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Topwater Fly Fishing in Labrador | Hunt River

Topwater Fly Fishing in Labrador | Hunt River

oh yeah nice fish   what an incredible view welcome everybody to  the new fly fisher i’m your host colin mcewen   in today’s show we’re in northeastern labrador  and we’ll be flying fishing for atlantic salmon   atlantic salmon on dry flies it’s my favorite way  to catch salmon we’re going to be talking about   presentation techniques we’re going to be talking  about a tackle all the things you need to know to   catch big atlantic salmon come with us here to  the hunt river we’re gonna have a great show   let him go back to live another  day and away he goes great fish wow oh baby look at that fish   stop wheedle on the way down the new fly fisher has been made  possible thanks to newfoundland   and labrador outfitters association islander  precision reels and orvis sporting traditions   on this week’s show we visit hunt river  which is located in the rugged wilderness   of northeastern labrador approximately  246 kilometers north of goose bay   access to the lodge is via a one hour  flight by float plane or helicopter   the hunt river is gently flowing with periodic  slides and riffles that all hold salmon the entire   river is only 16 kilometers long with a series of  waterfalls at three locations salmon continuously   entered the river from the first week of july  through to the first weeks of september the hunt   river lodge was a private corporate facility until  atlantic river’s outfitting recently purchased it   now this famous river which is considered  one of the best salmon rivers in the world   is finally available to anglers the dry fly  fishing on the hunt river is superb and one of   the main reasons why i was so very excited to be  invited to fish this legendary river the hunt is   an ideal river to introduce beginners of all ages  to the exciting sport of atlantic salmon fishing   because there’s so many fish migrating up  the river all season long although our main   objective is to take these fish on dry flies  my guide eli advised me to start with a wet fly   by swinging a wet fly coupled with the rifling  hitch it will help gauge how active the fish are   whoa this is a fresh fish this guy took right at  the end of the swing i think you saw him tape oh   you saw the tail move i lift it up and there’s  there oh he’s coming towards me i gotta tell you   if this is where you really need large arbor  reel fight these fish good capacity because   when they come towards you you get a pickup  line fast now he’s gone right in there look at that beautiful fish using the current here a bit all right this will be my first one on  the hunt even though i’ve had four fish   swing at it take it and this is my second fish  that’s actually taking the hook it’s incredible   all right beautiful let’s see if i get the you got  the hook out already oh yes okay got the hook okay   look at that beautiful fish what’s that  about 10 pounds yeah okay that’s how they go so eli i think something that’s really important  that last fish is that i was having trouble   getting the fly to skate across the surface  with this riffling hitch and you know i thought   it was my cast or something and the way i was  presenting it you had me do a few things with   the rod but the key seemed to be you changed i had  a tapered leader with knots in it and you said no   i’ve got to use a straight piece of leader can  you explain how and why that works well we find   the straight leader if you’ve got a knot and not  like the waters tend to take the floor underneath   it’s sort of creates a drag on your line  and you had such a big nut it was light too   yep because i had three pieces in that tapered  leader so with this conditions and there’s a lot   of current here as you can see um a full what  was it a nine foot piece of leader you put on   there they’re nine yeah and it’s what 10 pound  test 10 pound test and it’s just straight just   wow and nobody you know most people would never  think of that because we’re so used to trout   leaders which are tapered even bass leaders are  generally tapered so this this is quite unique   but we’re having it like this but for salmon  fishing is important really okay great thanks when searching for atlantic salmon never pass  by a tail out pool that has an exposed large   rock deflecting water this type of structure  creates a current break or pillow in front of   the rock and is definitely a fish attractor most  people know that fish will hold behind a rock   but many are unaware that they will also hold  in the hydro cushion in the front of the rock   i will always cover both the front and back  of rocks and boulders when searching for fish   this is an exceptional place to use a  dry fly to search for resting salmon   using a dry fly such as a bomber can be  some of the most exciting fishing on the hunt that looks good oh there he is oh you got him oh  wow do you ever hammer that i’m gonna take the   boat back calm water oh what a take so what are  we doing you’re moving me back up so we can get   them away from the yeah fast water water because  if you take a run you’ll probably go down over   what a powerhouse so i’m using an  eight-weight rod with a fighting butt and that was sweet you saw that fish  didn’t you it came out really nice   oh yeah that’s a good fish good  fish nice wow released look at that wow now it looks like it might be about 12  to 15 pounds what that looks like to me yeah   don’t rail on you don’t railing the leader yeah   i’ll just hold it right here okay  okay yep let’s keep you can you can go look at the size of this fish this is  incredible okay let’s just hold them   for a second all right what a fish  oh look at that look at that fish   yep he’s already starting to kick he’s not going  to waste no listen thank you good job atlantic   salmon also known as samo salar migrate up the  hunt river starting in early july this river is   internationally known for the large size of fish  and huge numbers of returning salmon best of all   most of the salmon can be taken with dry flies  and wet flies matched to a riffling hitch   both are exciting and visual ways of  attracting salmon into vicious surface takes   same spot yeah so i just hooked a fish  in the same spot not even 30 seconds ago and eli told me to cast back   and sure enough another fish came  up right away for this bomber oh wow there he goes oh yeah there’s a large one too  yeah it looks like about eight ten pounds maybe   yeah it’s smaller than the other one yeah but  he’s a large beautiful beautiful salmon this is   so much fun and to get them on dry flies i mean  this is why you come to labrador though isn’t it   this incredible dry fly fishing for red  hot salmon i think he’s getting ready to go   there he goes oh look at that whoa when you  go too far over and you get into fast water   you’re going to lose your fly underneath  the water and that’s not what we want   you want to see the fly on top  so you put a nice straight line   and let it drift over where we saw the  fish you’re going to have good success it’s important that you cast that fly very  important now we’re using a 10 pound tippet   on basically a straight piece of leader and  an eight weight rod the weight forward line   and makes it really easy to cast these big wind  resistant flies and the ten pound tip is great   for fighting these fish got good shock absorbing  and they get around the rock sometimes so you want   to use quality product for that uh you got to  keep checking your exactly your leader all the   time see if there’s any phrase like after i fight  this fish and we get them in i’ll be checking it   right away or you’ll check it right and we’ll  make sure there’s nothing wrong with it one two all right there you go oh my god okay tail look at that look at that magnificent  fish beautiful salmon okay get them in this water’s so cold that they revive very fast  what’s fantastic about this this is all dry fly   fishing i mean even a riffling hitch in my mind is  like dry fly fishing because you’re watching that   fly wake across and boom the hammer and i mean  people fly all over the world to get this and   this is really close here in labrador  i mean this is phenomenal fishing   and on a dry fly and on something that big  often salmon will refuse your dry fly offering   when this happens you have a couple of choices the  first is to change fly colors the second is to go   to a smaller size of the same pattern usually one  of these two changes will result in a solid take unbelievable unbelievable   i mean the same rock same spot and this is what  eli our fifth fish that’s come up and taking it   i’ve only landed two you seem like a large one  too yeah that was a big head came up get this guy   quickly he hasn’t really realized he’s  hooked yeah oh yeah nice fish nice fish wow oh yeah all right that’s unbelievable look  oh look at that fish it’s real important in   fighting these big fish and you know i know  we’re talking about this as casting about how   important is to use let the rod do all the work  right that’s for sure and to bend to the fish he’s not good but i don’t think i don’t take his  ready dick no he’s not ready he’s not ready i   think it’s almost like he’s toying with me he  gets killed i get in my head get out of there   he won’t go underneath the boat okay he’s right  in front of us oh yeah you got hooked in him good you did a great job eli putting me right and  you had me work that rock systematically um i   actually was getting ready to i was thinking  in my head there was no fish there i hadn’t   seen anything and eli said no keep working here  working it and it’s almost like you annoy the   fish right when you work them over like that and  they get frustrated and he just came up and said   he had to kill whatever that  was because it was annoying him keep it all you’ll probably come  over he’s underneath the boat   here he’s trying to use the boat hold him up there okay bring him towards you right now it’s fantastic okay all right  so the fly’s already popped out   now oh look oh yeah okay wow incredible what  an incredible fish there he goes all right good job my man you put me right onto that fish  you had me work again and again and again with   this orange bomber and it worked after enjoying a  fantastic and very productive day it was time to   head back for a wonderful gourmet meal and to plan  the next day’s strategies over a fine beverage or   two social interaction in the evening provides  some of the best times on a fishing trip at hunt   river this was certainly the case every night  as many wonderful fish stories were exchanged   on this trip the focus was on dry fly fishing  so the main flies we used were bombers   have a good supply of different colors and sizes  with you as the fish often grow suspicious of   the same offering constantly drifting into the  vision window you should bring a good supply of   orange black brown and white bombers in various  sizes it is always prudent to bring a supply of   good wet flies as well using a riffling hitch with  wet flies is deadly and almost as visual as using   dry flies bring a supply of blue charms green  highlanders thunder and lightning and silver tips   i invited atlantic rivers outfitting  manager dean snow to join me dean has   a vast knowledge of atlantic salmon fishing  and like me loves catching them on a dry fly   i look forward to learning from his  vast knowledge all right there he is he came up for the big bomber a couple of times so i switched to a small one nice jump so i’m seeing fish all over the place  there rising a few and uh just trying different   casts different lengths line different men’s  and uh new one had to take oh nice run here maybe not i don’t think he’s ready yet nice fish there it is nice  salmon good fight beautiful fish and there he goes beautiful  fish i love me larry good job   the equipment needed for atlantic salmon fishing  when coming to the hunt river are nine foot   stiff action rods in eight or nine weight along  with large arbor reels that have smooth drags   the fish here can be quite large and a solid  casting rod with some backbone is a good   idea for effectively fighting these strong fish  especially if they get into the current atlantic   river’s outfitting owner and ceo chris verbiski  joined me the next day and we spoke about the   hunt river lodge and what it provides to visiting  anglers i’ve probably traveled half of the world   fishing and most destinations primarily are are  for the fish and as anywhere fish fishing can be   good or could be bad so i think the goal here is  to supplement bad weather days with great service   uh it doesn’t matter if the fishing is good or bad  the level of service has to be has to be at the   very top we fell in love with it when we purchased  it for the simple reason it’s it’s uh it’s easily   easy angling it’s easy for children it’s  a very safe river and there’s a there’s   a healthy run of atlantic salmon in in the river  typically most camps in labrador are shut down by   mid-august and i think they’re probably missing  some of the some of the better parts of the   season and it’s quite contrary that over the  years i’ve experienced some of the best fishing   you know in the first two weeks of september it  was my last afternoon on the hunt river and i   wanted to try one more time for a large fish my  guide eli agreed to take me out one last time it   was time for salmon magic to happen and it didn’t  take long for me to hook into a leviathan come on okay oh hey that’s big fish oh that’s  a big fish that’s the one we’re after   okay that’s it oh man he’s big oh my goodness  that’s a big fish the biggest one yet all right we’re down river okay just  what oh now we’re definitely okay go   let’s go a little let’s go go come on keep  going keep going take your time but don’t you’re not coming back now but  we’re going to meet behind the cliff he’s behind the rock there yeah just it’s  okay follow me coming up give me your hand okay keep it under the trees i let it just clip  right here i see my line yep i can see it okay we have a large fish on and he’s he’s going  through the the gorge it’s the first time we’ve   had one to go this far for a long time he’s a  large fish we’ve been fighting for 15 minutes   now and we’re gone about a couple thousand feet  with them yeah this is unbelievable we got a huge   salmon on that yesterday let’s run down river on  me we’re getting them over in the slack water here   now it’s possible what we may have to  take them right on through the garage   no yep stop for a second though we might get  them coming one of those steady water right here oh oh he’s gone into the side okay he’s  gone to the quarter he’s behind that rock oh no no no no no no away from the big water he got on that side current i couldn’t turn him   look at the line it is so look at it it’s  all frayed and look fly’s still intact   i just uh i just had bad luck folks holy mackerel  that was a workout thank you man for good job you   coached me all through that and it would have been  a great way to end this show with me showing you   this big 25 to 30 pound salmon but this case the  salmon one listen if you want to have a great trip   go to hunt river fishing lodge here in  labrador hunt river lodge is just phenomenal   and the fishing here is incredible if you want to  learn more about this show or series then go to www.

thenewflyfisher.com for  joining us and we’ll see you soon   the new fly fisher has been made  possible thanks to newfoundland   and labrador outfitters association islander  precision reels and orvis sporting traditions my you


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