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LETION LED Flashlight, Rechargeable streamlight Flashlight with 18650 Rechargeable Battery Charger USB Cable, Super Bright with 1200 high Lumen,5 Modes Zoomable, Waterproof for Outdoors and Indoors.


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Product Description


LETION pure white led flashlight, high-quality rechargeable led flashlight, stable light source

Super strong light: The LETION strong flashlight has super white light, which can bring a long-lasting and stable light source. It is your first choice to illuminate the darkness in work and life. Note: Do not direct the led flashlight to your eyes.
Multi-mode: The led flashlight has five lighting modes to meet the needs of different scenarios. Bright light, medium light, low light, burst flash and SOS mode.
18650 rechargeable battery design: Our led flashlight has a large battery capacity of 2200mAh. Energy saving and environmental protection, high repetitive rate, USB charging cable supports charging in computer and mobile power, convenient and fast anytime, anywhere.
Drop resistance and durability: After testing, the flashligt can withstand a drop within 1 meter without damage.
Waterproof design: IPX4 grade waterproof splash, meet daily work and life use, not afraid of rainy travel. Note: Prolonged immersion in water is not supported.
Adjustable aperture: adjustable aperture size, humanized design, you can adjust the lighting area according to different needs, add life fun.



The LETION brand focuses on tools, office supplies (such as led flashlight, bicycle lights and paper cutters). Regarding the products of this brand, we have strict product quality standards, use high-quality raw materials, and constantly research market needs, develop products that satisfy customers, to ensure that every customer can get a satisfactory shopping experience. The joy of life comes from LETION’s heart.

High Quality Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Energy saving, Environmental protection, Personalization

Packing box*1
Rechargeable led flashlight*1
USB charging cable*1
18650 battery*1
Product manual*1


Camping tools: In a comfortable camping time, you can use LETION led flashlight to illuminate the night sky journey, which is the first choice for lighting in dark environments.
Construction Assistant: In the construction environment where stable light is needed for repairing underground waterways, circuits, etc., it is a wise choice to use a portable LETION led flashlight that can be put in your pocket. The LETION led flashlight has lasting and stable power, helping you work more efficiently.
Auxiliary hiking: There is darkness on the hiking road, but the LETION led flashlight can illuminate your hiking road. It only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge it.
Climbing led flashlight: In order to get a wonderful sunrise, you need to climb to the top of the mountain in the dark. At this time, you can use the non-slip designed LETION led flashlight to enjoy the most beautiful sunrise.







Personalized lighting mode

Five lighting modes, highlight, medium, weak, strobe, and SOS.
Comfortable and simple button design, long press can control the switch, short press can switch mode.

Powerful battery capacity

2200mAh rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hours.
Equipped with a USB charging cable, it can be charged anytime and anywhere.

Stable and lasting light

The LETION led flashlgiht has a super strong light of 1200 lumens.
The irradiation distance is up to 500 meters, illuminating the surrounding dark road.


【1200Lumens High Brightness】 LETION tactical flashlight has a high brightness of 1500 Lumen, which can easily illuminate the entire room and has a maximum illumination distance of about 500 meters.The two batteries in the flashlight are easily powered for hours, and are equipped with a USB cable for safe and fast charging, which is very convenient. note:Please fully charge the flashlight before using it.
【Durable aluminum body】The led tactical flashlight’s precision machined unibody casing is constructed from military-grade aluminium-alloys with a hard anodized finish, endure scratches, abrasions and corrosion.Flashlight with IP4 waterproof for all weather(Tips:It can be used in wet or light rain. Do not put the flashlight directly into water or other liquids)
【1 PCS emergency flastains one flashlight that you can give as a gift to your famihlights】The package conly or friends.LETION flashlight is waterproof, anti-wear, non-slip and compact. It makes it one of the must-have tools for outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing and home. If two flashlights are lit during a power outage, the house will be illuminated. note:IPX4 can only prevent splashing but not immersion.
【Package information】The package includes LETION flashlight, 18650 rechargeable batteries, user manual, USB data cable and battery charging base.If you have any concerns about the product, feel free to contact our service team. We will assume full responsibility within one year.


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