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RUNCL Probite Craw Baits, Bass Fishing Lures, 15/25pcs Crawfish Baits 4.2in – Compact Profile, Salt Impregnation, Realistic Movement, Oversized Pinchers, Weedless Design – Soft Fishing Baits


Price: $9.99
(as of Oct 12,2020 19:31:32 UTC – Details)

Compact Profile: Fitted with a slim profile that slides through holes in vegetation with ease, the ribbed design along the compact body which will displace plenty of water to attract the nearest predator to strike
Salt Impregnation: Poured with super high salt content, provides longer casts and faster sink rates with an enhanced swimming action that entices lethargic fish to bite
Oversized Pinchers: The craw bait possesses hyper-action paddle-like claws, displace more water and create attention-grabbing action that bass can’t resist. Can be fished on a Texas Rig or No Sinker Rig, with up to a 4/0 hook, or used as a jig trailer to bulk up the bait
Realistic Movement: The crawfish features a unique craw-style presentation with two huge pinchers and various appendages, flaps wildly with a fluent lifelike action on the fall as it swims through the water, delivers a living, breathing action that will catch bass off guard and trigger an aggressive reaction strike
Weedless Design: The crawfish bait is equipped with double hook slots on belly and back for easier rigging and better hooksets, helps bury the hook-point and provides snag-free fishing


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