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Slow Rolling Spinnerbaits for Prespawn Bass

Slow Rolling Spinnerbaits for Prespawn Bass

Usually this time of year I like a 5:1 reel and this is a Lew’s BB1 Pro Reel. There’s one right there! He was up on the rocks and I just barely engaged that reel as you can see I just barely turned that reel handle when I’m getting it going.

Not a real big one, but not a bad one. He was right up against the rocks as you can see. This is a 45 degree rip rap rock bank and of course this time of year I like to use a 1/2 ounce Picasso with about a four and a half turtle back blade.

I like round blades this time of year such as Colorado’s, Indiana’s, and turtle back. But as you can see I really creep it off that rock. I’m trying to keep it right every now and then just ticking those rocks just off the bottom.

Every now and then you can get out here and let it drop in eight, nine, ten foot deep. One of the keys this time of year to slow rolling a spinnerbait is your reel. That’s what I love about this 5:1 reel BB1 Pro.

I love that slow gear retrieve ratio and that helps keep my bait down. As you can se I just barely crawl it along. I’m just trying to pay attention to feeling those blades, that thump, and every now and then you can feel it crawl over a big rock.

I’m just really trying to pay attention to that blade and how it feels as it makes rotation. Anything that is different I’m going to jerk because a lot of times this time of year the bites can be pretty vicious but some times the can be kind of sluggish and the bait can kind of just get heavy.

That last one actually ticked it. I actually felt a tick when he bit it and he was actually up in three foot of water. That first one I caught was probably in five or six. Usually I like to stick with 14-17 pound fluorocarbon.

Something with low stretch but good feel. I like a 6’10” and this is a Lew’s spinnerbait rod medium heavy action. You can pick a rod 7′, 6’10”, 6’6″ those type of rods. I like to keep the rod pointed at the spinner bait as I start my retrieve and keep it kind of parallel to it.

That way I can kind of manipulate as I come up. I can raise my rod my rod tip if I want to come over a brush pile or some big rocks. But if I get a bite I can set straight back on it. They key to it is choosing the right reel in my opinion.

A low speed 5:1 gear retrieve ratio will help you catch a lot more fish especially in this cold water. We’re looking at fifty-degree water right now and those fish are pretty lethargic now. After the sun is up is up this afternoon we made need to fish this bit a little bit faster because they may get a little bit more active.

But on these 45 degree banks this time of year some of them could be as shallow as two or three foot of water, or they can be out here in eight to ten feet of water. You can kind of catch both kinds of fish when you slow roll a spinnerbait down these 45-degree banks this time of year.


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