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Planer Board Fishing Tip

Planer Board Fishing Tip

Hi, Captain Adam here on Mega-Bite Charters. We’re out fishing the East Grand Traverse Bay with Sport Fish Michigan. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about one of our proven techniques that work really well here in the bay.

Planer boards – I prefer the walleye board. We use them with leadcore and copper-based line. Because the water is so clear now in the Great Lakes, you still get the same depths out of the leadcore and copper used on downriggers and divers, but it gets it out and away from the boat so we don’t spook the fish.

They just see a bait floating by. They’re cut at a 45 degree angle. When you put it out, the water pressure pushes it out away from the boat. We use them in early spring, summer… we use them all year long.

Next time you’re out on the water, give one a try and see if you can help your catch.


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