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Topwater Gear Tips

Topwater Gear Tips

now when you’re selecting your topwaters once you’ve chosen you could set yourself up really well to make them super effective and for myself I always like looking for a rod that is medium power especially for the smaller baits but extra fast action that extra fast action will make you those little twitches to give a lot of action to the bait it’ll fatigue you less they’ll also allow you to hook up better because you got that backbone to get those hooks into the fish a big tip for you when you’re fishing top waters one of their prop baits walking baits or popping baits I like to use braids for casting distance but on the end of the braid I use a monofilament leader so you can use a 10 to 17 pound test monofilament leader depending on the bait and the cover your fishing the trick is with the monofilament it actually floats if you were to use a fluorocarbon leader on the end that line will actually sink in the water and it will impede the action of your bait so by using monofilament which floats and going higher in the pound test it has better water displacement and it’s actually gonna get you more action on your top waters more action always means more bites


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