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Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R Lure


Price: $6.97
(as of Nov 02,2020 23:35:38 UTC – Details)

The Rebel Super Teeny Wee-R crankbait has the soul of a Wee-R in a tiny 1/8 oz body. Bass Anglers use this bait to locate fish around rocks, stumps and submerged timber.

Rebel Lures “A Standard of Excellence” for every Fishing Occasion
Can be waked just under the surface or cranked up to 3-feet deep to catch fish in steams, ponds or even big lakes
Features a fat baitfish profile and a wiggling action on the retrieve that bass, panfish and other gamefish can’t resist
Has the soul of a Wee-R in a tiny 1/8 ounce body, which allows easy use around rocks, stumps, and submerged timber.
Dimenssions: 1 1/2 inches, 1/8 ounces, #10 hook size, 1′-3′ cranking depth
Sport type: Boating


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