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Tackle Box Organization Tip:Hook Bonnets

Tackle Box Organization Tip:Hook Bonnets

hey guys how’s it going I just got a quick tackle box organizational tip for you here I have some hook bonnets this is in the medium size I got mad bass pro they’re green there’s the company that makes them L’s goldfish lure company as I said this is the medium sized ones they do hook sizes 2264 juggle hooks there’s also small and large larges are one out and two I then the small is or anything smaller than size two they run about a third 30 coming to pack and they’re about 629 for the pack so it’s pretty good deal you don’t only have to replace these they snap on nice they pretty durable they’re not too bulky so you can still fit your lures in your tackle box so right here I have some of my hard baits in this tackle box as you can see there I have all my poppers and jitterbug and you don’t have the big thing of mess you can just grab them out and they’re not all tangled together also another good tip about these is they cover the hooks so like they don’t poke out it also if you have a little one run around or no younger brother and nephew anything like that if they get into your tackle box that are not going to hook themselves on these trouble hooks because they’re they’re protected so that’s just my quick tip it keeps everything organized you know nothing’s tangled up it’s pretty nice they’re not bulky they’re pretty cheap and you get a lot of them so that’s my quick tip for you please subscribe comment and hit the like button and if you have any other video ideas or reviews that you’d like me to do please leave a comment below


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