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Portable Fish Finder Handheld HD Screen Sonar Wired Fish Detector Fish Depth Finder with Sonar Sensor Transducer and LCD Display for Sea Fishing, Ice Fishing, Boat Fishing, Leisure Fishing


Price: $56.98
(as of Oct 27,2020 21:27:27 UTC – Details)

1. Detect and display grass, short and tall weeds, sand and rocks on the sea floor
2. Get the approximate location and depth of the fish
3. Circular sensor with 7.5 m cable and 45-degree beam angle
4.With fish depth ruler and sound alarm
5. User selectable meter or foot reading
6.Depth reading range from 0.7m to 100m
7. Show rocks or grass at the bottom
8, 200KHz sonar, stable signal, effectively prevent signal interference
9. You can catch fish immediately without observing floats for a long time
10. You can easily choose fish information according to your different needs
11. Provide underwater information and environment and help identify fish targets
12. In the power saving mode, the depth of the fish and the size of the fish are different

Display: TN / ANTI-UV LCD with LED backlight
Depth range: 0.7m to 100m (2ft to 328ft)
Sensor beam angle: 45 degrees
Operating temperature: -20 to 70 (-4F to 158F)
Power: 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Package list:
1 * fish finder
1 * round sensor with 25 feet cable
1 * stainless steel bolt
1 * stainless steel butterfly nut

Wide Depth Range — User-selectable gauge or foot reading. Depth readings range from 0.7 to 100 meters. Use the float on the cable to install the sonar in the water, secure it to the pole, and push it into the water.
Inspection And Display Function — The fishing device can obtain the approximate position and water depth of the fish, and can detect and display grass, short-high weeds, sand and rocks on the sea floor.
Clear Display — the display uses LED backlight, you can easily view the details of the sea. Round sensor with 7.5 m line and 45 ┬░beam angle.
Easy To Use — The detachable buoy is easy to remove, which can help you find prey more easily. Suitable for boat, river bank, river, lake, sea, ocean, ice fishing and night fishing.


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