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Lake Poygan Walleye Fishing Trolling, Jigging

Lake Poygan Walleye Fishing Trolling, Jigging

– All right, team! Charge! ♪ Take me out on the water – [Voiceover] We eat fishy. ♪ Way out in the woods ♪ Where the breathin’ is easy ♪ The livin’ is good – All you can do is just laugh – [Voiceover] Larry Smith Outdoors is brought to you in part by Badger Sportsman, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Wilderness North Lodge, Big Snow Resort, Hard and Soft Fishing, Suzuki, Lynch of Mukwonago, Dick Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Wings Over Wisconsin, Kmiec Law Firm, Deep Freeze, Cold Snap, Otter, Norm’s Ag and Jiffy.

And remember, it’s a great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪ – Holy moly! (gentle country music) – No deer this time, but we got a skunk. Hey, you’ll be proud of me, look on the other side of my truck.

I finally got the dents out of it from that deer. It’s all primed up and guess what? We’re gonna get the truck wrapped with a Larry Smith Outdoor logo. And the great part about today is, we got the Warrior boat.

Gotta keep the scratches out of it. And, guess what? And the coffee. Keep your coffee out of my boat. – [Cameraman] I think I liked it better with the dents. – Did you? (gentle guitar music) Hey! Welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors.

Today, we’re up on the Winnebago system and we’re gonna be doing a little bit of trolling to start the day off. And then we’re probably gonna go pitch some canes and then maybe some rocks and maybe a little bit of river action, too.

You know, the nice part about this system, specially this time of year, there’s so many different techniques and different ways to fish. We’ve heard some rumors of some fish up on the west end of Poygan.

We’re gonna go up there and troll for ’em and Lance was just up here the other day and he had some fish that were between 15 to 20 inches. And there’s not been a lot of them fish caught on this system.

I think the numbers are way down. So we’re gonna give that a shot first and then we’ll probably sneak into the river and see what happens. Hey, today we got our good buddy guide, Lance Sweeting. Lance, the Lightning, yup.

And we got my favorite customers, Jerry and Shirley Thompson. And, you know what, these guys always bring a lot of luck so today is definitely gonna be a great day. Yes, it is. So stay tuned, let’s see what happens this week on Larry Smith Outdoors on the Winnebago system.

And, gotta make sure you put sunblock on all the time. – [Voiceover] The Warrior story continues with the best tracking, driest ride in the industry. Designed with a high degree of dead rise and bow flare to push water out and down for a smooth, dry, comfortable ride.

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Badger Sportsman magazine will help you make the most out of your time in the woods or on the water. Subscribe to Badger Sportsman magazine today. – Hey, folks. The Badger Sportsman magazine wants to see a picture of you having fun in the outdoors.

And to have a chance to win a trip with us here on Larry Smith Outdoors and a Hard and Soft modern fishing kit, all you have to do is submit that picture to the badgersportsman.com. (upbeat music) So what we’re doin’ now is basically, Lance is putting all the salmos on.

We’re runnin’ pretty much strictly salmos. It’s the number one bait definitely on this system. I’m sure there’s a lot of systems, a lot of guys will say that in their body of water. So we’re settin’ the rods holders up.

I typically don’t do a lot of trolling myself on this system but if you wanna catch some big fish, you gotta troll. What is this? – [Lance] It’s a little beat up! – Yeah! And what do you call that? The baby dalmatian? – [Lance] Yes, sir.

– How many feet back? – [Lance] 25 to 35 back, Larry. – Okay. (slow rock music) Who’s side is that? I’m trying to think of who’s side this is. Lance, I think that’s my side. – That is your side – That is my side.

Keep reeling, Shirley, you don’t have to stop. What do you got there? Oh, yeah! Catfish! – [Lance] White bass. – [Larry] I thought it was a white bass. – Not the walleyes yet, though. No turn-on. – [Voiceover] Shirley! Holy cannoli! – Now, you can understand besides them being such nice people, why my favorite customer.

Look at this! Look at that! You know, the problem is, I’m gonna get that out of my face. I’m not gonna know if it’s suntan lotion or if it’s gonna be frosting. – [Lance] Metal board. – Metal board? – [Lance] Yup.

– I don’t care whose turn it is, it’s not mine. – [Shirley] Not mine, either! – [Lance] Here you go, Jerry! – Get ’em, Larry! – Here you go, Shirley. All right, let’s see what we got here. Oh, the first walleye! – [Shirley] He’s not so bad! That’s a nice fish! That’s my kind of fish! – As far as eating, a good 14 solid inch right there on the old salmo.

Gotta love that. Lance, you were right! You called that a hundred percent! – Time to stand down, Larry! – I didn’t believe him. Didn’t have confidence in him. All right, that, we’ll keep. – [Lance] That is a walleye.

– It is? I saw a roller. Saw a roll. Keep reeling, Jerry. Don’t stop, I’ll get on that raw. Keep goin’. That’s a nice fish! – [Jerry] Like 16, 17 incher. – [Larry] There you go! Since we don’t have a net, just pulling it right in.

Making Lance nervous. Reel him right. – [Lance] There goes dinner! One hook in it. – That’s a nice fish. There you go. Yep, that’s one as big as you wanna keep ’em, right there, too. Nice, solid 16-inch fish right there.

That’s a nice fish. Nice job, Jerry! My salmo. (whispers) – [Lance] That’s a walleye. – [Larry] Yeah, another wall. Yeah, nice. Real high, huh? – [Lance] Just put tension on that line. – [Larry] How far do you think that was, Lance? – [Lance] Not more than two feet underneath the bottom.

– [Larry] That’s a nice fish right there. – Better be a double header there. – [Larry] Double Header Walleye? – [Lance] And it is. – [Shirley] It is. – [Larry] No kiddin’? – [Lance] Another nice walleye? – [Larry] Another nice walleye? – [Lance] Yup.

– [Larry] Boy, you know something, Lance. You’re gettin’ nervous ’cause we don’t have a net, don’t ya? – Double header here in the last two minutes. – [Larry] How big are them? – 14 to 15, yeah. Perfect eaters.

Finally got on the school, no sheephead. – There we go. Those salmos, they catch everything, I’ll tell you that. Lance caught a big sturgeon the other day on his salmo. That’s a nice cat. I’m not actually gonna keep that cat.

This time of year I love to eat these channels. Especially that 2 pound range right there. Nice, solid, clean fish. And again on the salmo. You know, that salmo’s a very interesting bait and Lance, this is probably your favorite bait, too, by far isn’t it? – It has been the last 7,8 years we’ve been using on the Winnebago system quite a bit, Larry.

Great vibration to it and most importantly, the fish want it. – Yeah, they do. It’s just got a very unique action to it. That pike got my salmo. You know what that pike said? “Insist on salmo!” (group laughs) No, I didn’t get my glasses yet, my contacts.

All right? No time. – [Lance] Need help with that, Larry? You’ll be all right? – I was up weed-whacking until about almost 11. Had my nice flashlight with me, which I don’t go anywhere without. There, yup, flashlight.

I should put a patent on that. Flashlight on the weed-whacker. Boy, I had that board I thought it had a weed on there, Lance. Oh, it’s actually a pretty decent crappie! Gotta love that! Got him on the old salmo.

Insist on salmo! (slow rock music) – [Voiceover] Kalin’s has been catching multi-species fish for over 30 years. From our crappie grubs, to our sizmic series of hybrid swim baits and grubs, to our jerk minnows.

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– Just look at that Kalin’s in her mouth right there. (grand piano music) (upbeat violin music) – Patrick, what are you doing out here? – Mark, I’m going fishing this weekend but with this massive selection of trucks, I can’t figure out which one to take.

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♪ Nobody stops for less than Lynch! ♪ (upbeat country music) – That one’s got walleye written all over it. Num num. – What we did, we came off the lake now, we were off there trolling in that shallow water, five to about seven feet of water, pullin’ salmos.

And what we’re gonna do here is we’re gonna be real versatile today, we’re gonna do a lot of different techniques, and we got the wrong wind. What we’re doing is we’re at the mouth of Poygan right now on the Wolf right here.

And the current is going back out to the lake and unfortunately, the wind is coming right down the chute right here. So I’m pullin’ us. Normally it’s not as productive because it does slow the current down.

I’d rather have the wind pushin’ the current back out and pushin’ us back out into the lake. But what we’re doing is we’re dragging Jake’s and Lance’s got a leech on, and I’ve got a crawler on using 16th ounce jigs.

Real light and basically, I’m trying to pull us and match the speed of the current so we’re moving real slow, I’m using the trolling motor for that. And when this kind of bite, your line’s out at a 45 degree angle and you’re actually dragging it right tight to the bottom, and you let them load up on it.

So what I’ll do is I’ll let the fish actually grab it and hang on there and pull on it a good four to six times. Consistent pulls, and then set the hook on them. And we’re kind of dragging a variety of depths here, too.

I’m kind of pulling us up the channel and going to the side and up and down. And plus, there’s a lot of different pockets that lay in here, too. So we’re basically dragging anywhere from about 12 to about 22 feet of water.

(upbeat country music) – Staying down. – [Larry] There you go, Shirley. Nice job, nice job, Shirley. Nice job. – Got a walleye out of the mouth. – [Larry] Yeah? Gotta like that, huh? That might call for one half of a pass.

– The other half of the pass, 13 inches dozen, huh, Larry? – [Larry] Yeah, that could be, right now. (upbeat country music) – You know, that wind wasn’t the right wind for the mouth of the river there.

I stopped on this cane bed, and the wind is pulling right into the side of this cane. And what I’m gonna do is we’re gonna cast to the edges, try not to get inside of it. Let your bait drop. It’s anywhere from three and a half to four feet deep right there.

And just drag it real slow, and when you feel that weight of that walleye, just pull him just a little bit, so he makes some latch on to it harder or come up on the bait further. And then set the hook.

Just don’t set right away but there’s a lot of pan fish and other sheephead and catfish that hang in these canes, too, so there’ll be more of a tap-tap. So, again, I just come up and we use the trolling motor, I’m gonna get as close as I can without getting inside of them, I could have went in a little further.

I’m gonna give the bait a chance to fall to the bottom, and like I said, three and a half, four feet most of these. And just kind of pull it real slow across that bottom. Go ahead, Shirley, yup, we’ll just keep leap-frogging in front of each other.

The fish are probably gonna be up on the corner if they’re in here. Nice job, Shirley. That’s a good fish. Remember, you gotta be all make him in the bulk ’cause we don’t have a net. Oh, Shirley! – Really feel good! – [Larry] I bet! Come on now, they’re supposed to be all walleyes! It should be a walleye, just picked up on it.

Yup, there he is. Lance, where is that net? Nice fish, too. Again, just pitching these canes, and I went with a little bit heavier jig. Another fish right there, one with a eighth ounce jig and it won’t come off.

And just pitching up to them cane beds and letting in come back. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m just gonna pull us a little ways. That’s a good fish. Good 15-incher. The way this system is going now is that anything over 16 inches, I’m letting go.

There is no size limit on this body of water but for me, I think it’s very important that it takes five to six years before these fish are mature enough that they can spawn. And the numbers of fish that are from 16 to 20 inches whoops! Are pretty much non-existent.

There’s only a few of them fish. And I think the sign is, now, as you can tell is that we had two really big tournaments out here. The Merc National and then the old Otter Street, the Battle on Bago. And there was less than a dozen teams that caught fish over 15 inches two days in a row.

So, when you start looking at 283 teams, 300 teams fishing, and when you have less than a dozen teams catching their limits of fish that are over 15 inches both days in a row, we had great conditions.

That’s telling you the system for sure is definitely down on fish of that size and age class. So that’s a good fish right there. (upbeat country music) Nice fish right there. Nice walleye. This is a real nice fish.

There we go. Nice fish. Gotta love that, I’ll tell you that. Again, I’m just pitching straight back in the back of the boat and bringing it straight out. Again, like we were talking earlier about this Winnebago system, here, our game plan was today to start a little trolling ’cause Lance did real good and we caught five or six decent walleyes doing that.

And then we went up into the Wolf. Jerry, oh, I thought you had a big one. We went up into the Wolf and fished that but the wind was wrong and then we’re working our way back. We’re actually gonna go down in the Butte des Morts ’cause there’s been a good bite down there, and the lake itself, Winnebago.

But I said, “Let’s stop and finish these canes up on the top side here for a couple minutes.” And I’ll tell you, boy, there’s a lot of fish in these canes. Gotta love it. (upbeat country music) Good thing the only lightning around is what’s in the boat with us.

Lance, the Lightning! The key to fishing these cane beds is just to keep moving and definitely when you got the wind as strong as it is, basically, fishing the wind or tides, most of the time, there’s always exceptions to the rules on everything.

But most of the times, staying on that wind or tide is gonna be the most productive now. We ran through that whole cane bed there and lost two fish that was it. So we’re gonna jump down to this next one here and basically stay on these canes.

I gotta tell you the truth. I haven’t fished a lot of canes this year. Only a very few times. It hasn’t been real productive and we just thought, today we’d stop. And stopping on these canes and giving it a shot here before we went down back into Winneconne, and then we’re gonna slide down into Butte des Morts.

But we’re definitely playing the fish in there so let’s keep working them and jumping from cane to cane. Unfortunately, couple things. Unfortunately, my eyes are really getting bad. Right? Lack of Sun Drop today.

That’s probably the problem. I don’t know why I always get off track but the thing is, I always remember that, my mom would always say, “Eat more carrots. Your eyes will be good. Eat more carrots.” That was always the thing, eat more carrots.

But I’m thinking, drink more Sun Drop. That’s my problem. The other problem is, Dan, if you wanna swing around the camera, we got a big storm coming in. She’s brewing out to the left there. So time is of the essence here so we’re just gonna hit the best spots and see what happens, going for the fence.

Shirley, you are absolutely on fire! Absolutely on fire! That might be a walleye. Let’s see. – [Shirley] Nope! – [Larry] You are dialed sheephead. – [Shirley] I should be in a tournament. – [Larry] I know you, Shirley.

You’ll change your ways. It’ll be all walleyes soon. Another nice fish, I’ll tell you what. You know what? Sometimes, you’re the bug, and sometimes you’re the windshield, and I’ll tell ya, today, I’m definitely the windshield.

And that’s very rare for me. Hey, hey, hey! Danny, what did I say today? Right? – [Dan] Yup, you’re the windshield. – Yeah, right. It’s a rare day for me to be the windshield. – [Dan] Just lucky I’m not fishing.

– You just keep the camera, Dan. (gentle guitar music) – Man, that guy looks like he’s always having fun. I am Shotgun Steve Schaefer in the kitchen. And you can tell what we’re cooking today. I am making jalapenos, with venison.

Ground up venison, remember I always grind up a bunch of venison when I get my deer. I’m almost thawed, it’s summertime now. So we’re heading off to the grill. And I have a little bit of pork. Right now, I got 50-50, but I’m not gonna put it all.

I’m just showing you what I have. I take 75 to 25% pork, because the venison is so dry. Doesn’t have a lot of fat in it so I have to put the pork content into it. So I already cooked it up but you gotta let it cool down so I browned up my venison and pork mixture.

Put in a third of- what is this, eight ounces of Philly cream cheese to the mixture. That’s gonna be our stuffing for the inside of the jalapenos. So I have to take these jalapenos and right now they’re super hard.

I have to throw them into the microwave for a couple seconds to loosen them up before I put them on the grill. And folks, remember, it’s the way you want them. You wanna leave the veins in and all the seeds, they’re gonna be hot.

The more you take out, the less temperature it’s gonna be for hotness. So what I did was, I took some of the seeds and insides, ground them up and put them in here. So it’s still gonna have spice, it’s in my meat.

You see the chunks of the green in there right now. I have a little bit of red onion, cream cheese stirred up inside. And I’m gonna throw the peppers in the microwave, loosen them up and we’re gonna stuff them, then we’re gonna take them outside, and put them on the gas grill.

(soft guitar music) Got the grill fired up. This is something you gotta watch. Don’t just close it up and walk away, you gotta stay with these jalapenos ’cause they’ll burn up and they’ll be junk. You work this hard for your recipe, don’t lose it.

Hear them sizzlin’ and poppin’? This is good stuff. Oh, that was hot. All right, folks it’s been three minutes. My parmesan cheese is nicely melted on there. Darn that one’s no good. Here we go. Once again, this is a Sunday morning food.

Party people come over. Heck, you know, good way to use your venison! People wonder what to do with their venison. (laughs) That’ll be hilarious when it fell apart. Let’s try this. Oh, take a look inside that, folks.

That is really good. From the backyard of Shotgun Steve Schaefer, signing off. (heavy orchestral music) – [Voiceover] The Badger Sportsman is the magazine for outdoors in Wisconsin. Not a subscriber? Now is the time! You won’t want to miss a single issue.

It’s packed full of everything you need to know for open water success, no matter what species you’re targeting. For availability in your area and subscription information, check out badgersportsman.com today.

(relaxing jazz music) – That is what it’s all about. (relaxing country music) – You know, we ran and grabbed some rain gear but I’ll tell you what, that last front that went through wasn’t too bad for any mile but there’s a big one comin’ in.

We’ve got maybe time for one more pass, so we’re not gonna go very far and, boy, we really had pretty good day today on the Winnebago system. We basically stayed up from Winneconne all the way up to the west end of Poygan.

Like I said earlier, we were gonna work our way down in fish the rest of the system, try to make it into Winnebago but that’s definitely not gonna happen with the bad weather comin’ in. But we’ve already kept a couple limits of fish for Shirley and Jerry and so we’re just gonna make one or two passes over here and see if we can pop another big one like that last one Shirley got was about 18 inches that we let go.

Let’s see if we can get one or two more on them and call it a day. – [Voiceover] What’s the flavor, Larry? – I don’t know, buddy, but it sure felt good. Nice walleye. Look at the size of this one. Boy, I’ll tell ya, that’s a nice walleye.

There’s some really nice fish in this part of the system again. Got him, Lance? That’s a nice fish! I’ll tell you that! (crashing thunder) – [Larry] Let’s go, boys! Hey, Lance! We got forced in by the weather.

Some really bad stuff coming around the corner but hey, I appreciate you taking care of the clients today, buddy, and letting me fish. Hey, and if people wanna come out and do some guiding with you, how do they get a hold of you? – Go on the internet, Larry.

Go to greatdayguiding.com or give me a call at 920-410-9920. We’ll fish the same bodies of water as Larry here doing the same thing and work as a team. – Yup, that’s great. I appreciate it, Lance. Yeah, it’s awesome.

Hey, the big guy said it was time to come in, you know what? We had a great day today and just remember, it’s a great day to be alive. – Lance is the kind of guy like a game warden is like a garlic to a vampire.

Now it clouded up, I didn’t need to put all that sunblock. Look at that. Insist on salmo. I hate it when the up comes soft, goes hard. I like it when it’s just a consistent weight. That’s what’s happenin’, right?


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