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Social Fishing Tip – Trolling in Rivers

Social Fishing Tip – Trolling in Rivers

yeah guys it’s summertime cod time hopefully you’re out there for this new year and having some success on the water now we’re out here today we’re fishing the Momiji ruler now it is an irrigation river so it flows very fast especially in summer all the water’s going out for irrigation without a bit of a class this morning we didn’t have much success but a few hits didn’t manage to connect as that saying it’s a ball the fisher push deep and the water is very deep to either cast so a technique that’s probably underused in rivers is trolling especially in these rooms they’re not overly deep the Murray River Lots trying happens but in these skinnier rivers not many people troll but it is a very successful technique what we’re going to do now we’re going to change tactics and we’re going to troll here I’ve got the best little – troll in the beach it’s a 90 ml ACN bait up 24 foot bib you go into a tackle store make sure you pick up one of them under those specs and that’ll be the one you want to try upgrade it with owner hooks razor-sharp but a 200 on the front and a 100 on the back and that’s the best setup we find works well in the rivers gives a nice big hook it’ll hook those big fish quickly run through the gear amusing it’s just a flooger tree on rod vise heavy stick for trolling it’s a 5 to 10 kilo so nice and heavy so it’s got a lot of grunt in it and the reel is a flooger supreme beautiful reel it caught me a lot of good fish and that’s the basic setup that you will need to successfully troll for COD on rivers so now we’re going to get out there find some slow edges of the bank and see if we can hook up to some fish so don’t be afraid to try different techniques especially when it’s a bit shut down like it has been lately the last time to get out this beautiful river and catch some motor


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