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Spey Fishing With Jon – Episode 3

Spey Fishing With Jon – Episode 3

welcome back to spay fishing with John I’m John hazel – from fly shop so what I’ve got here for this spot and I fish here quite a bit it’s kind of it looks like heavier while it’s not real deep so what I’ve got is a five and five mo tip so while mo tips I consider tactical sink tips you can also fish them in just wide open classic water that’s not very deep so I’ve got a five and five five float five sink black Turk wiggler I’ve got the sage excel 13 1/2 foot seven weight with a Skagit max long so we’re gonna fish that in this run and we’ll see what happens dealing with some weird currents here so my lifting my rod tip up I’m keeping my shooting line off the random weird currents just helps my line swing a little better a little cleaner through this kind of tough light so you probably can’t see my line but the swing is really slow it’ll pick up once I move down and I’ve cast out a little further just covering the softer water on the inside first you know when we talk about rods I fish a lot of sage rods and in general they’re pretty fast if the Excel series is on the slower side for Sage and didn’t like the owl and see that one again it’s on the slower side but that doesn’t mean they don’t have power they have a lot of power you just have to address your stroke and find that power which is not too hard to find just have to slow down a little bit right now I haven’t quite found it yet this particular run has a lot of current on the outside kind of dead the middle and if you’re patient it’ll catch this current that I’m standing in so if I had a heavier sink tip on I’d hang out mid hang up mid swing I wouldn’t get my fly to swing all the way around and I fish here enough to know that you get a lot of fish as it comes around and I’m hung up there for a second you’re gonna get hung up sink tip fishing and I do three things I give it a couple tugs if didn’t come and I’m just gonna mend my line I’m not going to feeding the line I’m gonna mend my line out into the river creating a little belly well this is a good one create a little belly out there now that doesn’t work then I’ll do that same big mend then I’m going to dump some line I’ll let that line float down beyond where my fly is as it came in this way it’s got to go out that way if I’m hung up ooh that’s a good one now this doesn’t work if it’s a if it’s a log or a stick it’s really wedged in there I don’t like to walk down to them but if it’s really bad I will walk down to them it’s really about getting a good angle on your there we go I think it was a stick now I’m pitching my fly out and pretty heavy Curnutt so I don’t need a huge man because that heavier current brings my fly around so I do a little man that just swings with the perfect amount of speed and enough Belling a line to bring my swing all the way around below me where I want it cuz I’ll get fish here straight below me if I over mended it if I mended it too much it would just never get there


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