Home Fishing Tips The BEST Fishing Tip EVER – We Bet You Forgot!

The BEST Fishing Tip EVER – We Bet You Forgot!

The BEST Fishing Tip EVER – We Bet You Forgot!

what’s going on guys it is a gorgeous day in New York for februari it’s like 40 degrees this is unheard of focus of today is I just figured I was gonna bring my my action camera and get a little bit of fishing in today and I figured before I get started I just wanted to kind of ask you to pay it forward okay I mean how many times you on the water and you come across jerks and idiots who do things and say things to you they probably shouldn’t instead of becoming one yourself gonna ask you to go ahead and pay it forward today my goal is to help at least two people land a fish and with steelhead that’s actually very beneficial and very helpful but my goal is to get at least two if I don’t get least two then I’m gonna push for as many people as I can hope on the water fishing as an art that takes a lifetime to master sometimes we can help each other out to master a little faster so again just asking you to pay it forward and see if I can’t help somebody and maybe hook a fish myself today doors need a hand let me know I thought I thought I said I didn’t see these shakes or anything sure haha snapper there you go I can’t see him either that’s the best part these are I think the small male no I’ll just move my stuff out of your way that’s all at the end of his run here the other one he’s still going hey you want a picture okay yeah yeah you know sure I’ll do a couple sure ready three two both ways three two one and then you want one closer to this alrighty three two one there you go oh no well VIN there you you


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