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RUNCL Popper Bait, Walking Bait 4/5in, Pencil Floating Lure – Lifelike Design, Concave Nose, Side Cup, Rear-Weighted Design, Walk The Dog, Premium Treble Hooks – Topwater Hard Fishing Lure


Price: $7.99
(as of Oct 09,2020 07:07:42 UTC – Details)

Product Description

runcl logoruncl logo

topwater popper baittopwater popper bait

topwater popper baittopwater popper bait

walking baitwalking bait

hard fishing lureshard fishing lures

bass fishing luresbass fishing lures

floating pencil lurefloating pencil lure

Concave Nose: The popper baits are crafted with a wide concave nose, create a much deeper gurgling sound and a more aggressive popping action, perfectly mimic a struggling baitfish on the surface, help trigger more bites
Side Cup: The unique side cups are added on left and right with front cup, helps to create wide splash and mass of air in water, attracts bass from wide range even in weed area
Rear-Weighted Design: The popper baits possess precise weights within the tail section, delivers long, bullet-like casts even when fishing in windy conditions, makes walking the dog effortless and allows the lure to sit tail-down for a splashing, popping action that predator fish can’t resist
Premium Treble Hooks: Equipped with BKK wide-gap treble hooks (4#) under the belly and BKK wide-gap treble hooks (2#) at the tail, helps bite deep and hold hard, allow for quicker penetration and rock-solid hooksets on any bass that bites


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