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Leadcore to Leader Fishing Tip

Leadcore to Leader Fishing Tip

Hi, I’m Adam Collett with Mega-Bite Charters and I’m out here fishing with Sport Fish Michigan. I’m going to show you a little easy, fast tip on a fast way to tie a leadcore to a leader line. So you’ve got your leadcore here, and you pull out the lead about 6 to 8 inches, pinch it off, pull it back tight again – so you just have the flimsiness there.

Then you just tie a little overhand knot, and then you take your leader line and you feed it into the leadcore. Then you push it all of the way up to where that knot is. All you need to do is pull that knot, pull down tight, and you’ve got yourself a very quick and easy knot that will not break on leadcore.


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