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RTR Tip How to attatch a wind on leader

RTR Tip How to attatch a wind on leader

this rivet Arif strikezone fishing tip is brought to you by prestige fishing comm au custom wine don leaders shark traces and rigs now custom-made wonton leaders I would have been really helpful the other day show us how to put one on you know what they’re parody for what we’re doing and really simple now the trick is just to slip the bass or the very tip of the mono through the Dacron loop pull it through and then feed the whole Dacron sorry the whole wound on leader I should say through like so and then just sliding down you’ll see it’ll slide down now a lot of anglers do it like that but for insurance I like to do it twice so feed your mono through again like so creating another loop and then grab the hole leader slide it through again and then run it down to the tip now the key is make sure your lines tight so that it sits at the very tip otherwise you’re too length your double won’t be even and just pull it in tight like so and now you can wide your leader on


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