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New – Outlaw Bivy – Emergency Sleeping Bag 2 Pack – Ultra Light Waterproof Thermal Mylar Bivvy Sack for Camping and Survival. Includes Free waterprooft Pouch.


Price: $14.99
(as of Oct 13,2020 07:30:56 UTC – Details)

Let’s play out a scenario:

It’s mid-January. You just finished up at a family gathering and managed to get the kids loaded into your vehicle.
The weather is cold, the kids are tired, and you just wanna get home. But fate has something else in the store.

Halfway home, your tire decides that it’s had enough of the cold temperatures and suddenly bursts sending you into a tailspin.
You manage to stay out of extreme danger, but your vehicle is now in the ditch with a flat.

Oh, and you decided you needed more room for the kids’ sleds, so you left the jack in the garage.

There are thousands of scenarios that could play out in any climate; warm or cold. So what can you do? The short answer is: PREPARE.

The Outlaw Bivy is the place to start. Quality, Compact, Lightweight and Inexpensive. You won’t even know it’s in your car until you need it; unlike your jack.

FOR EMERGENCIES AND SURVIVAL- The Outlaw Bivy has a special 26um, extra-thick, HeatEcho mylar coating that reflects 90% of your body’s heat back to you, making it an essential survival item for your bug out bag, car emergency kit, or camping gear. As long as you have the Outlaw Bivy, you’ve got the edge!
ULTRA LIGHT AND DURABLE – Your ultra-lightweight emergency bivvy survival sleeping bag weighs 4.6oz. Plus it’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. The Outlaw Bivy is extremely durable. It’s made from a special puncture and tear resistant polyethylene material. The Outlaw Bivy’s durability ensures for multiple uses, unlike cheap mylar emergency blankets.
REINFORCED SEAMS – With reinforced, taped seams, the Outlaw Bivy creates a quick weather-resistant and waterproof emergency shelter that gives you protection from hypothermia and extreme weather conditions.
EASY TO USE – Pull your Outlaw Bivy out of the stuff sack, unroll and climb inside. It’s that simple! Use it as an extra layer with an additional sleeping bag in those extra cold locations or a quick backpacking shelter or tent. When you’re done, roll it back up and place into the free Survival Outlaw waterproof sack for your next outdoor hiking trip.
EMERGENCY WHISTLE – If you find yourself in an emergency, you have options. GET ATTENTION! Our survival emergency whistle is at the ready – it’s fastened to the waterproof bag and can be heard up to 1 mile away. Just climb inside the bivy and put your whistle to use.


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