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Minimal Bait Maggot Feeder | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

Minimal Bait Maggot Feeder | Will Raison Top Fishing Tip

so again what’s good is I’m not even thinking about going past just sticking to the same old line and you’ll notice as well you know we fed about less than 20 maggots in those two casts and it just goes to show that if you can find the fish you hardly need to feed a thing this time of year.

There we go. One other little thing, while we’re fishing … about that power gum is it acts as a little bit of a boom and it just holds that light hook length away from the feeder, stops any spinning stops any tangles.

It’s got its advantages where yes you can fish light it shock absorbs any of those little bit of a ferocious pull that you get off these F ones and that but also it acts as a boom it acts as a tangle you know an anti tangle sort of system and anything that works like that I’m all for you notice that you know when we’ve reeled in and we’re unhooking fish there’s no tangles there’s nothing everything works perfectly well so not only does it give me an advantage as far as not getting snapped off on the bite it also acts as a little bit of a anti tangle boom which like I say with these light lines with normal rigs you can suffer with a bit of spin you can suffer with it just twirling around the feeder and creating a little bit of a you know a little bit of a messy rig and this is absolutely perfect lines almost sunk now a couple of metres left.

Nice. There we go there’s another one on the feeder that was a proper bite almost like a, a double-figure carp. It’s not it’s a decent f1 I would have thought but again it’s just so nice having that security changing the angle of the rod which I don’t like to do but the fish has gone off a bit to the left, as long as you do it nice and slow on those small hooks you shouldn’t have a problem.

.. with the hook slipping…. you might be able to hear an odd little click and that’s just my clutch just slipping I’ve got it again just every little bit of little security that I can have I’m using.

Nice f1 Again I’m not rushing just bring it to the net nice and steady the last match in these conditions 31 pound won the lake so you can see why I’m not really pulling the fish’s head off or anything I’m just trying to make every single one count.

What I’m going to do now because it’s been a little while on the pole I’m just going to tap a few maggots in. One brilliant little tip when you’re doing this when you’re feeding quick is to not take your rig off coz I’m using a tiny little hook I can leave the hook on ship straight out rattle a few maggots in come back and put it down I don’t run the risk of tangling my rig or anything like that the rig is still attached to the pole, out to my marker nice and high, drop a few maggots in and then I’m back and by leaving that hook I can literally just drop my top kit and I’m back in it’s all about although you’re not getting hundreds of bites you still want to be as fast and efficient as you possibly can you


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