Home Fishing Tips Techniques to fish nymphs with an indicator

Techniques to fish nymphs with an indicator

Techniques to fish nymphs with an indicator

alright let me demonstrate mending with an indicator and nymphs Marianne talked about the the objectives with dry fly mending you can mend line you can take in line feed line out and you can raise and lower your rod tip and with nymph fishing it’s fairly similar you use a lot of the same kind of practices but there’s a few things that are different to it so let me demonstrate it to you a few things for you here so we’re gonna cast out we’ve got an indicator on there flies are down about five or six feet in this case and the indicator is going to drift at the speed of the current you just kind of let it go if you use techniques that Marianne talked about earlier we can mend the line a little bit look for that straight line between your indicator and your rod tip maybe you want to do a downstream end or an upstream end to get a good drift of those nibs so the easy way to man is follow the same practices as dry fly mending get your indicator out there do an upstream end or a downstream whichever is appropriate you can feed line out you can raise the rail lower the rod tip whatever you feel comfortable with use the best kind of technique that works for you now there’s a little bit more advanced technique where instead of just mending the line we’re going to move the indicator itself to not the Flies put the indicator let’s call a stack men and you need a little bit of slack light relying right here to do this a couple of feet is usually about right you do a normal cast get it out there then we’re gonna like do a little flip of the line like this and what we’re gonna do is it’s going to get all the line behind the indicator and hopefully get the indicator behind where the flies are when you cast the flies are straight out in line with the indicator we want the indicator straight above the flies so this cast is to help with that get a little bit of slack do your cast a little bit of slack here do a flip cast like that and our goal is to just move that line behind the indicator move the indicator back upstream a little bit see if I can do a good one here for you takes a lot of practice now we’ll flip cast now that indicator what way behind now it’s flies can drop down really fast because that indicator is not affecting them at all it’s a this stack man is a little bit more of an advanced one and it does take practice but it’s a way to get even better drifting of nymphs when you’re fishing little slack get that indicator to bounce up out of the water if you’re fishing heavy nymphs they’ll stay in the water you don’t have to worry about them moving at all then you can mend your line normal as you would as you follow your indicator downstream


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