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Shallow Water Anchor benefits for fishing

Shallow Water Anchor benefits for fishing

Shallow water anchors work great for fishing, but they also have a major convenience factor as well. The benefits start right at the access. I’ve grown to rely on the immediate anchor ability to secure my boat after launching.

I nose to the shoreline, adjacent to the dock, and pin down to park and pack out. This is fast and effortless. If you’re boating with family or want to pull up to an island for a shore lunch or a hike, Talon down to secure your boat from drifting away or getting banged up against the shoreline.

With several models, fishing conveniences are expanded. When I’m covering water in search of active fish, I’ll pin the boat when I get bit so the fish fight plays out without worry of drifting through productive water and spooking fish.

This is a big plus especially in wind. Same thing for simple boat tasks like retying lines or changing lures.


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