natural presentation as possible which emit most cases means trolling very slowly I generally say that you can’t throw too slow as long as your bait isn’t passing you and you have a slight tension on the line you’re going at a good speed I’ll usually have my rod and a Scottie rod master to rod holder just behind me within your easy reach presentation isn’t everything though your bait has to have a natural feel when the fish picks it up otherwise it may spit it out a natural feel means the game fish shouldn’t feel any resistance when it grabs the bait so that’ll run with it and swallow it which gives you a much better chance to get the set on the hook a great way to get this natural feel is by using a conventional or baitcasting reel with a reel out of gear and the clicker on now if you haven’t used conventional reels with clickers before basically what that means is you have this little button here that you slide in so the reel is out of gear clicker on so when the fish picks it up it can take line but that clicker is putting enough pressure there to hold your bait in place


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