Home Fishing Tips PIKE FISHING: Slow vs Fast Retrieve CHALLENGE (What will catch more/bigger fish?!)

PIKE FISHING: Slow vs Fast Retrieve CHALLENGE (What will catch more/bigger fish?!)

PIKE FISHING: Slow vs Fast Retrieve CHALLENGE (What will catch more/bigger fish?!)

good morning ladies and welcome to today’s episode today I’m in Thomas RA archipelago with Anton fisherman in his enormous guide boat and today we will see if there is a difference when it comes to reeling super fast and super slow in super cold water this is up next hi Oh big fish big fish big fish net yeah so today we have six degrees in the water here in Thomas re-al archipelago usually at this time of the year people are standing close to the weed line and fishing super super super slow but today we’re gonna do a little test one of us fish fish really fast you know jerk it up and down really fast and the other guy is going to fish in super slow motion and in the end of the day today we’re gonna see if the pike preferred to eat the faster moving baits or the slower moving baits so let’s head out here in this beautiful Thomas Horry archipelago and go to Anton’s first spot so we have 2.

5 2 meters in this shallow bay some some vegetation in the bay and we start fishing from the grass because as I understand pikes there now stay close very close to the grass or inside the grass so all the bites are near the grass or when they as I think go out and take a look so I try to cast as much as I can close to the grass and let’s let’s decide when you take ego I take five ya know deciding oh five so it’s for me to decide I will start this slow who do you think will win today ah I think though do you think slow yeah and I think fast to get some reaction strikes yeah but so we have to try and we’ll see what happens so now when we’re fishing on just two and a half meters and we want to go really really really close to the weeds I’m gonna start off with this bad boy right yeah goopy Yunior shallow I’m gonna start by fishing it really fast because I have to do that for the day I’m not only going to start with that so I’m gonna fish this fast now until me and hunt don’t change but if I don’t get a strikes I think I’m gonna switch to the paddle tail that you can do on this one but I’m gonna start off by jerking and we’re gonna see if we get some pikes oh so nice to be jerking again man we’ve got tied up in the rubber mania that has been going on for the last couple of years but it feels so good to just be throwing a good old-fashioned jerk bait again it’s crazy I mean the strikes you get on shorter roads and not so heavy tackle it’s crazy always when we’re fishing you get so caught up in fishing slow and it’s cold in the water and so but it doesn’t have to be that way which is the best for the day it can be whatever there’s also a reason why I’m fishing in the frontier actually and that is cuz when I fish fast like this you know I can trigger the fish I can make the fish a bit curious what’s going on here what’s that a fast-moving goopy no I don’t want to eat that but then will they see it on toast Cupid they could take it he’s they’re also going with a small goofy for a scientifical reasons but in another color so they don’t really seem to be biting this one so good at the moment so what I’m going to do now is that I’m going to take as those of you who watch our episodes knows what I like blue and yellow now I’m just gonna turn this one off and then I’m gonna put on this your first ad oh my god no it’s time for some action I can tell you it’s like crazy also the big fish I have like 80% of them is on something something with a shorter tail and I don’t even fish it that much are you kidding me oh my goodness something you’re killing me today yeah but today we’re not counting the size today we’re today we’re seeing if it’s better to fish slow or if it’s better to fish fast so it’s a small archipelago pike hit a but actually the bite was so you know so light but but let’s see everything can change very quickly it’s a small pike we call it just food for normal ones but it’s a fish and it gives me one more point in our tournament yeah but let’s change now I can do some yeah speed action and you fish slope yeah and now we’re gonna see if it’s more about the colors oh if it’s more about the hints or if it’s more about the magical hands of untrim fishermen a while we do pike fishing in november it’s a little bit slow now and we need some energy we need to have a lunch in this beautiful place and this beautiful weather and to make our life more comfortable in this boat I have such option we can transform this place into a table so we move away all the lures and now we can put our foot here sit around have a lunch have some coffee break and then continue fishing of course so we came here after lunch it’s a small bay pretty shallow and I know this place for several years because it’s a place where big ones lives and lots of them were caught here so now we will try with our Guppies I use shallow junior Guffey I’m gonna go with a downsizer you know the small puppy yeah yeah actually I want to offer you to try more or less so you let me take the big fish then yeah but I like it the color you know when when it’s getting dark outside so what I think you have to use more dark colors on the water yeah so it’s the dark with the darkest color we have is this small small downsized goopy so why not so what I like about this small Illinois is that you don’t have to man I’m whispering it feels like if I hear us do you think so Anton oh yes it smells yeah what I like about this law is that you can just go small small small small twitches and it has that nice action anyhow just that wound a bait fish looked so good so good yeah we’re gonna keep fishing here until we get a big one man we can’t be in tummy sorry and let’s get a big one I’ve been here once I have said that enough times now well you’re lucky bastard yeah yeah yeah yes oh no again I can’t cast into these small pockets over here until we get some freaking nice-looking pike there we go Anton so small but still a bite it’s about yeah nice Oh Anton what did you do that’s more like a perch and give me that yes another victim but it’s still fun you know when you’re fishing so fast with a pretty big lure now we see we’re since we changed to the that Anthony’s fishing fast and I’m fishing slow because I threw there before but I didn’t catch it so the high OH big fish big fish big fish net maybe yeah oh my god whoa she took that bait oh maybe not so big but still oh my goodness oh poor Anton fisherman you take it you bloody legend what a crazy first day here on my Finland trick with the anthem fisherman guide service it was so crazy now we have this competition today and what seems to be the trick this day obviously cause it’s six degrees in the water here is to go slow slow slow slow I’m too just caught caught a small fisherman but when he bought when he was fishing pretty fast but then I was going slow slow slow slow with a Nightcrawler opensource color of goofy downsides such a crazy color and lure oh and look what we have here we just measured this lovely girl here to one metre exactly he’s a pretty skinny one but I would say just six six and a half kilo something 1 meter fish but what a crazy ending of this day Alton we have mostly been catching small fish the whole day here but finally we got it and take was so cool that girl she came just a few meters away from the boat but now as always it’s time to take a few quick photos and then it’s time to release this wonderful girl back to where she belongs in the cold tummy sorry waters and this is apparently how you do it in Anton fisherman’s boat I’ve never thought of this way of releasing the fish it’s crazy look you just do like this bye bye baby do everything it’s a little bit chaotic here when you catch a big fish like that but this nice ballistic roots generation to rod helped me set set the hook really good because I think a lot of times you lose those fish time to wrap up this scientifical challenge me and my buddy Anton fishermen did today now it was a super cool day I really think we had a lot of wind in them in the morning but then the winds died completely but I wouldn’t say the speed change was the key to getting the fish today the key today was to fish slowly slowly with downsizing lures you know the gift speed down sighs I can’t believe it’s crazy how a big fish like that meter plus fish is willing to eat that kind of bait but if you’re ever in tummy sorry and you are looking for a guided trip make sure to add the mountain fishermen on Instagram and and write him DM there and he will get back to you but for now on that was everything so make sure to LIKE and subscribe because we have a lot of cool stuff coming out from this Finland tour but that’s a wrap of episode one so until next time ladies ciao


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