Home Fishing Tips MONSTER Walleyes!!! – How to Jig and locate GIANT WALLEYES!!!

MONSTER Walleyes!!! – How to Jig and locate GIANT WALLEYES!!!

MONSTER Walleyes!!! – How to Jig and locate GIANT WALLEYES!!!

– Alright team, charge. ♪ Take me out on the water. – [Voiceover] We eat, fish eat ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathing is easy, the living is good – [Voiceover] All I can do is just laugh ♪ Out in the great outdoors – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by Warrior boats, the Badger Sportsman, Big Snow Resort, Wilderness North Lodge, Jiffy, Hard and Soft fishing, Bartlein Barrels, Cold Snap, Deep Freeze, Otter, Kmiec Law firm, Lynch of Mukwonago, and Wings Over Wisconsin.

– And remember it’s a great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors♪ – [Voiceover] Holy moly. – Yes, light let’s go. Hey, this week on Larry Smith Outdoors, we’re up in the bay of Green Bay, and actually what we’re gonna be doing, is we’re gonna go out and do some trolling, which normally I’m not a big troller, I’d rather catch them casting, but we are gonna definitely try it, but we’re gonna be fishing between Okono and Peshtigo, and what happens is, these fish are stationed here, getting ready to go up these rivers, and any day now, these fish have been piled in here for the last probably 2 weeks, and some really nice fish, my son was out yesterday.

Lance was out yesterday, they caught some really nice fish, and today, speaking of Lance, we will be fishing with the lightening Lance Sweeney, and our good buddy Gary Kolivich, so, we’re gonna go out here and see what’s happening today.

So, looks like a great day, we got a big snow storm coming in, and it’s supposed to hit almost 50 day, so this should be the day of all days, so we’ll see what happens. I’m hoping that we can see some fish that are over 10 pounds today, so we’ll see, right? We will see.

We’ll see what the big guy brings us, yea. – [Voiceover] The warrior story continues with the best tracking, driest ride in the industry, designed with a high degree of dead rise and bough flare to push water out and down, for a smooth, dry, comfortable ride.

The smart trolling keel limits bough drift, for enhanced boat control in the wind, and with a lifetime haul warranty, warrior boats are built to last. Warrior boat, a legend reborn. – [Voiceover] Badger Sportsman magazine, premier outdoor magazine, published in Oshkosh and written by Wisconsin’s sportsmen, for Wisconsin’s sportsmen.

Get the most out of your time in the woods, or on the water, subscribe to Badger’s Sportsman magazine today. – [Voiceover] Kalin’s grubs have been outfishing other plastics for years, thanks to their unique action, but the time has come to shake things up a bit.

Introducing the Kalin’s size mcseries of grubs, swim baits, and worms, whether you’re drop shotting them for bass, or swimming them for walleyes, – [Voiceover] Look at that walleye. – there action is earth shattering.

(thunder and crumbling) – [Voiceover] Let’s fish. – [Larry] Alright Lance, first fish of the morning, come on buddy, what do you got? It’s no 10 pounder, but it’s a fish. – [Voiceover] Not too big, a nice walleye.

– [Larry] Yea, it’s a good fish. You know Lance, you got that rip and rap up, yea, that’s a nice fish, nice fish. – Good fish, good way to start. – [Larry] What is that a meal? – Yep, good way to start yep.

– We just came up into about six and a half, seven foot, Gary and I are casting Kalin’s. He just lost one, I had a bite here. Lance just got that 18 incher. You know, it’s amazing how shallow these fish are gonna sit right here.

Basically, we’re just kind of popping these baits off the bottom, not super hard, but just popping it, and when it falls– There you go Lance, good job Lance. – [Lance] Got another one here Larry.

– [Larry] Good job, we’re on it now boys. Whoa, that’s a pig. That’s a 10 pound fish right here. Look a that fish you guys, look at the size of this fish. That’s 10 pounds easily. Nice, (mumbles).

– [Lance] Beauty, beauty, beauty. – Whoa baby, who needs to troll? – [Lance] You got that right. – Hey, Lance, you know what, you’re up here guiding all the time now, and you’re guiding on Winnebago, and you’re guiding up on the bay at Green Bay, and you prefer not to troll, just like I do.

You know, we will troll today if we have to, but so far, we’re catching these fish right away in here casting and jigging, and you know, I think most people would rather catch them this way. You know, there is some locations where you do have to break the boards out and start trolling, but when you can catch a fish like this jigging, that’s what it’s all about.

There you go, Gary’s got one– – Yep. – The weather’s perfect today, got a little overcast right now; temperatures are absolutely awesome. Big storm coming in tomorrow. Lance, what do you got going there? You got the hot ticket there, I’ll tell you that.

Oh, it’s a nice fish, it’s right underneath the boat right here. It’s a (mumbles), it’s a (mumbles). Look at that Lance. Lift him up. Nice, hold that fish up, Lance, them are pigs. Lance, what do you call your guiding business? – It’s called Great Day Guiding Larry.

– [Larry] That’s awesome, you know, I know that you’re just like me, and the whole thing is, it’s all about the customer, and you know, at the end of the day, even though some days the fishing’s a little bit tough, you still want it to be a great day don’t you? – [Lance] At the end of the day, that’s our goal there Larry.

– [Larry] I love to hear that, alright– – Keep trying our hardest and to put fish like this in the boat. – [Larry] Alright, let’s let that girl go. Yea, it’s a nice fish Lance, you know what, what’s going on, my reel, my reel, my reel, look at that reel, my reel.

– [Voiceover] We might have a hand over hand here Larry. – I don’t care what it takes buddy. – [Voiceover] Get her in the boat. – [Larry] Whoa, that’s a big fish, that’s a big fish. I got that on a Kalin’s.

Oh yea baby. Look at that guys, you know I don’t know what’s happening with my Reho here, but she’s out of commission, but I put that Kalin’s tail on there and I went with a five inch, and I’ll tell you right away, I popped this fish.

Look at that Kalin’s in her mouth right there. Unbelievable, you know the great part about coming up and fishing up on the bay of Green Bay, and we’ll be up on the Peshtigo, Lance and I, for the next probably 30 days, after these fish migrate out of here, and we’ll be fishing them in there, and they come back out, but you know, when you’ve got a chance to catch these trophy walleyes like this, this is a very unique situation, and it’s a great thing, because you can only keep one fish up here, Gary’s got one.

– Fast and furious this morning Larry. – [Larry] Yep. – [Voiceover] Oh, good fish. – [Voiceover] Second one of the day huh Gary. Got the first Northern of the day. – [Larry] Northern? – [Voiceover] Yes, Gold Northern.

– Here we go boys. That Kalin’s is really nice, yea, now at least my, hopefully my reel holds up here, which it should. Not as big as that last one there Lightening. You know what I was thinking Lance? – What’s that buddy? – Eww, maybe it’s bigger than I thought.

We’ve got Dan the Caveman cameraman, we’ve got Lightening Lance, but we don’t have a name for Gary Kolivich. – [Lance] That’ll come by the end of the day. – [Larry] Yea, it will, oh it’s a big fish.

I didn’t think it was gonna be this big. I’m thinking to myself, you know what, it’s about a four pounder, but I got a feeling boys, it’s more than a four pounder. Oh, look at that, oh my gosh, Lance, come on buddy.

– [Voiceover] Nice job Larry. – Oh, you guys, oh man. You know, I’m telling ya, look at, that’s about, I’m gonna measure this fish, that’s about 12 pounds right there. Look at that fish, unbelievable.

That fish is no doubt 12 pounds, and 12 pounds, that’s gotta be about 30 some inches, look at that size of that fish right there. I’ll tell you, you know what, when you can come out, you know, that’s what I love about the bay of Green Bay, you know a lot of guys go to Eerie, and there’s nothing wrong with going to Lake Eerie, but you know what, we have a good system here, and as long as we protect this body of water and let these big fish go, that’s what it’s all about right here, being able to catch fish of that magnitude.

You know, what an awesome fish, and I’ll tell you, you know what, I’m gonna let her go, let her go do her thing, and away she goes. Look at that. That is what it’s all about. I’ll tell ya, life is pretty darn good.

I usually say that at the end of the show, and I probably still will, but it’s always a great day to be alive. (somber music) – [Voiceover] With ice fishing just around the corner, it’s time to gear up.

Check out the pro skimmer by Deep Freeze, offered in six inch, eight inch, and 10 inch models. The fastest ice skimmer on the market, and once you’re ready for those tip ups, don’t forget about Blue Tipz, the first tip up alert system, sent straight to your smart phone.

Free app available on Android and iOS. Check out these and other products at deepfreezefishing.com, or any of your favorite retailers. – [Voiceover] Proving yet again that the best never rests, Otter introduces Otter Thermal TEC.

The proprietary (mumbles) thermal shell found on every 2015 Otter shelter, beginning with the all new XTH hub shelters, and the all new light weight, one man, XT hide out, on up to the ever popular XT and XT pro series shelters that have earned a near legendary reputation for unmatched toughness and durability.

At Otter, we know stopping at good enough, is way over rated. This ice season, see for yourself how the best just keeps getting better. – I’ll open this thing up in about five minutes. We just saw the guys from another TV show coming out of the harbor saying this won’t be open for a couple of days, apparently they didn’t know who we were, cause it’s open now.

Here we go you guys, another one on the Kaylin’s, I’ll tell you, we kind of slid down a little bit, down the shoreline here, hopefully it’s not another pike, but I’ll take whatever the big guy upstairs is gonna give me, yep, oh, Lance oh giant.

There’s another giant fish. Oh, wo, not, he’s a little green yet buddy. Oh, nice fish. Look at that Kaylin’s. I can’t even see the bait. Aw, thank you Lance very much. That was absolutely awesome, look at that Kaylin’s, that thing is all the way down, just a little one.

Look at that Kaylin’s. That Kaylin’s grub is absolutely vanished right there. But and again, I started working it just a little bit slower, and that fish just absolutely, fonk, throttled it, gotta love that.

You know, I’m gonna tell you guys something, I’m gonna tell you something, honestly, I feel very fortunate every day that I’m out here fishing, guiding, fishing on my own, fishing with friends, family, that we have such a great military and they gave us this freedom here to be able to protect this country and give us these things like this, so, this fish right here is for all the men and women protecting this country, I’ll tell you that.

Gary, what do you got? – [Lance] Boy that looks like a nice fish. – [Larry] Holy cat, that’s a tank. That might be the biggest fish we meet. Holy moly. That is absolutely a giant. We’re talking a giant a walleye.

Look at the size of the, I didn’t think that fish was gonna be that big. Look at the size of that fish. That’s 12 pounds for sure. Look at the belly on that fish. Gary, that is absolutely a giant fish.

Boy, I’ll tell you, did it drill that Kalin’s? I just gave you that – [Larry] Kalin’s drop too. – [Gary] You can’t even see it. – [Larry] Look at that. Ohh, hahahaha, we are just smoking. We are smoking.

That is absolutely a dandy of a fish. I went back with jerkmenal, and you got a grub on. Let’s see whose is bigger. – [Voiceover] Hey, let’s see whose is bigger. – [Larry] I don’t know if this sounds right.

– [Lance] Gonna be a challenging net job here for Gary, two fish coming in. – [Larry] Come on Gar- – [Lance] We like these problems. – [Larry] Yea, It’s a good problem to have boys. – [Voiceover] Alright swoop over and grab Larry’s.

– [Larry] This is a big fish. – [Voiceover] You ready. – [Larry] This is a big fish. Bigger than I thought it was. Oh, that’s a nice fish, look at that. Nice job. Now that’s what it’s all about, holy moly.

– Double header. – A double header, it’s kind of nice. We went a whole 15 minutes without a bite buddy. – Yea, this makes up for it. Now, whose is bigger. You won’t hear about it. It’s a good thing you got it on film.

Excellent. – You know Lance, it’s been a long time. I usually don’t like to tell my secrets, you know, but let’s tell everybody what our secret is. – We eat, fish eat. – That’s the name of the game.

Outta here. – [Lance] Fish, boy he’s a feisty guy. – [Voiceover] He’s a nice fish. – [Voiceover] Oh, that’s real nice fish. – [Lance] I thought he was little smaller than that Larry. – [Larry] you always say that Lance.

Oh the camera was still on caveman. – Was it really? – [Larry] Yea, it’s okay. – [Voiceover] Caveman’s back, I caught that big one, we’re taking turns today. Now the caveman’s back fishing. Look at that rod.

Oh yea. – [Voiceover] Good work man. What a day, huh bud. – This is so awesome. – [Voiceover] It looks like it’s blurry. – Focus, zoom in, and then use the focus right. – [Larry] Okay, now you’re good.

You know other show hosts probably don’t let their camera guy fish too much, once a year, but our guy, when he does such a great job, especially when the bites on fire like it is now, you know what, I don’t always have to be in the spotlight.

When a guy does a good job like the caveman, you gotta reward em. I don’t know what to say. This has been fish, after fish, after fish you guys, and I’ll tell you, I don’t know, I’ve had some really good days of fishing, but the stars are all lined up today and so far we got at least 10 over 10.

This might be 11 over 10, we’ll see, it’s a pretty heavy fish, look at the weight on these fish, look at the length of that fish, you got her? That is absolutely something Lance. It’s just. – [Voiceover] What a day.

– [Larry] Yep, it’s an awesome day. – [Voiceover] That’s all you can say. – [Larry] Right. – Jig out, and you get to pull back in. – [Larry] Right, again, I thank our Military people for allowing us the– – [Lance] The freedom– – [Larry] Yep.

– [Lance] To enjoy our lives like this. – [Larry] Boy, put her back my friend. – [Lance] She’s outta here. – You know it’s getting to be that time of day, you know what Lance? – [Lance] What’s that Larry? – Gary? I wonder what the old Shotgun Chef has got cooking right now, I’m getting pretty hungry.

– Thank you Larry, Steve Shafer the Shotgun Chef, this week on Larry Smith Outdoors we have pheasant that was just shot recently at a game farm. Look at how nice that looks. Got it all cleaned up, took all the feathers off, checked for bullets.

I am gonna tenderize it. Make sure your pan is really warm, which mine is. You wanna get it out, you wanna set it in and hear that sear. Hear that sear? That keeps all the juices in, all your flavor is in it then.

I am going back to my Creole seasoning again. Sprinkle a little on top of that. Meanwhile, I will get everything else ready for our pheasant burritos. Alright, let’s finish this project up guys. Our pheasant is done, coming out of the pan, and that noise you hear in the background is me heating up the wraps.

Boy if you guys could smell this venison, this pheasant right now, it’s off the hook. Look how nice and tender it is. Oh, that noise means my wrap is done. Sour cream’s a must, a little sour cream.

A little tomato, A little onion, here comes some lettuce. You gotta pick up the pace when you’re cooking with me guys. Throw a little Pace picante sauce in here. Look at that. Now we’re talking, this is a pheasant burrito.

Check that out. Oh my God, Steve Shafer, the Shotgun Chef, bringing home another great meal. Larry, too bad you couldn’t be here, man. – [Voiceover] Big Snow Resorts, your destination for winter family fun in the north.

Enjoy two resorts on one ticket. With over 400 skiiable acres, it’s the largest ski experience in the midwest. Full service resorts offering pro shop service, hotel, chalet, and trail side condo lodging, six dining facilities, four bars, and with weekly special events, exceptional fun for everyone.

For details, please call or visit bigsnowresorts.com today. (intense music) – [Larry] Nice job, woo, look at that, ho, ho, ho, ho. Woo, gotta love it. That is another tank. Lightening, you got another? – Got one on Larry.

– [Larry] What is going on with you. I just got the rod back from Dan Dan the camera man, are you saying, what are you saying for this one Lance? Big fish, little fish? – [Lance] I’m saying a decent one here Larry.

– [Larry] Yea. – [Lance] He’s staying down. – [Larry] Staying down is always good. Boy, I’ll tell you, when you look at the quality of these fish, I don’t think you can go any place in the world, when it comes to walleyes, and catch walleyes this good.

Oh that’s a, ho, ho, ho, look at the size of that. Beautiful. Here we go, hey Lance, you just caught that dandy, this is the second one now I had on, and I slowed it way down, oh that fish is– You know, Lance, we haven’t caught one that’s not nice, it’s just, it’s amazing, when you look at again, going back to this fishery, in numbers of big fish that we’ve caught, and you know this fishing goes on all year up here, and we catch these fish jigging all summer long.

There not quite all this big, but, oh aw, cats, ho, ho, ho, nice. Look at that giant. Look at that giant walleye, ho, ho, ho, ho. I’ll tell you something, when you start talking fish of that size, I mean we have caught, how many fish? I would say between nine, and the biggest one Gary’s got was 13, we weighed that fish up, that’s absolutely, I mean this is unbelievable when you’re talking about this, and you know what’s happening, these fish are all laying in sand here, and we’re fishing in between Okano and the Peshtigo River, and it won’t be more than probably a week and these fish will pull up into the river and we’ll catch them up there, for probably three weeks, and then they’ll pull back out here, rest back up, and then again goes back to the same kind of bite pretty much, all summer long, but when you start looking at fish of this magnitude, it absolutely, it’s, sometimes I’m speechless, and that does not happen too often, I’ll tell you that.

Look at that. Absolutely awesome. Hey, we got Dan, Dan the cameraman. – I’m hooked up Larry. – [Larry] Alright, good deal buddy. – [Voiceover] Nice walleye. – [Larry] Aw man, absolutely awesome.

I’m the camera guy right now, and Dan, Dan the Caveman cameraman, which you can’t tell cause he’s got all his hair tucked up underneath his hat today, got himself a pretty nice fish. What do you say Danny? – Felt good good to catch a fish finally.

– [Larry] That is absolutely– – Let me tell you, it’s been a long time coming. – [Larry] That’s a dandy of a walleye right there. Gotta love that huh? On that Kalin’s too huh? – Right, it’s just buried in there, buried.

– [Larry] Wow. She’s outta here. Yep, here we go. We slid way in, feels like a good fish. I was just gonna tell you to come on out. I just casted up there Lance. – [Lance] Feel like a good one? – [Larry] Feels decent.

I don’t know if it’s a monster. Feels like a good fish. Oh, yea. – [Voiceover] Oh that’s a hog Larry. – [Larry] Is it? – [Lance] That’s a hog. – [Larry] Whoa Lance, get her, get her, get her, get her.

Whoa, whoa, look at that fish. That fish was up in about three feet of water. Holy, look at that fish. I’ll tell ya, that was unbeleivalbe. You know what, I was gonna tell you to go out a little bit farther, and we were getting up about three feet of water.

Look at the size of that fish. That is absolutely a giant fish. Boy, I’ll tell you Lance, this has been one heck of a day, and that is one beast of a fish. – It has Larry. – Let me get her back in the water, holy cats, look at that fish.

That is a big fish. Look at that. There you go girl, outta here. Woo, love that. Hey, you know what, we make it back in off the lake there, she got a little bit rough at the end with that strong northeast wind, huh, but I’ll tell you, what an incredible day.

You know these are one of them days that you just kind of never forget. – No, it was fabulous. – You always say, you remember when, you know– And we can’t say, you shoulda been here yesterday cause we were here today, and it was absolutely awesome.

Hey Lance, you know what, you’re guiding seven days a week now, and you’re up on the bay and on Lake Winnebago, how can people get a hold of you? – Go online, email me at greatdayguiding.com or to get a hold of me faster area code 920-410-9920.

– Awesome. And just remember, we are on Fox Sports and Fox North at 7:30 Sunday mornings, and remember, what a great day to be alive. Aw, no, don’t nab that thing. Aw, look what he did. I betcha that fish was scared when he went back.

– [Voiceover] Wow, I just saw like 10 years come off your face since you drank that. – Got a little mess going here you know. Nice part about this I still got two kids that are at home, and that’s there job is to vacuum the boat out every day.

– [Voiceover] Got one Larry. What are you doing back there? – I couldn’t wait any longer. I was watching him and peed all over my suit. It’s a brand new suit. That is gonna stink for a while. – [Voiceover] Yea, that’s pretty gross.

– Lance!


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