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Texas Womens Fly Fishing

Texas Womens Fly Fishing

welcome everyone to the new fly Fisher today we join the ladies of the Texas women’s fly Fisher club near San Antonio they’re going to tell us about why they form their club about the fly-fishing that is available in Texas and a whole lot more it’s going to be a great show stay with us today we’re joining four members of the Texas Woman’s fly Fisher club near San Antonio to fish for rainbow trout this club was started approximately four years ago when women recognized a need for an organization that would help and encourage women to discover the physical and psychological benefits of spending time in nature fly-fishing it is mid-january and slightly cool but definitely comfortable the ladies get dressed and proceed down to a small stream which is stocked with rainbow trout we’re just outside of San Antonio this is a beautiful part of the state with an incredibly diverse range of historical landmarks and natural scenery the Texas women fly fishers is one of numerous clubs throughout North America started by woman I spoke to someone ladies but why the club was started and why they joined we started Texas women’s life issues two years ago there were handful of us that met at home a Marten ranch and discussed the possibility of having an organization just for Texas women we found that that might be a little bit of a problem because we needed to invite the managers and it wasn’t okay just to be women we call ourselves Texas women fly fishers but anybody’s welcome we have a man we have children that are involved in our club but there when we started there were about maybe fifteen ten or fifteen of us that talked about possibly doing this in two years near 75 so it’s been very excited and there are a lot of women who are interested they feel intimidated maybe trying to learn from a man or a husband so they come and fish with us and we show them what to do and how to do it the best we can it’s really exciting it’s fun and we said we’re just all over Texas not just Central Texas where we are now but anybody in Texas is welcome well the biggest bonus is the camaraderie and the sharing and people knowing hey I know this place let’s go out there and hey I know about this place let’s go out there and women just working together with teamwork and going and doing what they just really enjoy which is feeding me out of doors maybe they might have some side interest like birding or rock collecting wild flowers so it’s just everybody brings their special unique passion to the table as well as the collective interest which is sufficient I join the Texas women fly fishers first of all I love the sport fishing and coming from a ranching community I enjoy the outdoors and it’s given me an opportunity to meet new people and new places to go and fish around my own state learning more about the sport and learning to where to go and the techniques on the different species of fish to catch there’s just a lot to learn and a loc’d enjoy I’ve met some lifelong friends and I wouldn’t have that opportunity to Vic met them otherwise it’s really good had the camaraderie Texas women fly fishers started because I I formed a fly fishing outing for women about two years ago and then after the day of fly-fishing I to the group there were about 30 been presented to them the concept of having a fly-fishing club and having six outings and meetings per year and moving those all over the state and they were really excited about it they love that idea and that’s how we got started now we have members in Houston Dallas corpus all over the state in the hill country and all different types of backgrounds different types of women and it’s I I think it’s just a great way for women to network with each other this way women can meet each other in five fish wherever they want to in Texas there a tremendous amount of women interested in fly-fishing in Texas and we try very hard to let all the women in Texas know that we exist so that they can come and fly fish with us we can teach fly fishing kayaking canoeing we can teach fly tying it’s all free they can come on the outings and they can join whenever they want to so we’re trying to spread that message all over the state and we hope our website and email address is you know some of the ways we can do that I’m pulling fly line off the reel so that I can just do a little roll cast and get the line out once I get enough line out I’m going to what I’m going to do now start walking towards where I know there’s a school of trout and I’m casting away from them I’m casting downriver because I don’t want first I don’t want the fly to sink because the bottom is kind of mucky I don’t want so I’m kind of keeping this fly active keeping it up off the bottom and it’s a it’s a weighted fly so I don’t want it to sink not yet and I’m casting away from the fish in just a minute I’m going to turn around and cast cast toward the fish you know the opposite direction but this is just what I’m doing kind of keep the fly clean keep the muck off of it and cast in the opposite direction now I’m turning around and I can see rises up in front of me and I’m just going to slowly circle around here it’s important to go slow in a stream because these the fish can hear you they hear everything that you’re doing every step and fly-fishing is a lot like hunting so thinking about being quiet is important I had a little strike there it’s the little one now I’m not making very long casts because I know there’s some trout pretty close by and I’m just going to continue walking upstream and making little casts and start heading towards this fly or this trout that’s it continues to rise there’s one feeding up in front of me is again whoo that gets a little exciting there’s one another strike there’s some really hot action up in front of me with trout just leaping out of the water now I really feel like I’ll probably have it have one from here anytime and I’m stripping this fly pretty slow the water is so clear this tungsten head fly sinks very quickly I think I’m up in them now you got to drop back just a hair I’m cast a little different direction and there’s the best yay cut to the DA now there’s two ways you can bring this fish in you can reel it in like I’m doing now or you can strip it in and most most beginners strip strip a trout in or strip a bass in it’s just the common way but reeling is a is a very nice way to bring in a fish to a lot of a lot of professionals prefer the reeling the other thing that I think is important is to make sure that you don’t get that fish out of the water especially in rainbow trout or in trout fishing keep the fish out of it down in the water and release it with your hemostats or in the net I don’t know if you can see this but I what I’m going to do is just back the hook out of the trout’s mouth and he swims away that way I don’t have to touch the fish fish have a protective slime on their body and when human hands touch it it actually removes that protective slime and burns spots on their body that then later on can a fungus can grow so we try very hard and get to practice catch and release and not to touch the fish you fly fishers all have different reasons why they like to fish and get out in nature despite misconceptions by many the reasons women like fly fishing are the same as they are for men it’s a graceful it’s a beautiful when you’re out you just owe your responsibilities need to float away just get to have fun when you’re out fly-fishing you’re looking all around you’re looking where you going you’re watching the water watching the wildlife out around you and it’s quiet and yes you observe a great deal more when you’re fly-fishing I find and when I’m regular fishing the oneness with nature I think is one of the goodness as attributes in a fly-fishing it’s just usually you don’t do it with a gang of people you’re not actually fishing the same hole the same exact spot with a bunch of people you’re pretty much on your own you may be fishing with others but they’re down the river or upriver from you and you’re just community communing with God in nature and the fish alone it’s wonderful it’s very relaxing it’s wonderful fly fishing is very conservation oriented so if we pass on to women and to children an activity in the woods in the wild of Texas we also pass on to them the ethics of conservation and preservation and they learn about the the birds the animals the water and all of the different types of fish species and learn how important it is to pick up not only things that they drop on the ground but things that other people drop on the ground it’s the whole conservation idea of taking care of our rivers and our fisheries for the future some of the things I find about fly-fishing are that intimate spiritual experience that you have with nature and how that connects you with your own soul with the nature of the fish the water and the trees and the plants and it’s very intimate non-competitive experience you you can go out and fish and fly fish in a creek or a stream here in Texas and have that type of intimacy that you can’t have in front of a computer and if we could just get people outside more people outside to experience this once they did they would never want to do anything else they would just dream about it and when they’re in the office and working in business meetings they’d think about it because that’s what happens to every one of us that gets involved in fly-fishing it’s just part of our soul well the the beauty with fly-fishing is that you’re more evenly matching your skill with just what the fish are naturally feeding on for example you get a sense of if it’s time of the day to be nipped fishing which are the underwater emerging insects and as the rhythm of the day changes and it’s time for the hatchings to start then you observe what it is it’s coming off the water and you change your fly so you really you almost become one with everything that’s going on around you if you’re going to be successful you become one with the fish and where their habitat is what they’re feeding on and then just learning to operate a fly rod successfully you it’s like a dance and you’ve just got to be so sensitive to where the line is so that you know where your back cast is and where where you want to land it so it it’s it’s very almost meditative and what happens and you can just screen out so much else going on the world and just attuned to what’s the knack be part of mother nature’s drama that’s going on on that rim it will occur the method that seems to be working today for these rainbow trout is a short but steady retrieve the principle fly being used is green wooly buggers in various shades most with a cone head to help them get down deep the key is to ensure the retrieve is relatively smooth and constant all day all about it easy easy that’s nice from videos too detailed websites there’s a multitude of instructional information available however your local fly shop is still one of the best places to get started we spoke to the ladies about what they would recommend to anyone wanting to get started in fly fishing I would recommend anyone interested in fly fishing to find a good fly shop find a good outfitter go and talk to them there they’re wonderful they will help you get outfitted whatever you need they’ll introduce you to people who are in various clubs then the next thing I would do is join a club fish with the people listen to them we do fly tying we do fly fishing you want to get involved in all the different phases of it it’s just it’s just what’s so rewarding and it’s wonderful fun that would be what I would suggest first find a good fly shop let them help you get outfitted then find some clubs be sure you have instruction when you start off because if you start off and your muscles and your brain are all learning the right moves at the right time at the very beginning then you can just build on that if you think you’re going to teach yourself how to do it you’re going to go out and then you’ll spend the whole another year unlearning everything you poorly taught yourself and then have to you know catch on the right way so just start off on the right foot and get someone to teach you that really knows what they’re doing one of the greatest resources and there are a lot of resources out there other there’s fly shops that’s the first thing that would come to mind but if you just go on the internet and look up the Federation of fly fishers you can go to FFF comm or do a search and find it the National webpage for the Federation of fly fishers gives you all of the fly fishing clubs in the United States the majority of fly fishing clubs in the United States belong to the Federation of fly fishers so what I do when I’m going to go fish in Montana or Maine or Massachusetts I look it up on the internet look up their website and then I look up Massachusetts and I see all the clubs and there’s an email address for a contact person and I email and I ask lots of questions where can I fish what can I use what foot type of leaders and Tippit’s and they write back to you so you can get all this information free of charge and fly shops usually I will have an email address too but the Federation of fly fishers I’ve found it’s been the best resource I have gone fishing with people I didn’t even know just through using that website and that that contact email address and it’s a it’s a fabulous resource and I hope people will take advantage of it too you know when they when they look up Texas women fly fishers and they see our email addresses I hope they write to us and let us take them fishing you the Texas women fly fishers are certainly a great resource for everyone in Texas of more importance this club certainly defines how popular fly-fishing is becoming for women throughout North America to learn more about women fly-fishing please visit our web site at www.



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