Home Fishing Tips Strike Indicators – Super Easy Setup How to Fly Fish

Strike Indicators – Super Easy Setup How to Fly Fish

Strike Indicators – Super Easy Setup How to Fly Fish

Hi I’m Anni from Kajanaclub.com – fly fishing community Maybe you’ve heard that using strike indicators is really effective to catch fish. So I want to give you a super easy tips how to fly fish with this technique And be sure to watch until the end of the video to get a free fly fishing Cheat Sheet as a gift from me.

Fly fishing nymphs is effective because you can serve your fly right in front of the fish and the strike indicator helps to see when the fish takes your fly But if you’re anything like me, meaning being a little bit too eager to start fishing then setting up your fly fishing gear perfectly a challenge especially tying all the nymphs and strike indicators in place.

And how to fly fish if you didn’t manage to buy a proper strike indicator before you are outdoors and by the river. Well, my dad gave me this tip on one of our fishing trips. You can tie a big dry fly instead of strike indicator and then use about a twenty centimeters of tippet line and then tie a second fly at the end And a bonus tip.

Next time setting up the nymphing technique is even easier if you cut the whole rig off and roll it and store it in your fly box that works for lazy fisher man like me you can set the whole thing to store it in your fly box we now covered super easy tip to set up strike indicators and how to fly-fish them if you want more fly fishing tips go ahead and download your free fly fishing Cheat Sheet.

There’s a download link below the video but now let’s see how I learned this fly fishing tip on our fishing trip to Kongasjoki River in Kainuu This was my idea. First floating Pupu Tupuna perho. like an indicator, and 20 centimeter and there’s a little green bead head nymph.

Cute small stream. But now we’ve eaten. it’s all good Do you know what this is called in English? I need to check the name That’s quite a few mosquitoes there And now you get out there. If you liked this video be sure to click the like button share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video


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