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Social Fishing Tip – Golden Perch Temp

Social Fishing Tip – Golden Perch Temp

hi everyone and welcome to today’s tip it’s really early in the golden perch season and they’re not quite biting it but today I just wanted to quickly talk to you about the water temperatures in which they feed because that’s one of the most important things and getting them to buy it when it’s too cold or too hot you’re not going to catch them no matter what you do it’s early in the season the water is only 12 degrees and we still haven’t found one today it’s late now afternoon when I keep fishing we’ll see if we can find them we’ll have a few follows but they aren’t actually taking the laws as hard as we want them to yet so the best water temperatures to fish it all depends on the location you are in in certain dams throughout the state they will feed differently depending on the climate and the water temperature in those areas the optimum temperature for an overall is between about 14 degrees and about 16 degrees if you can find and in between those two degrees that’s when you want to be fishing some dams they’ll fire when it hits 14 degrees because those dams are cooler and the official start feeding then but in other dams that might be around 16 up towards 18 degrees just depends on the location but over the next few weeks most dams will start to fire the last weekend in September is a great weekend to be on the water and into October so make sure you get out there and cast forever golden perch keep an eye on that water temperature as soon as it hits 14 degrees that’s when you need to be on the water


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