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Tips for Fishing Banks in the Spring for Bass

Tips for Fishing Banks in the Spring for Bass

There’s one right there! We have got a real one right here boys and girls. Oh Ya! (Sigh) I’m so Nervous. It’s a big white one. A brand new one that just come up for the spring. Come here to me. I like getting these big ones with a crankbait on light line.

Just got to take your time. Looky there. Are you done? Give me my shad rap. Oh Ya! That’s what we’re talking about. That fish there you can see how he is kind of pale in color. Now this is like the third day of sunlight we’ve had and he’s just come up from that deep water.

It’s a Pretty and a clean fish. Beautiful fish. We got to catch several like this today. Come on lil feller! He’s kind of dark looking. He has been up shallow for a little longer than those other ones.

Not a real big one but lets see if we can catch us another one. Lets see if we can catch us a bigger one. He was right against the bank. A lot of times this time of year I think it can be important or just as important as choosing the right vibrating or wobbling crankbait; is paying attention to your casts.

Cause what you’ll have is a lot of times you get these warm sunny days and these fish will get up real shallow. A lot of times we’ll be backed off the bank in 5-6-7-8-10 feet of water and we have a tendency to make our casts out here trying to fish our crankbaits out deeper.

What happens a lot of the time is you get these warm days and those fish will get up in the first foot or two from the bank to catch that warm sunlight up against those rocks. So pay attention and try to make sure you make your casts as close to the bank.

Now that one there I missed the bank by a couple feet. But you really want to pay attention to make sure you make your cast all the way to the bank because some days that can be the difference in catching 2 or 3 bass or even 15 or 20 bass.

I’ve noticed that especially as you get later in the day a lot of the times the fish will get shallower. We might start out early in the morning catching them off the bank and a lot of times all the fish do is they get right up there against the bank.

When you first start reeling you can kind of hold your rod tip up like this so you’re crankbaits not digging in the rocks as hard. Then as you come off the bank you can start to bring that rod tip down.

But that’s one thing I’ve noticed that a lot of times you’ve got to make sure you pay attention and throw your crankbait all the way to the bank and a lot of times that’s the difference between catching a bunch of fish or no fish.

Not very big, but we got one. He just barely got the back hook. The fish are still a little cold and not getting the bait real good. Maybe here in the next hour it will warm up and they’ll bite it a little better.


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