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Nitecore NU25 360 Lumen Triple Output – White, Red, High CRI – 0.99 Ounce Lightweight USB Rechargeable Headlamp with LumenTac Adapter


Price: $36.95
(as of Dec 01,2020 22:52:36 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The NITECORE NU25 utilizes three light sources (white, red and high CRI) to create a versatile and lightweight headlamp you’ll find endless uses for. A powerful CREE XP-G2 S3 LED capable of 360 lumen and a 88 yard throw serves as the main output and is useful for outdoor activities like running, cycling, hiking and camping. There’s also an auxiliary red LED that helps preserve night vision for nighttime photography, map reading and stargazing while an auxiliary high CRI LED produces a warm, floody beam ideal for up close reading and detail work. Dual switches located on the top of the unit provide easy access to the main and auxiliary lights.

The NU25 uses a built-in rechargeable battery to reduce the size and weight of the unit and to create a compact and comfortable headlamp users can wear for hours at a time. When you’re ready to recharge, simply plug-in the micro-USB charging cable into the built-in micro-USB port and any USB compatible power source, making this a great headlamp for travel and daily use. The headlamp unit can also be connected to external USB power sources via the built-in micro-USB port for extended runtimes allowing you to continue activities without having to stop and recharge.


Powerful Primary Output

Up to 360 lumens primary white output from a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED 4 adjustable brightnesses total 88 yards throw (1650 cd)

High CRI Output for Detail

20 lumen high CRI LED for rendering colors and details more like sunlight Great for up close reading & viewing Reduces eye strain

Red Output to Preserve Vision

13 lumen red LED for preserving night vision Useful for photography, star gazing, map reading & hunting Includes red caution (blink) mode for emergency signaling

Ultra Compact for Maximum Comfort & Portability

Lightweight at only 0.99 ounces including battery
Compact body measures just over two inches long

The NU25 is so lightweight and comfortable to wear you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Ideal for a variety of active uses including:

Cycling Hiking Running Camping Household tasks Everyday carry


Built-In Battery & Charging

Recharging the NU25 is so easy! The built-in charging port is conveniently located on the bottom of the light and has a rubber cover to keep out dust and moisture.

A red indicator light underneath the control switches will illuminate during charging. The indicator light will turn green upon completion

Compatible with USB Sources

Solar Panels
and more

Battery Power Indicator

There’s even a power indicator so you’ll always know the remaining charge. With the light turned off, press and hold the R control button.

The indicator will blink:

3x for battery level over 50% 2x for battery level below 50% 1x for battery level below 10%

360 LUMEN WIDE BEAM – Featuring a CREE XP-G2 S3 LED for a primary output, the NU25 is capable of 360 lumen max output and 88 yards of throw, perfect for biking, jogging and trekking.
AUXILIARY HIGH CRI AND RED LED LIGHTS – The high CRI auxiliary light produces richer more natural looking colors over standard LEDs making it a great tool for up close tasks requiring fine detail while the auxiliary red LED is great for preserving night vision.
COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing less than an ounce (0.99oz w/o headband, 1.9oz w/ headband) and small enough to fit in a pocket, the NU25 is comfortable for daily use and long excursions.
NO CHARGER NEEDED – The headlamp is great for travel and daily use because it uses a built-in micro-USB battery can easily be charged on-the-go using a micro-USB charging cable connected to any USB power source.
PACKAGE CONTENTS – NITECORE NU25, Headband, USB Cable, LumenTac adapter


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