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Musky Fishing Tips For New Electronics

Musky Fishing Tips For New Electronics

Musky’s are known as the fish of 10,000 casts, but with a little bit of stealth and a methodical approach, you’ll get bit. Musky fishing has exploded in popularity. Putting tremendous pressure on existing waters.

Big musky are old and educated fish, and staying off the trolling motor can reduce spooking. A good approach is to fish key structure using the bow mount trolling motor in unison with a Talon. Let’s say we’re fishing an expansive weed flat.

Move in using the trolling motor, then drift into position and lock your spot. Fan cast the entire area, Talon up, and move down the line. This is a mowing the lawn approach to covering water. With this method, musky are also more likely to approach the boat with the trolling motor off.

With the Talon deployed, you can focus on a good figure 8. Remember to waypoint hot fish and come back at a later time to work them again.


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