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Snook Fishing Tip

so welcome to be today we’re going to show you how much leader do you need to use when you’re throwing the plug a lot of people think you need you know for a flat photo of leader material it’s on to your your plug or jig or whatever it is roll thumb is so it doesn’t affect the way that the lure is moving you take your leader I try to measure it by your main guide to your second guide which is about 24 inches maybe a little bit less than that probably not about two foot foot and a half or something like that so when I measured at from one eye to another I doesn’t really matter if it’s this one this one this long as prompt one I don’t I 10 from what I to another I so you take that measure it take clippers or whatever you have they’ll will clip that off what you do about this much later bacteria that’s for from the plug no matter is in the river structure no matter if it’s on the beach or whatever that’s all you need right there now you might want to bump it up another foot for targeting with the tarpon because when they jump they land on the leader material but you don’t need four foot there’s no way you can be the through this this plug correctly and work it correctly with a four foot by foot leader material now if your life baiting it’s totally different you get through that live bait out there it’s a matter how big that material is or if your offshore and controlling that doesn’t matter but when you’re thrown the plug or soft rubber bait don’t need four foot for foot of leader material and your I don’t understand why people put a loop knot on I’m on the loop knot this is what this is for this is so this phone ring is tied to your lure so it can use freely whether you put a loop knot on there is not going to affect how that’s moose any more freely you tie directly to the o-ring take that make a lot and tie directly to your lure it moves perfectly free from anything like that you use a loop knot on all alone if it doesn’t have an o-ring you can use a loop knot but that’s what this is for this is so this lure can move freely don’t thi luc not to this tie it directly to the o-ring we have a little material leader material makes no sense for you to put out Luke amount on there this much material this look has abrasive mouth right here let me take up jump off the wall so he’s got parkin the gala plates are a little bit different in a tarpon I mean a snook so this is a snook has it go plates right there we’re going to cut so if you get that doesn’t matter if you have a four-foot meter or a two point later it’s going to pop it off so by having it’s all about the effect of how the lures and bound moving so make sure you just type smaller leader material to foot the most from your main lure to your main line that’s the tip of the day you guys and tight lines


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