Home Fishing Tips Swimming Finesse Baits with Drop Shot Rig for Bass

Swimming Finesse Baits with Drop Shot Rig for Bass

Swimming Finesse Baits with Drop Shot Rig for Bass

A lot of times a drop shot is pretty misunderstood. A lot of standard technique is throw it on the bottom and drag it slow along the bottom. The technique that I throw a lot (especially in clear water situations on maybe the edge of the grass) is actually swimming.

I’m not necessarily using a worm. This a new Rally Grub by Gene Larew Lures and basically its got a swimming tail. It’s a little tiny swimbait, it’s a finesse swimbait. This weight sort of keels it and that’s all it’s doing.

I can follow a contour, fish a bluff, I can fish a shade pocket, and do so much with this little bait. I picked a little Sooner Run color here, which is basically watermelon red because there’s bluegills on the outside of this grass.

This is a technique where I’m going to make a long cast and instead of free spooling it to the bottom I’m going to start steady retrieve. I’m going to let it pendulum down and keep it tight so it pendulums down aways and just steady retrieve it.

That little grub has tremendous tail action and it’s probably the most finesse way you can swimbait or a grub. Do a steady retrieve. Don’t stop it, don’t shake it, just go to the old do nothing technique as far as your rod tip.

Basically a fish will just load up on this and it will get heavy. That’s all that is going to happen when you have a bite on this. Its not going to rip it out of your hand or anything like that. The key swimming a grub is to get that depth.

You want to find that depth that those fish are living. Are they living in 5 feet? Are they living in 20 feet? Are they right under the surface? A lot of time swimming a grub it’s a lot of the same rigging.

(Texas Style) I don’t let it hit the bottom by keeping a steady reel and reel it in slow.


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