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River Sturgeon Fishing; Lake Winnebago Walleye Fishing

River Sturgeon Fishing; Lake Winnebago Walleye Fishing

(music) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the water) We eat! Fish eat! (way out in the woods) (where the breathing is easy the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors.

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And remember its a great day to be alive. (out in the great outdoors) Holy Moly! (music) (music) One of my favorite eating fish for sure, perch! That’s a perfect eating size right there! (music) That’s a nice perch! (music) Hey good morning and welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors.

I’ll tell ya what, today we’re up in Marinette fishing with our good friend Brian Clairmont. Hows it going buddy? Good to see you my friend. You invited me up here I’m sick and tired of seeing all these pictures of these huge sturgeon.

But now you got me up here and you’re telling me the sturgeon bite is usually better in the afternoon. So why are we messing around with some perch right away today? What are we gonna do with them? We gotta eat this afternoon.

We gotta have fresh perch to eat so we can have some Burgers Smokehouse perch tacos. What? Can you say that again? Burgers Smokehouse perch tacos! Burgers Smokehouse perch tacos! That sounds absolutely awesome! I’ll tell ya what, so you’re gonna throw that Burgers bacon in there and mix it up and make some taco mix and we’re gonna be eating tacos on the boat? Yes sir.

Uncle Phil wants to get some bass, so we’re gonna squeeze some bass in, then well hit the sturgeon. We’re gonna try for a triple header today. A triple header. And like always it’s gonna be an interesting day when we got these two characters on here.

Brian and our good friend Phil the Blind Guy! Ho! Hey Phil, what’s with all the Packers stuff again? Go Packers! But anyways, hey stay tuned lets see what happens today up here on the Menominee River.

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com or look us up at your local grocery store. (music) (music) Phil! No net! What do you got there? We ain’t got no net sponsor! I gotta net! A nice walleye! Why don’t you net that walleye? You gonna net him or let him go? (music) Nice! Alright! Hold that fish up to the camera Brian.

Hey Phil! We’re fishing smallmouth! (laughing) That’s a nice walleye! Funny looking smallmouth! We went perch fishing, then we’re going smallmouth fishing, then sturgeon fishing. What do I got on my shirt, huh? A walleye! That’s right! Leave it up to Phil! (laughing) I can’t believe that shirt’s that old an hasn’t faded yet! We’ll let this one go to get bigger.

I’ll tell ya what, Basically what we’re doing is Phil is casting a jig with a zoom plastic, I have, basically, I’m casting some of the Get Bit plastics, and then Brian has live bait so we’re mixing everything up.

We’re working a shelf here where it goes from about 8ft up to about 2.5ft. That’s right where the fish are sitting right Brian? Yep. We gotta get back a little bit, we’re up on the shelf now. He caught that right on the edge.

Awesome. Here we go. A flip in. A flip in is right. Another keeper. It is. I thought we were here to catch smallmouth, right? (music) Think he’s there? Yep. Think you’re gonna get him? I’m gonna give him a little bit more.

.. Whoa! There you go Mr. Clairmont! You told us to throw towards the shore, and you’re throwing that way! I see how you work! What do you got going there? Nice smallie! Looks like a nice smallie. You gotta Kevin Van Dam him! Alright! Look how dark that fish is! Hows that for a flipper? Not bad! I’ll tell ya what Brian, you gotta hold that fish up.

That’s a neat part about fishing this Menominee River too. These fish are really bronze. Look how dark them fish are. Gotta love that. Even though you were a little tricky, and told Phil and I to cast towards shore! You had to let me catch a bass today! (music) Another walleye! That’s a nice fish! What? That’s 2 for him today! On that paddle tail! That’s a nice walleye.

Hi little baby! Another golden fish! (laughing) We couldve been eating walleyes tonight Larry! We got perch! Burger Smokehouse perch tacos! Good job Phil! See ya next time! We’ll let him get bigger. (music) OH that’s a nice fish Phil! Nice job! He hit it once didn’t he! Then he came off! We gotta get outta here and get to our sturgeon spot! We gotta pull the boat out! Let’s get this fish in the boat and head outta here! Where’s my grabber? Flip him right in! It’s his rod! (grunting) Don’t drop her, there you go! It’s actually a smallmouth? That’s a real smallmouth not a walleye.

Here Phil give him a little kiss. Alright. We’ll release him for another day! Bye! Good job! Alright let’s get outta here. Hey I’ll tell ya what, stay tuned! We’re gonna pick up everything, pull the boat out, and head down to the lower section of the Menominee River and see if we can tackle a couple of huge sturgeon.

Ready Phil? NO! They finally start biting and you wanna go! (laughing) Sturgeon Phil! Think about it! Alright! Stay tuned! Let’s see what happens next on Larry Smith Outdoors! (music) (music) (music) Badger Sportsman magazine is the longest running outdoor magazine in the state of Wisconsin.

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For information about how you can join this great organization, or how to start a new chapter please visit wingsoverwisconsin.org (music) I forgot the bacon! I didn’t forget the bacon, you were just excited about making a taco.

I was hungry! I know it. But now I’m gonna make a real taco… (music) (music) Now I’m gonna make a taco. Nothing wrong with Brian’s taco. How is your taco anyway? You don’t hear me talking do ya? Can you hand me my beer? We got Larry some ginger non-alcoholic beer! Yep.

No drinking in the boat. (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Hunter put the camera down and start building your taco. Hey Dan, eat your heart out! It’s running around like nuts! Nice job I’ll tell ya that! I finally got that smallmouth of a lifetime! Yeah! I think you got more than a smallmouth big boy! This completes our day.

This is what we came up here for. To get a sturgeon. Now let’s get that fish in the boat. Larry I think I’m snagged on bottom but the bottom’s swimming. It’s a moving bottom. It’s part of the Menominee River.

Where’s my fighting belt? I want my fighting belt. I’ve done this in the ocean before… (music) Starting to gain… He’s right here. I’m just gonna spin us again… There he is, there he is! Oh that is a big one! Look at the size of that thing! Whoo! This is gonna be fun grabbing this one.

.. He’s right here! Underneath here! Look at him right there! There he goes! Hang on! (grunting) I got him, I got him, I got him! Larry help me! (grunting) Watch my rods! Yep. Ready? There we go! Yeah! Look at the size of that smallmouth! Yeah! Alright! Nice job! (laughing) Look at that! OH! He’s very upset! He’s gonna break stuff! Nice fish! (clashing noise) They are strong! That is one strong fish! Easy there, we don’t wanna hurt you.

That’s your baby! I gots the fish! Whoa! Whoa! (laughing) Help! Help! Whos got who here! (laughing) Holy cow! (clapping) Easy big fella! Shhh. There, there! You wanted a sturgeon, you got a sturgeon! You’ll be in the water in a little bit.

Winnie, Cuddles, don’t be jealous! I gots a new baby! It’s one thing about sturgeon, they’re very hardy. Not that I say you want to abuse them at all, but you can definitely have them out of the water for a couple minutes.

Larry can you get me a still of this? You got it Phil. Nice job! For Larry Smith Outdoors, stay tuned! Such a big puppy. He’s gotta a belly like me! (laughing) Hey I’ll tell ya what we had a great day Brian.

It’s always a pleasure. If people wanna get a hold of you and enjoy some awesome perch, smallmouth, walleye, sturgeon fishing how can they do it? You can see me on Facebook, BAC guide service or give me a call on my home phone at (715) 735-7346 come on out and enjoy! Like I always say, what a great day to be alive! (music) (music) (music) (music) Shotgun Chef, I’m sicker than a dog man! I got the wife and the kid the freak of nature in the other room making egg rolls.

Dan you have to go in there, I can’t handle it today. Sorry guys, the wife’s taking over today. I’m on house arrest. What’s going on Larry Smith Outdoors its the Freak of Nature here with Mom Freak of Nature.

Yeah. My dad is sicker than a dog sitting on the couch over there so he’s asked us to step in which we don’t really need him anyway so let’s get cooking. Today we are going to be making pheasant egg rolls so lets go! The first thing we need to do is cut up the pheasant.

My mom’s gonna do that because I don’t want to touch raw meat and it’s better if a parent does it. Where did we get this pheasant? Someone shot it… Who helped us get it? I don’t know? Max! Oh yeah, someone had to shoot it too.

.. So i’m gonna take the ginger and grate it. After that we’ll put it in the frying pan. (music) (music) Perfect. Scrape it. Yep. Gracias! We have the garlic, the pheasant, and the ginger in there. Should we put more garlic in or not yet? I think we’re good.

Alright. Then we have the coleslaw. With a little bit of teryaki sauce and soy sauce in it. That way when you put it in the egg roll it’s not dry. (music) (music) Fold the ends in… Then you take 2 fingers and dip them in the milk and rub it at the end which holds the egg roll together.

(music) (music) (music) (music) Cheers. Larry Smith Outdoors pheasant egg rolls. Signing out! (music) That’s good! Way better than dad’s. Can we both agree on that? Larry you’re missing out! You’re missing out Larry! For over 25 years Midwestern Shooters Supply has been your premiere dealer for hunting supplies.

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That’s the sonarphone by Vexilar! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Good afternoon welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors, we are with Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin.

I’m here with Otto. Otto, if you could explain a little bit about your organization, we’ll be taking some veterans out fishing here today, just give us an idea what your organization represents. Basically what we do is, we do fundraisers to help raise money to go on hunting trips, fishing trips.

We get guides to come forward and donate and volunteer their time, which allows us to take vets out on the water. We work with veterans that are handicapped or veterans that just wanns go out. We don’t make it one or the other.

We’re called wounded warriors united of Wisconsin but we work with all vets throughout the entire state. If anybody wants to get involved with our program, you can find us on Facebook, otherwise contact me at 920 470-1845.

Thank you Otto we appreciate the opportunity to let us do this with you guys, because of the veterans we’re able to do what we enjoy doing everyday. It’s our way of giving back. Let’s go fishing, let’s see what happens! Sounds good! Let’s do it! (music) Got one on here! First one off the rocks out here.

That’s what we’re looking for Jason! Let’s get a half dozen of them! Alright! Gonna have a nice cook out here afterwards here so whatever we catch that is good table fare we’re gonna throw in the livewell! (music) ALright Jason let this one be a walleye alright buddy! That one is laying down there like it.

Yep, there’s a walleye! Nice fish there Jason! If it’s over 16 inches you got the biggest one so far right. (music) You got the better one! Nice work there Jason! (music) Beautiful eater! Still on 3-5ft of water on the rocks! You hold that one up Jason that’s your fish! That’s not a bass! Don’t put your fingers in there! (laughing) Turn at me, hold him up a little higher.

There you go! (music) Out here with Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin, got Jason out here with us, and putting some nice walleyes in the livewell! (music) (music) (music) Mid September, 3 ft of water! Who would’ve thought! That’s what we’re after right Jason! That will be tasting good in about 2 hours from now.

Exactly. Good deal. You’re up! Keep it even! (music) What do we got there Jason? Nice walleye! You were due! (laughing) Alright! Good work there Jason! It’s been awhile. A good half hour or so since we’ve had a walleye.

Slid down the reef here a little bit and hold your fish up there Jason. Good work! (music) (music) Just dropped on the deeper edge here and there we go! Almost got away, Dan! He did! Not good enough! That one popped it! Maybe they slid off the top into deeper water.

Good for dinner! (music) (music) Out here with Wounded Warriors United of Wisconsin having a great day, got our nice friend Jason that we just met today in the boat with us, here’s a little better one.

(music) That one we didn’t do Smith-style! We wanted to get that one in! (music) Another nice Winnebago walleye! Mid September and they’re still out here! It think its gonna be a good ice fishing year! We gotta a fan boat out there! (laughing) Double! Yes! How bout that Jason! Mine came off! What do you got there Jason? Another walleye? OH yes! Nice walleye! Bring her up and over.

There you go! Good work! Good work Jason! (music) Almost had a double! What do you think about this casting? It’s awesome! Beats jigging and catching sheephead! Yep! Good work! We gotta enough for the livewell let’s just toss her back! Awesome! Good job! Another one Jason! You got the hot hand here! We said we needed one more for film from you Jason and all of sudden.

..OH yeah! Nice fish! Good job! That will work! Maybe we should go get your dad? (laughing) Yeah! Nice fish Jason. Thank you! Tell us how you found out about Wounded Warrior United of Wisconsin. Give the people at home a little info.

I was hooked up through the Green Bay Chapter of Patriot for Outfitters, so they we’re looking for vets so I called them up and got on the boat. This is the first time that we’ve been out with you guys and we look forward to doing it every year.

Great organization. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for serving! That’s our main goal, giving back to the guys that give us the freedom to be out here doing what we’re doing today! Love it! We’ll drop that one back in.

Here come the other 3 boats from the crew. I’m willing to bet we’re gonna see some smiles on these faces. You guys have a fun time? Oh yeah! Good deal! Nice fish! Nice afternoon for it! There’s a dandy! Whoa! Almost gone! (laughing) You’re dad finished strong! Did he? So did I! Good work! He was getting nothing but little ones then he got 4 nice big ones! Come on through you guys, Got a couple nice ones there huh? Have a fun day? OH fantastic! Lots of fish! I told you there would be some smiles.

.. You got that right! They did well. Good work you guys! Great day! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) We’re wrapping it up for the afternoon here as you can see for 4 hours of fishing we had a fabulous afternoon! What do you think about that Keith, Otto? Excellent! Everybody had a great time! I appreciate all the fisherman for coming.

We just need to get more out here! Next year we would like to see this doubled or tripled. On behalf of Larry, because of these guys, we’re able to say at the end of the show here, what a great day to be alive! (music) (music) (music) Hey Phil you want another taco? Yeah you got one? Caught that one Smith-style! No net! Smith!! That’s a fish taco! Sushi taco! (laughing) It does taste a little bit fishy! I’m not fond of your tacos, I like my fish cakes better! (laughing) Phil we’re not taking you in if you gotta go #2.

Shotgun cooked that one! (laughing) (music) (music)


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