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Spring Steelhead on the Milwaukee River

Spring Steelhead on the Milwaukee River

(Rockin’ outdoor music) Alright team! Charge! (Take me out on the water…) We Eat! Fish Eat! (way out in the woods…) (gunshot) (Where the breathin’ is easy, the livin’ is good…) (Out in the great outdoors!) And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors! We’re sponsored by: The Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Big Snow Resort, Hard and Soft Fishing, Lynch of Muckwonago, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mike’s Country Meats, Midwestern Shooter’s Supply, Burgers’ Smokehouse, Vexilar, Dick Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Komelon measuring tools, Kmiec Law Firm, Norm’s Ag, and Jiffy.

And remember, it’s a great day to be alive! (out in the great outdoors!) Holy Moly! (music ends) (music ends) (bass and drums) (bass and drum rock) (rock music) (rock music) (Larry) Hey! What are you doing? Mark! He tells us to cast and he’s vertical! (Brian) I’m catching ’em! (Larry) He’s pulling a fast one on us! (Brian) Laker! (Larry) Lake trout? (Brian) Watch out with the net! (Larry) Oh! That’s a big Lake Trout! (Larry) That’s a big Lake Trout, Holy Cats!! (Brian) He’s not ready.

(Mark) No, he’s not. (Larry) Wow! (Larry) That thing has got some power to it! What a pretty fish too! (music) (Larry) Oh! Is that an awesome fish! (Brian) There you go! (water splashing) (Larry) Oh ho ho! Nice net job, Mark! (Brian) Here it is! (Larry) The Setteler! Nice fish! (Brian) Nice Laker! (Larry) I’ll tell ya what! What a beautiful fish! (Larry) You got the first fish of the morning! (Larry) Gotta love that! (Brian) Yep! (music) (music) Hey! Good morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors! I’ll tell ya what! Today, we’re doing something different again.

We’re gonna be fishing steelhead up here in the Milwaukee River. We’re with our good friend, Brian Settele. And I’ll tell ya what Brian! Whoo! She was foggy this morning and you waited for the fog to lift before we took the boat up into the river.

Right now, what’s going on, is the steelhead are starting to push into the river and usually the steelhead spawn in spring. So we got a little rain the other day and some fish have pushed into the river.

From Lake Michigian. So what we’re gonna do today is drift floats with spawn sacs, and maybe do a little casting. We should be able to get, I would say I’m average 6-10 fish in 5-6 hours of fishing. We should be able to get some really nice steelhead today.

And the funny thing is, we’ve got our good friend Mark Buettgen, from Bartelin Barrels fishing with us and, we didn’t even get the boat stopped, you had him so pumped up he’s already fishing upstream! (Brian laughing) Let’s see what happens here.

You know what? I got a special gift for you today for lunch, too! (Brian) Why you going like that, ha ha ha! Well because I’ve been eating a lot of that special gift lately! (Brian) I can see that! So hey! Stay tuned! Let’s see what happens today fishing steelhead in the Milwaukee River! (music ends) Are you looking to catch the walleye of a lifetime? Then have Larry and company guide you to your trophy on the Bay of Green Bay and its surrounding tributaries.

Whether it be the Peshtigo, the Menominee, the Oconto, or the Bay itself, our team has the knowledge and experience to hook YOU up with the fish of a lifetime on this world class fishery! Book your trip for giant Green Bay Walleyes today! Call Larry Smith Outdoors at 920-361-4996.

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A non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement. Through cooperation with private landowners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin has been a leader in the preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in Wisconsin, for Wisconsin! For information about how you can join this great organization, or how to start a new chapter, please visit: wingsoverwisconsin.

org (music) Hooked up! Where you at with the net, Larry! (Larry) I had to grab some beef jerky. (water splashing) (Brian) Nice female, too! (Observer) Multi-tasking! (Larry) Multi-task! That’s pretty good! (Larry) Since it’s gonna be awhile.

.. I got a little bit of time! (Larry) Go deep? (Brian) Yeah, go deep underneath it. (Larry) Nice! (Larry) Alright Brian! The Setteler! Now these fish are really close to spawning. So, with that being said, the eggs are gonna be the most mature.

That’s when they have the highest concentration of oils in them, and stuff. This one I’m gonna keep. This is good for the smoker and plus its got some eggs in it. (Larry) So is this an average size for a steelhead? Actually this on the smaller side of what I’ve been catching.

I’ve been catching them in that 8-10lb range quite a bit. (Larry) Pretty fish! (Larry) What’s the limit on steelhead? (Brian) 5 per person, Larry. (Larry) Alright! (music) Hey Mark! You got one on! Hey it’s our good friend Mark from our good people over at Bartelin Barrels! They gave him a day off today to do a little fishing with us! And I’ll tell ya what! Holy Cats! There you go! (Brian) Nice female! Keep that rod up, keep that rod up! (Larry) Wow! (water splashes) Hey Mark! So you get a day off from work at Bartlein, huh? (Mark laughing) Tracy does give a guy off, huh? (Mark) Oh he does! He does! (Larry) And to let you come fishing with us today? This is absolutely awesome! (music) (Larry) Wow! (Larry) Nice! There he is! Whoo! (Larry) Now that’s a fresh fish, right? One that just came in? (Brian) Yep.

Just came up. (Larry) Mark, you’re gonna have to hold that baby up! That’s definitely bigger than the one Brian caught… (Mark laughing) (Mark) Very nice! Very, very nice! (Larry) It’s your first one of the morning, Mark! (Larry) Hey Mark! Tell us real quick here, you hold a couple world records when it comes to shooting competition.

(Mark) Yes sir, I do. (Larry) Tell us about the records. I shoot benchrest competition and we shoot for group size, not for score. The one is 5 shots at 200 yrds in the .0096 of an inch! (Larry) Whoa ho ho! And the other one, I gotta remember, It’s an aggregate.

It’s 5, 5 shot groups. And that one is 1442 I do believe, if I remember right. It was range-measured at 1366. (Larry) I certainly wouldn’t want you shooting at me if you were a sniper, I’ll tell ya that! (laughing) (Mark) It was a lot of fun! (Larry) The other thing is Mark, what kind of barrel do you shoot? (Mark) Bartlein Barrels! (Larry) The best barrel built in the world! (Mark) Why do they make anything else? (Larry) Speaking of the best in the world, I’ll tell ya what! This fishing is absolutely fantastic! Let’s get that one unhooked, and get back in the water and catch some more! (Mark and Brian) Sounds good! (Brian) This one’s going in the smoker, too! (music) I’ll tell ya what! It’s my turn! This is a grin! (Brian) ‘Bout time, slacker! (Larry) I lost a bunch of ’em and oop there he is! Whoa whoa whoa! It’s not quite as big as the ones you guys got, but it’s still a nice fish! I’ll tell ya! They put up a good battle! Just watching that cork, and that cork finally went down! Whoa! You know, and you just make cast after cast into these pools, huh Brian? (Brian) You know, the thing is Larry, with this fishing, there’s fish pushing up constantly.

(Larry) Ok. (Brian) These fish will keep moving up river. (Larry) Whoa! Whoa! (Larry) You think a lot of its got to do with the temperature of the day? You know, warming up? Gettin’ these fish active? (Brian) Oh yeah.

It’s just like walleye fishing. (music) (Larry) These fish really do fight! It is amazing! (Brian) Even these smaller ones! (Larry) I learned that last year, fishing at Port, how much fun this fishing is! (Larry) Is he ready? (Larry) Ha ha haa! (Brian) Hook just popped out, too! (Larry) It did pop out! Holy Cats! You know, that’s a nice little fish, right there? Is that a keepable fish? (Brian) Yeah, definitely.

(Larry) Perfect! We’re gonna keep a bunch of these fish today for smoking. (Larry) Are they good on the grill? (Brian) Yeah! They’re not bad on the grill. The ones that are clean. The one’s that are dark and have been in the river a little longer, I let them go.

This one’s real silver. That’s probably right out of the lake. You know, I’ll tell ya what! I think I’m gonna put another spawn sac on here and give it a shot for a bigger one! I think you’re gonna get a bigger one! (Larry) I’m not complaining about this one! (Brian) Well you definitely gott one so far! (lauging) (Larry) It’s ok.

Gotta start somewhere. (Brian) This is true. I’m not a world record holder, either! Just so you know! (music) Well, look like it’s cameraman lunch duty day! Those other guys are too busy fishing, so it looks like I’m in charge of the lunch! Gonna make some bacon cheeseburgers with some Burgers’ Smokehouse bacon! Mmm, mmm! I think I’m gonna use some of that country pork jowl, that sounds good! (bacon sizzle) Look at that bacon sizzle! I don’t know if I’m gonna share with these guys! Let me tell ya! (Larry) Tell ya what! I gotta spatula here too, ya didn’t know? (Cameraman) Look who shows up when the work is done! I’ll tell ya what! I broke my line! That’s the only reason I showed up! I need a new hook! Plus I couldn’t stand the smell of that Burgers’ bacon! I’ll tell ya! It was driving me crazy! I could just go back to the bank and take this whole plate, and just eat the whole thing! (music) (Larry) And you only cooked 4 up! You better keep cooking! (laughing) We’re hungry guys, here! (music) Look at that! Now, what kind of trout is that! That’s like a stream trout, right there! Hey! I got the two smallest fish of the day! It’s a good thing you’re that far away! That’s why my fish looks so small! (music) I am the most awesome trout fisherman you’ve ever seen! (music ends) (music ends) (music ends) Big Snow Resort! Your destination for winter family fun in the north! Enjoy two resorts on one ticket! With over 400 skiable acres, it’s the largest ski experience in the Midwest! Full service resorts, offering: pro shop service, hotel, chalet and trail-side condo lodging, 6 dining facilities, 4 bars, and with weekly special events exceptional fun for everyone! For details, please call or visit: bigsnow.

com today! I’m Mark Greene, I’m Patrick Lynch. Welcome to our all new Lynch Muckwonago dealership! The brand new Lynch Muckwonago dealerships have over 500 new Chevys, Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, Rams, and pre-owned vehicles in stock and all priced to sell! Stop by and check out their massive selection of trucks and SUVs, perfect for all your fall outdoor sports! You do the driving, we’ll do the listening, cause I want you to LOVE how you feel in your new ride! Nobody sells for less than Lynch! From the equipment we use, to the clothing we wear, the developments of modern ice fishing technology only serve to make the time we spend on the ice with our friends and family more enjoyable.

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com At Jiffy, we pride ourselves at being number one in developing the best propane drills on the ice! It’s why our engineers have worked side by side with anglers for 65 years running! (auger motor running) All built and tested right here in the US of A! (flame throw) Patented, proven perfomance is Jiffy’s vision for the future, and from where we stand, the future looks (lazer blasts) Pretty darn sweet! Jiffy.

We put the world on ice! (music) Things a guy’s gotta do to catch a fish! And our good friend Mark back at the other spot, sitting there in the sun, enjoying himself. He’s probably happy he didn’t come along! But wait! Let’s see how many trout we catch up here! (music) (Larry) Where’s the net! (Brian) It’s in the boat! (laughing) (Larry) The net’s way back there! Can you land him on shore? (Brian) I’d rather have the net, because of current.

(Larry) Nice fish? (Brian) Yep! (Larry) Holy Moly! I’m getting out of your way, buddy! (music) (Cameraman) He’s already got him beached! (Larry) He does! What! And what are you doing? Sitting there! (Cameraman) I’m producing a show! (Larry) Can you at least hand me the net? (Camera) Sure! Which we don’t need anymore! Which I’ll probably end up running all the way back down here with it! That’s a nice fish! (music) Gotta love that! Wow! That’s a pretty handy little tool! (Brian) Yeah, that works good! (Larry) Yeah it does! All you gotta do is push that hook down with that toothpick, that Cold Snap toothpick, and pop it right out! Hold that fish up! (Brian) Beautiful fish! Now will you keep that fish and eat it? (Brian) No, I’ll let this one go.

This has darker colors, that flesh is gonna be pale. Nice looking fish, though. I’ll tell ya something about this steelhead fishing, it’s a lot of work! (Brian) Yeah! Today is a lot of work! It’s a lot more work than I planned on! Especially when you have this much current coming through here, too! We left our good friend Mark down at the other end! (Brian) Yeah, were the heck is he? He told us if we start catching ’em to come and get him, but I think he knew what kind of job it was to get up this far! Let’s let this fish go.

(Brian) He’s probably shooting his gun! (music) (music) (Cameraman) This is easy livin’! Fish! Fish! Fish! (Larry) You son of a gun, you! Brian! You son of a gun! (Brian) He’s going over there! (Larry) Dan! What the heck! You said, “Oh my money’s on Brian!” Huh.

.. Holy Cats! It must be right next to shore! There it is! (Brian and Cameraman) Get him, get him! (Larry) Ohh!! I was so close! (music) (music) (Larry) He’s contemplating it… (Larry) Here we had a hard time going up the current! Look at him! (Cameraman) I guess he wasn’t up for thrill-seeking today.

(Larry) That’s ok. (music) (Larry) We got a slight problem. (Brian) Yes? (Larry) I’m running out of island! (laughing) (Brian) Yeah, I hear ya! (music) Too bad this island’s so small! We ran out of island! The fish was peeling his line right out! He decided to break her off! He wouldn’t of had any line left! It would’ve been ok for me, then I would have a chance! (Larry) Hey! What are you doing? Packing up, we gotta go get Mark! (Larry) Whoa yeah! I guess you’re right! (Brian) Did you forget about Mark? It’s been about 3 hours since we’ve seen him! We better go down there and see how he’s doing! (music end) (Shotgun cocks) (sizzle) (music) (music) Dylan, how’s it going buddy? Another winner for the contest! He sent in his recipe! Big Chef at where? (Dylan) Michaleno’s Pizzeria.

We got a Kewauskum location, where I work at, and then we got one in West Bend. So do you flip the stuff in the air and all that junk? (Dylan) We make pizzas, appetizers, any thing Italian, you name it, we got it.

Alright, what we got is red potatoes, bacon, beef sausage, we’re gonna chop it up. This is his own recipe. What, you guys were out goofing around and invented this? (Dylan) Yeah, we were out and nothing to cook and we told everybody to grab something out of their fridge, we through it all together, cooked it up, and it’s stuck ever since.

(Schafer) We’re using our Stearno again. Gonna through it all in, right? What do you want in next? The potatoes? They take a little longer? (Dylan) Chop up the potatoes next. (music) (Dylan) And you don’t want to add any oil cause that bacon grease will soak right into the potatoes.

(Schafer) I got you, boss, I got ya… (Schafer) Everybody, this is that awesome garlic California Garlic Pepper. Fosse gets this for us. (Schafer) I put that stuff on everything! (Schafer) It’s like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce! (Dylan) I use that stuff on everything! (Dylan) My dad got me into eating hot stuff and I haven’t stopped since! (laughing) (music) (Dylan) Everytime I seem to make this, I usually have a crowd at home.

(Schafer) Yeah? People hear that I’m making it and they come over. (Schafer) So then, when you eat it, do you take a piece of bread and sop up the grease on the corner of the pan and get all of it outta there? (Dylan) Not usually.

C’mon, you’ve never tried that! (Dylan) No, my mom usually yells at me if I try. (laughing) Your mom yells at you! Look at the size of you! How big is your mom, yelling at you? She’s 5’7″ but my daddy always taught me, respect my mom.

That’s what I like to hear, Dylan! This is what I wanna see right here! The potatoes are nice and soft! (Dylan) Nice and soft, perfect! (Schafer) There we go! Now we’re gonna turn down the heat, and give her some love.

Throw a little Colby Jack in there! (Dylan) I’m making a mess! (Schafer) There goes the cleanliness there, dude! (Schafer) While we’re waiting for that cheese to melt, let’s get caught up on our Badger Sportsman! Pretty good articles in here! Here’s one on ice safety! Remember when Larry jumped in? Did you see that one? That was pretty good.

It was very informational. I liked that one. (Schafer) Two big guys, what do we do? (Dylan) Two big plates! (Schafer) 10-4! You got her? Yep! (music) Thanks for sending in the recipe! Thanks for coming in! No problem! Shotgun Schafer, Dylan, how you say your last name again? Shreeves.

Spin around, lets see the back. Head Chef at Michaleno’s Pizza and Pasta! Salud! (music ends) Badger Sportsman Magazine! Wisconsin’s premiere outdoor magazine! Fishing and hunting in Wisconsin written by outdoor enthusiasts from Wisconsin! Each issue features timely fishing and hunting articles from experts across the state! Badger Sportsman Magazine will help you make the most out of your time in the woods or on the water! Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today! For over 25 years, Midwestern Shooter’s Supply has been your premiere dealer for hunting supplies! Our staff is friendly, experienced, and certified with over 15 years in gunsmithing experience! We’re your one stop shop for your hunting needs! Our inventory is at the lowest possible price, and we will match any other dealer advertised price! Do you do more than hunt? Check out our supply of fishing products as well! Visit Midwestern Shooter’s Supply today! Or shop our webstore at mwshooters.

com Midwestern Shooter’s Supply! We want to be your outdoor supplier! The new Beaver Dam Titanium Tipstick is the first ice rod with a built-in, extendable titanium spring bobber, making it the most versatile ice rod, ever! Extend the bobber for ultra-light panfish jigging, or retract it for gamefish or when it’s time for travel.

It even has a built-in rattling handle to attract fish! It took a while to come up with an ice rod worthy of the Beaver Dam name, but when we did, boy we nailed it! (ice shattering) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music ends) Hey this week’s tip of the week is brought to you by our good friends over at Mike’s Country Meats, the finest jerky on the planet! I’ll tell ya what, Brian! Show us how you take a regular fixed bobber and turn it into a slip bobber.

I never even thought about this until you brought it up earlier. (Brian) Ok, what I’ve come up with is taking a barrel swivel, or a snap if you have one, and you start it at the very end of the coil on the wire.

So you push it up like that. And then you start it, take the eye of the barrel swivel and you slide that around the wire. Just like so, about two times is good enough. And you have your bobber stop and bead up here, and you slide the line right through there.

The beauty of this too, Larry, is a lot of slip bobbers when you’re using really light weights, a lot of times the weight doesn’t get down to the depth you want to fish. But with this you don’t have any obstructions, so it goes down with ease.

That is a good tip! Good tip of the week again, brought to you by our good friends over at Mike’s Country Meats up in Tigerton. Check out their products at local grocery stores or convenience stores. Give it a try! Finest jerky on the planet! (music) (music) (music) Whoa ho ho ho! Nice job! (Brian) I would stand up so it doesn’t get caught in the motor! (Larry) Not the easiest thing in the world to do when it’s a little choppy out here! Hey! Why you hanging on to me? (Cameraman) Cause it’s choppy and I want a steady shot! (laughing) I want you and my camera to stay in the boat, right? (music) (music) (Larry) Nice Lake trout.

(Brian) Oh yeah! (music) (water splashing) (Larry) Nice fish! I’ll tell ya that! Holy man! (Larry) I love the colors of them fish! Wow! (Larry) That is absolutely a beautiful, beautiful fish! (Brian) Got em! There you go! Nice Laker! (Larry) Whoo! (music) Look at that Kalin’s grub! It’s just inhaled! (Larry) Whoo ha ha ha! Gotta love that! Nice! What a beautiful fish! All out power! Pretty, pretty fish! (Brian) Let’s get him back in the water.

(Mark) We’re gonna let her go! (music) Hey I’ll tell ya what Brian! What a great experience! And Mark! The greatest part about fishing is the things you experience! We had some great steelhead fishing today, had a couple real nice lake trout that were a bonus, but a very interesting thing! I have been through Milwaukee a million times, but I have never been downtown on the river! What a beautiful area that is! I wonder how much them condos cost, you know? Very interesting deal! Mark, you know what? You got a day off from work and we thank our good friends over at Bartlein Barrels for letting you have off and spending the day with us! Anything to say to everyone out there? (Mark) Thank you, Tracy, I sure appreciate it! I’ll tell ya what Brian! You’re guiding full time here for trout and salmon, tell everyone how they can get ahold of you.

You can either call me at 414-559-9238 otherwise through the website: witrout.com Hey and again! That was a great experience and like I always say, what a great day to be alive! (music) (music ends) Here we expected him to go over the dam! And he’s backing, backing.

.. He turned his back on us! (Cameraman) Hey, anything I can do to help! (water dripping) And you think being a fishing guide is easy! Huh! (laughing) Right, Mr. Cameraman? You always think everything’s funny, don’t ya? (music ends) (music ends)


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