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Lake Erie Ice Fishing Safety and techniques that will help land more walleye

Lake Erie Ice Fishing Safety and techniques that will help land more walleye

And here’s some big fish some of my biggest fish have been caught through the ice, you know If you think about it, you’ve got eggs in them things like that I did release those fish, but it’s the time of year where I love it.

There’s not a lot going on Normally, we should be ice fishing. Hopefully by now. Obviously we had a rain storm today So but really when it comes down to it that’s ice safety, and I know there’s guys in here There’s actually even a nice guy sitting back here with you guys but the reality is is I see it with my buddies even all the time guys that do it and there could not consider to Be some of the best that there is at it and the reality is things like ice picks We all know they are I mean they’re five bucks They are what they are, but even my buddies that I seem in the bottom of their bucket The reality is it doesn’t do any good Just like when we bury our life jackets, well fish guys fish 200 days a year But if you don’t have these things accessible and stuff hits the fan it’s a bad deal and again You know guys and I do these little talks and they’re like man This is like Roscoe’s ice fishing guy and we’re gonna talk about like a safety and really it’s the first thing we should be talking About because it’s the first thing like boats not that you can’t get yourself into trouble, right? We’ve had incidents out there quite a few in this last year and weigh gear even But the reality is ice fishing.

It gets really really really complicated and everything is it’s just exponentially worse So some of the stuff like a spud bar There’s a lot of different types of spud bars I’m using one that’s almost identical to this.

I got a two-piece one That’s kind of nice. But the big thing is is even in your setup Like I do most of my stuff and like July and August my ice fish and stuff because that’s for me kind of my slowest Time and I’m trying to get things ready and believe it or not That’s when I have to order my ice fishing gear for the companies that I work with And I’ve built stuff on my machine to where I can get my spud bar in and out easily It gets back even in my early days, you know, I had a split bar I felt good about it, but it was such a pain in the ass to get it in and out yeah, and You know or you got that one buddy that’s always doing it’s kind of again like burying their tools in your boat When you just need a simple screwdriver, so I’ve got tons of tools in my boat but I’ve got things that are right there eats my – because I know that I’m gonna need access to them and I don’t want Them go.

Yeah, no big deal life jackets, whatever. Maybe I mean spud bars I don’t know how many times I use this but checking holes I mean how many times I would have got myself and I just want Boosh we all know it but I think we all really need a refresher on it because I kind of have to remind myself and that’s What I do for a living so The two pieces are kind of nice because you can stash them away and make them a little more accessible and just put a pin In and also, you just don’t need as much space obviously Another one of the big ones you can see on my sled there That rope bag I use these in my boat to hook my throat Russian – it makes me legal But also I have had to use them for people thankfully not my people, but it’s amazing at that It’s a $20 item.

Most people don’t have them in their boat I’ve got a clip – just about everything that I own I’ve used them for other stuff I’ve used them to pull people out. We use them before all kinds of stuff out know float suits Almost crazy not to have one and kind of a couple my guidelines this year then to purchasing them They’re kind of like I just don’t ice fish that much and I said, okay, so it’s 300 bucks.

I said, what’s your life worth? What’s your insurance? But the reality is is I would encourage you probably to get a float So just using the boat like I wear mine early and late because the reality is with a lot of people I fish with if I went over it’d be A bad deal my jacket or not It’s just like these are self draining suits and they work really really good in the boat.

And guess what? They’re also keeping pretty darn warm. So it’s really no excuse anymore there used to be one or two float suit companies regardless of what you like if you’re a tall guy one of my buddies in College is six-nine played in the NBA and they’ve got a nice suit that fits him now So there’s really no excuse, you know some of those survival suits the Mustangs, you know, they’re really nice But the reality is is they’re no good.

If you don’t have them all buckled up So then you know you might as well have one that’s a little more comfortable that you actually gonna have and again It’s not gonna we’re not in Deadliest Catch type situations It’s gonna get you and keep you upright Because we’ve had a bunch of incidents out there maybe things that I think all of us.

No one that’s seen You know and again The one that everybody always just questions me on even on my vote because I’ve got a bunch of big screen giraffes I got 12-inch hummingbirds hanging all over my boat looks like TV sets and guys go why even compass on your dash and the Reality is I’ve got one in my pocket of my toe my jack – I just never take it out And I can tell you back in college I can remember fishing off foot in bay with one of my roommates who had a home there and We were literally you could see the homes And we came out of the shack and it was like, oh boy couldn’t see anything now back there those guys They it’s pretty there’s pretty rough deal.

You know, this is there’s there’s no GPS Is there anything handy no machines and even like two years ago same thing I had a buddy who took his wife out trying to help her catch some fish and I literally went grab my my graph.

This was kind of nicely Yes, and we literally got it out because we were with their equipment and I took that out and I said I literally had to Look at this woman. She’s a surgeon, but she was pretty Smart woman but she was she’s like no We’re not going in a circle And we were going in a circle and you know out there even though that lived at I swear a lot of times we don’t Have ice that doesn’t matter you can use this scenario anywhere that you want to put it The reality is they start going the circle We’ve seen those movies where the guys find their tracks three days later, and I could tell you a million there’s this year There’s big Dave in the back There was with me we came out of the shinies towards the end of my dining deal And again, I’ve got a ten inch or 12 inch graph on my R go get another one and half the time I don’t even turn them on because I can see where I’m going when I got my machines out there we came out and they’ve You know, I’ve got a video that I mean to say a whiteout is an understatement You couldn’t see 50 feet in front of it.

You probably could even see 20 feet in front Yeah, the nice thing was I popped the graphs on The reality is just like had some questions here as we’re kind of getting set up and people are asking about shutoff systems on Machines and things like that draw downs.

I’ve had all these things go bad We all have you know, you’ve had things start popping fuses something happens my seats whatever it may be but Five dollar compass is something that can tell you is one of those deals if you listen to anything that I got to say today it’s not about what color lure or this that is have that with you because I’ve had to use it twice and I mean that’s it’s literally when I say a lifesaver I truly mean that because at least you know what direction you’re going to go and or at least you know to Halt or you can give some you know, some basic directions.

And again, it doesn’t cost anything. I keep them in my jacket They’re just there. Hopefully you never have to use them. I kind of redundant myself with basically in theory I have at all times three GPS is on me one remote there with my flasher If not a second one even at times and then I’ve got two machines or two graphs on any machine that I carry so creepers creepers are another really big one I had to probably Want to say it was 2003 that year.

We had really really good ice I mean just full disclosure again. I don’t mean to scare you but like the safety thing really is kind of a big deal I pulled three people out one of which almost didn’t make it even after I got him out That was maybe 14 or 15 because after we had that 13 14 year We had a lot of people that wasn’t next year wanna go ice fishing and there was a whole lot of rookies out there and it showed And we pull the guy out and I like saw death on his face We got him in we hadn’t it was a serious serious deal of it The long the short of it is something as simple as hiking back in 2003 where there was a crack that opened up And again 15 years ago.

I’m not an old guy. So 15 years ago. I was much less experienced We don’t get ice every year, you know, I do get to travel all over with the ice team doing things, you know 15 years ago I had a lot less days on the ice and I had to cross over and there was a guy who was handicapped who was stuck out there and I went back to help him and just because I had creepers I Literally got was able to do what I needed to do where the guys it didn’t have creepers.

They were literally like Literally spinning their wheels, you know, so something is simple again. It is creepers like user I’ve actually gotta pull these off the shelf here these yaktrax. These are kind of nice They’re not like the best if that’s what you’re going to do 24/7 But the thing I liked about them is you don’t tear your stuff up you know a lot of us don’t put the creepers on because we’re in terror seats up or machines or cars or whatever maybe So these are really nice I actually use them.

I started using them just to do the driveway, but some type of creepers or having another pair I’ve got good tools. If I’m gonna walk I know that’s what I’m gonna do I use the tools That’s my opinion the best one.

They’re at least the best one that I’ve used But having creepers even if you don’t use them, those are things that are done in the bottom in the bucket But when you need them, I promise you it’s a really really big deal I’m actually gonna I’m gonna put a permanent mount on my bigger machines with a vfvf beach radio Right now I’ve got handhelds.

That’s another thing to think about if you guys are out there believe it or not Cellphones don’t work out there all the time Anybody have really crappy cell phone service now They’re doing that whole switch around.

So we’ve got pretty much no service and where I used to have perfect service I don’t so even between the guys that work for me with ice guiding. You know, we’ll just communicate on the VHF Probably shouldn’t said that out loud cuz I know y’all are gonna be scanned in here, right? But the reality is this again That’s another simple tool.

We’ve all probably got one. If you don’t they’re very inexpensive and it makes a big big difference And the last one would be a jump box again These are all things we know but I’ve got a really really nice I think it’s a no codes the brand no affiliation with them or anything like that But you can jump start a diesel truck with the one I have So the reality is they wouldn’t try to jumpstart a diesel truck with that.

You can probably just get your car started You know, it’s kind of like sleeping bags and tents kind of see these things near like 4 to 6 beep What are you nuts? Like? Hey same thing with these deals, whatever they tell you They’re gonna do you probably get about half out of it in real life conditions so that’s why I’ve got the biggest one I can get and another thing that I’ve kind of noticed cuz I probably own 6 of Them that I bought and got one of this machine.

We’ve got one of this machine The reality is is a couple of them will have the voltage on them Which is super I found to be a big deal because then you immediately know like is this dead dead? Is this just like a surface deal? So you kind of almost can diagnose the problem before you get it? Because if you get something that’s that bad a jump box isn’t gonna do it.

There’s the reality of it So again muscles, don’t carry a multimeter I carried one of my boat now, but most of us aren’t gonna have a multimeter on the ice I mean at some point this stuff does wait I mean you can’t carry but right so I haven’t that built in as a super super nice thing that I know I really appreciate and we kind of talked about You know a little bit of this here with the GPS feel because that’s that’s my heart or my main target the seven-inch helix Hummingbird and a 12 inch while that may be overkill a little bit It’s really not cuz these are units that I use regular time like this is off my boat You know, I mean this is not like this is gonna cost extra money You can get a power cable and a bracket for probably about 50 bucks and all of a sudden you’ve got that same thing I see some of these guys out there and they’ve got all this money invested and aside from just safety they’re looking at like a watch the same thing whenever both everybody had a boat fish in here after you guys a Lot of head nods.

The reality is you get out there and that’s this nice big fancy boat You got a GPS this big and it looks when you’re standing on the fin feather or wherever you’re at It looks really nice and clear because you start bouncing around even with young guys get rain coming Whatever it may be you can’t see jack and then you start zooming in zooming out.

You can’t see anything but you know just like this day when we avoided the white outs and having the mapping that’s probably That’s got to be the biggest game-changer from when I first started on an eery for sure So the location stuff Staying away from the traffic is gonna be a huge huge deal Now when around these flats the reality is especially now because I Lake Erie were very spoiled I fished a lot of other places.

I promise you we are very very very spoiled a bad day Here is a good day a lot of other places so when you start fishing a lot of these flats because that’s realistically like an Erie will just break that down because Majority of you I think are that’s what we’re talking about is we’re fishing kind of pre spawn areas, essentially We’ve got some transition stuff where you’ve got like around the bass islands For example, we’ve got troughs, you know, they’re basically like a feeding deal, you know, they bring food they bring current through there So those fish kind of hang out they’re kind of like an even guys deer hunters, you know, they’re funnel areas But the reality is the bulk of the fish are gonna be on these areas that are adjacent spawning areas so that could be you know outside of here on We don’t get safe ice there But maybe once every 20 years but you know around the Kelly is an island area And then of course around the cans, which is where most people are fishing on those big flats The biggest thing would be I think big moves for small moves So I usually have one guy that works with me or for me when we’re diving and we’re doing our stuff over filming a show Or whatever it may be and we try to make small moves because I want to try to be in the game you know when you still start throwing your Course-correcting is difficult if you just start driving over here you over here over there The reality is is you get on outside of some of these packs.

Normally Pat’s do break up The reality if people aren’t catching the problem is there’s a lot of times they don’t break up until it’s too late Because we get bite windows. You know, anybody that’s fishing in April knows that fish bite You can do anything between eight nine one day or making whatever time it is 10 and 11 it talks from you It’s fishing 20 miles away.

And that’s when they’re catching them so you can do anything It’s broken clock fishing. As I was told by a guy a long time ago here. Everything is right twice a day So the problem is you have to be where you need to be and doing what you need to do And the time that the fish on their clock not on ours So that’s why I think that small moves for me Instead of just going over here going over there and I’ve kind of gridded out but the big thing is just not getting lazy Probably the biggest thing I also fight with now.

I’m pretty fortunate because I have a lot of shanties I’ve worked with company that if it makes Shane he’s 4 by 15 years and so I get opportunities that maybe other people don’t Without spending a whole lot of money.

The reality is is you got pop ups and fold over not that there are other types but that’s the reality of those are the two that we’re looking at and for example on the mainland or when I’m fishing if I’m Gonna go to Simcoe or something personally I run a fold over because I may be running the gun and I don’t like move my stuff twice now I fish off the bass islands because I happen to have some good connections there.

And when I go out there the reality is You’re not moving a bunch. I’m if I’m there it’s because this is excuse me. The only place we can go It’s like if we’re gonna go in this store, you kind of put your stuff up there you got a shanty shallow deep and you can’t go out there because there’s a boat, you know that type of deal but Again, there’s a lot of that just me.

This has got fishes for a living so again, like we talked about this may not apply to Let’s hear the realities pop-ups are a lot lot a lot less Expensive and they can still be stored a lot easier. You can put one of these in your car I mean if you don’t have a truck probably not gonna be able to deal with fold-over I mean there are exceptions.

You can put a hitch hauler and do different things like that But the other thing is working these spork shows You that a guy comes in and it’s kind of like no car shopping or something So, hey my budgets, you know ten grand looking at some new cars Really same thing the sport shows I think what Shane Jesus guys are always looking to have you know I need six to eight people.

I am learning died that many people you get your empty that many people out So the pop ups you can put a lot more people and most realistically and fish maybe not ideally but you can do it Or the fold overs you’re gonna have you’re gonna need a Trailer and a truck and a buddy and everything else and just a ton of weight as well or a pop up that weighs Roughly fifty pounds you could realistically and I do fish four to six people in that Where you’re gonna have a couple hundred pounds and have a couple people in a fold over model, but running and gunning I really really like to fold over myself because you can put everything in there.

You don’t have to move it twice Here’s the magic weren’t magic world Current I had a guy tell me if I about fifteen years ago. He said there’s no current Lake Erie. I Mean that current is one of those things were early in my career I was like a heat current until I didn’t have current, you know days out there Just a lot of my early stuff was again with my buddies from high school and from college to my parents on foot Bay Island where we always had ice and I would go there and stay for a week and we had This current we were always using 3/4 ounce tempest just that’s what everybody used you went on that island.

That’s all you could find That’s all there was a gas station there. That’s what you had That’s everybody live there used and the reality is when that current back down fishing side So rather it was the fish, you know position differently or they weren’t moving current positions fish it turns things on It’s just it’s not a bad thing, but we have to learn to adjust to it because it’s certainly not going to adjust to us You know, it opens cracks.

I can tell you a million stories where? Excuse me back in 2003. We had really really good ice. I mean I fished north at Kelly’s in 2003 on a snowmobile It’s scary to even think about that now Yeah it was We in March we sell at 18 inches ice in the beginning of March and I can remember going out and we were we were Filming a show and another guy came out and said hey so I walked like a hundred yards out and said you’re not gonna scoop all our fish so I drilled the hole for him and I want and I was through And it’s one of those where we were on that much ice Current eats, you know rather Springs, you know there.

I know that the realities spring things out there There’s current eats it away But you get in these little pockets, you know, that’s why I’m anybody’s fished with me and the hard water stuff knows I’m an absolute boat not so your ice Nazi because you state you stick with me You’re we’re on a tether because the reality is is you don’t know what’s right there I know where we just came but I don’t know what’s right there.

None of us do and it changes so frequently And a lot of people don’t understand that and again, we all have friends and I’m probably that guy too It says well, I need to learn this what my own self I I hear what you’re saying, but the reality is is well Let me catch us less fish in the heart and the open water season during hard water and man your life You know again all those things that we talked about prior make sure that you can get out of that situation But the reality is don’t put yourself in that situation so Pay attention to current because it can do everything from kill your fishing to kill you Probably one of the biggest things that I see Or that I feel that I do that.

I don’t see a lot of guys doing or definitely not the masses is setting myself up before things even even start I feel like I’m ahead of the game or ahead of most guys Before we even put a line down not say I’m a better fisherman But I’ve put myself in a better situation and not when I this is a two-man shack because one seat in there antisocial This is my personal little shack here and I’ll drill a triangle like that And the reason is is I can tell you a million stories where I’ve watched stuff even this year on cameras, or filming a show and we get what we need now is just kind of get the cool stuff and We literally like thermos story a guy dropped a thermos On the ice and we were so covered up and fish and watching my aqua views I mean the flash is just going nuts guy dropped the thermos Fish I mean gone it was unbelievable walked out, you know 100 feet drilled some holes trying to fish I mean just sure we were covered up, you know these fish and they do move I’m not gonna say they don’t but I watched him on the camera there the walleyes got to be the most antisocial Recklessness on the planet and they get spooked, you know, freak show stuff so that thermos thing I always think about that all the time with guys and doing things so I certainly don’t want to start drilling holes Once another buddy comes or once things again that kind of proactive You know preparation causes separation regardless what you’re doing and by doing the triangle holes anybody know Why I might do that even though it’s kind of up there.

I Know Dave you got to see this firsthand last year where we literally had the currents which we get current running Let’s say this way because we don’t need fancy machines here to show us and all of a sudden you’re like, okay We’re gonna set up for this.

Well, 15 20 minutes later the currents going this way. I Mean literally swiping out. So all I do is I just move my Shanee around so this is for me now I’ve got two holes to fish and I can put my transducer on another one So on the curveball in that way, I still get two lines and that transducer has got a three four foot headstart But I don’t have to make any noise I don’t have to interrupt my fishing because the reality is if you wait long enough when the currents doing that just like we get The wind going out there one way blowing the next thing buddy ever seen that If anybody doesn’t wave their hand or shake their head, we both know you’re lyin.

I mean, it’s 10-15 minutes one way next way It’s crazy. I normally there’s a couple ladies here So I won’t say what I normally the analogy that I use But the reality is is having that and being set up as a Hugh you feel No different than you know the whole layout internally I don’t know.

How many guys is a guy that I see that lose fish in the hole. It’s crazy. It drives me nuts I don’t use a I don’t use a pick or whatever. You want to call it. I land on my hand myself I’ve rarely rarely lose him once I get up there, but I’m using a 10 inch hole I often put my transducer in a different hole.

I mean how many guys have lost one in the transducer cable? Anybody here should be raising their hand, right? Fortunately, I haven’t probably done it. I couldn’t I don’t want to knock on wood or whatever It’s been a long time since I’ve done it because I just generally don’t put my transducer down that hole anymore It’s kind of like once bitten 10 times shy for myself, but probably one of the biggest things again I’m not gonna tell you exactly what to do with any of these things, but think about this because like in a pop-up For example, there’s so many options.

I mean, I know a guy who has a piece of like three it’s plywood The sets down and he’d literally use this as like a template That’s what even a little OCD for me But it is kind of nice because his stuff he’s never guessing and then he sets up a shack around 80 noise He stands there one of my Island buddy She’s stand there and he holds it and his buddy secures it and it is crazy It is if everybody is still busting his chops to this day about it The reality is this he doesn’t have problems, you know and everything is exactly the same and there’s a great distance out But one of the first things you can see here’s what we got going on here’s here’s a Third rod.

Basically, here’s the guy’s brother. And here’s the not smart brothers We had a fish on the bottom there I do it again, please So what’s happening right there see that fish coming up off the bottom I Try to tell the guys the number one thing when when I’m fishing I try to get right with the guys because I know we catch a lot more fish because of it so this guy was gigging he’s just not nice just Generally, that’s something you don’t want to do out there.

I don’t know if it’s like the hamster wheel or whatever it is But when I got this guy later because a guy up top here He caught zero fish for like three quarters today the guy in the bottom right after this I was like, we’re gonna play Ross’s game for a little bit Just give me five minutes and he end up catching like a bazillion that day We had to get his brother to stop jigging and like put it in the bottom pull it way up Whatever it is because it’s literally doing I think one of these deals where the fish is all over the place When that fish came up the second mistake that was made there again.

I Hard to say things like that, but later on the day it proved to be true Is that fish when it came up? He stayed at that same zone you notice he was just kind of doing with these kind of the hamster wheel That didn’t work for the top one and scared those fish off on the bottom when you saw that fish come off to show himself And he’s like no, I’m good The reality is this you need to bring those fish up even last year and 33 feet of water I had fish that I actually hooked into five or six feet down my biggest fish of all time through the ice I lost them and I did one of these in my headlamp and I saw eyes and the fish hit, you know I don’t know that far below the hole 14 and change.

I mean crazy crazy deal They follow them up they want they’re inquisitive. Maybe they’re not hungry. I don’t know I’m not here to tell you those things cuz I definitely do not know But the second the problem with this right here is if this guy they all want to like steal each other’s fish In this scenario if this guy would a quick jig in which I finally got him do like five hours later Once that bottom fish gets hooked.

I guarantee you that within that zone There’s more fish around so we went from getting zero fish for several hours there It’s also I’m getting doubles because not once that fishes up. I told them drop background and there’s another fish generally in that vicinity And they’re just that second one.

That’s almost you can do anything you want while you’re wrong They just want to hit they see their fish hooked. What’s going on? I don’t know if it’s a smallmouth bass fish It’s kind of a lot like that.

I mean you just you just flat out you get him. So tell your buddy to stop jigging That’s the long the short or bring it up or bring it down But if you’re in that same window deal, you’re just competing for the same fish.

And the reality is you’re both gonna lose Rods I’m a little biased because I designed this thing, but I did build about six of them to get exactly what I wanted I do use some other rods and some bigger ones, but the reality is This is my Signature Series rod for a clam on the ice Pro Series and like that right there The big thing is I want a little bend but I don’t want too much because probably the biggest thing no different than when you’re jigging is tip bounces a bad deal and you know when we’re talking a reality of views and half-ounce lures on the regular that half-ounce lure if we put on a postal scale or if somebody using the scale for something else is You put some minnows on there and now that things pushing an ounce Three-quarters of an ounce or whatever it is We got the same run and when you start jigging like this I know it’s kind of hard to see when you start doing this I want that no different than my jigging rod at open water I want that to be back to zero like that because I don’t want to I want to move the bait basically in place You know plastic soft plastics.

I think that’s why they’re so systems. So so successful You can just get that incremental movement without moving it in the water column just too many times when those fish, you know Yes, you can get them to bite that broken clock thing when you’re moving up and down immediately But it’s just barely moving it within the column and having some type of action Party-line, you know, I’ve got monofilament on there Number one question.

I always get asked is what is this? It’s Japanese monofilament so you can’t get this but I want it strictly. It handles really good It’s technically really a copolymer because the coating sonna But I like that MIT polar why no Stren does have something somewhere That you could get to have that same type thing But again, and we kind of touched on this I’m gonna use mono if I can get away with it I’ve got nerve damage in my hands and I can’t feel like I used to be able to feel and I know a lot of Guys that just don’t have the feel compared to life with my buddy shorty that works for me Like he’s just he can I’m telling you this guy is unbelievably and feel strike, you know before you can even see it But the reality is mono was gonna land you more fish Breed is probably gonna get you a few more bites So I do use braids at times Especially when I’m doing things where I’m not moving the lure lunch because again I can get away with things on feel just like when you’re jerk bait fishing or fishing a crank bait or something like that When you’re moving that you’ve got line being made you can feel that pressure know how many people fish a crank bait for like bass Or something here I Like it too, but how many times you caught a big old smallmouth and at the beginning it was just like mush That’s all it was and you’re in your crank and you’re moving 30 inches of line Every time you turn the handle The reality is think about that if we were still fishing and that fish hit the same way on a bait like a drop shot Or two cuz it barely moving You’re not gonna feel I mean Tom Keenan one of the walleye guys when I wrote a book I asked him everybody for a tip and his tip was just land the fish that you get or hook into the fish the journey Out that bit and it’s one of those things you kind of hear and it sounds like a stupid tip But really is the best one going now how you do? That’s a different story But those little things like that like with having the proper line so again I hear one rod with me out of my three or four in the dike area that has breed on it and A lot of times especially with a currents racing and I’ve got waterline Islander I’m angle where I don’t have to move that as much and I can feel those subtle little hits We talked about the rod we got my model This is one of those hard things that I would tell you I would HIGHLY highly suggest you to do I’m sure what she used for it, but got a little swivel in there This one happens to be a squirrel power swivel.

You don’t need any fancy things. You don’t need any really big ones I mean these things are literally cost pennies I’ve had some of them that I found on the village of my boat for you know a whole year and they come up in There I totally didn’t clean real good and the reality is is they’re just as good and they’re very expensive You don’t have to have a sample ball bearing at actually I would think you don’t want to because If you get this terminal tackle pretty good size when we look at that so on are there and you see that you’re gonna see That on there and all of a sudden you’re gonna think you got a fish you got a bait fish and the problem is is something Believe It Or Not because these sonar things are not perfect They’re hitting a return again little things that make a big difference.

A lot of my biggest fish. They’re on the outside of that cone You could misinterpret that for your school I’ve had to happen. I mean there’s no way to know what a difference in a return is on leaders I usually go a hair longer just because that way if I cut down I don’t have to you know what I mean We put a whole new deal on I can just retie because the reality is is you tend to get a little bit of chewed Up stuff right in here.

So I’ll come a few inches off and still be good, but you get too much longer The problem is is this thing starts getting up in here And while I have no inserts on my rod on purpose Now when you start getting a swivel up here and it’s in and outlet drag and fighting the fish You’re gonna start chewing stuff up.

You’re gonna start working on your knots and things like that This is son line leader. Material 16 pound That’s about the biggest snap. I don’t know if you can see this, but we look at it. Later This is a number one dual lock don’t go any bigger than that I mean actually ideally if I just grabbed us to put this together for today if I’m fishing I got They’re still called number ones But they’re different brands are different sizing just like hooks and it’s gonna be smaller than that And that’s kind of my setup high-vis line rather.

It’s great or whatever. It may be and using the smalls that can get away with Lure categories there’s a big ole Fagin walleye. That one was caught on the trolling spoon, believe it or not It’s a Silver Streak junior trolling spoon Here kind of a big category but getting into the categories instead of the type of lure and what I mean by that is let’s say Brand a brand be your brand.

See forget what natural lure using what type of lure is it? Is that a blade bait? Is it a flutter spoon? You know, we catch them on a slab spoon or a rattle spoon like this I mean There’s several rattle spoons out there While this one is different because the way that it flutters and I have the most success on this truthfully You can catch them on a buckshot on days that they’re lighting on This may be not as good but you’re going to and so again kind of that Course-correct anything where we’re just getting closer and what we’re doing Weed all the way down.

We got jigging wraps. We’ve got flutter spoons. We’ve got curved spoons like a Clio a Pimple and believe it or not a lure that I don’t even like telling guys But I guess the guy told me the other day It’s like man, you’re kind of in the education game your fish should turn us no more This bill means a plain LED head jig.

I’ve caught an absolute bazillion giants on on Lake here a Bazillion like I don’t like telling y’all be honest mate, especially since I see a few people here at competition You know what? I mean but the reality is is you’re gonna catch a lot of fish on those as a follow-up you Go to Saginaw Bay.

We talked about few guys here before this thing got started and Saginaw Bay That is the real deal. A lot of guys even use the they’re using such a small Jig that they make just to have that feel. They’re actually using a Slip bobber on top of it, even though we’re only in six eight foot of water But you just barely see that thing move and I don’t care who we are Even if you go about better hands than I do or visibility You would be amazed that the subtleties and what those fishermen pan fishing anybody ever seen blue yellow I mean you’re watching them down the hole and you blows your lure in and out you’re watching it You don’t feel it.

You only got this much lino The reality is this is fish. They’re pretty amazing The starting lineup for me because again with ice fishing it’s kind of like tournament fishing or whatever You know, you’ve got your stuff tied on or is a guy, you know You’ve got your things that are ready and not that you can’t switch over to something if need be but you got that stuff That’s ready to rock out right now.

And again with ice fishing. It’s like that we’ve talked about those little windows Early in the morning late in the afternoon most places. That’s when you’re better whites gonna be no any area We’re pretty lucky because you don’t have you can sleep in a little bit There’s a lot of times the middle of the day happens to be as good or maybe even better But the reality is doesn’t matter what that is you get that window and if you’re looking for your lure You’re trying to get something tied on and you’ve got a 20-minute window half an hour window.

Sometimes even less than that You better be ready so I try to have these things kind of put together a rattle streak is absolutely my favorite one a Jigging wrap when they won their on that. There’s nothing better.

I don’t know, you know, especially when the bike is pretty tough Early at the bass islands. For example, it’s an amazing amazing lure If you don’t have it, you’re in deep baby that day a Swedish pimple positively hate two things But I Got News for you It is an absolute killer especially if you don’t fish a lot like when I’m guiding He says I haven’t fished before and I’ve got the guy that’s gonna do the hamster wheel deal I’m probably gonna get a little pimple because of the realities you’re gonna catch fish on it And then the ball head jig.

That’s the one that I’ve always got it’s basically like a dead stick for me. I I hand pour my own Basically did get a bigger hook, you know, so 16 I do have smaller stuff that I’ll use in other places like 30 second and things like that But the reality is I want at least a one up hook Now I haven’t had much time to use them to be all honest with you But the new clam they have an open water series.

They have a tungsten head with a big hook on it It’s basically meant for bass fishing That’s the real deal. Like I’m not gonna pour stuff anymore. I mean you’ve got little heads You’ve got a really good black nickel hook and you’ve got way oversized hooks So I’m just it ain’t worth the hassle but in the past You know when I was tooling out moulds and getting all this stuff just a dozen jigs will last you a lifetime You know, I’m still using something from years upon years ago.

So that’s my starting lineup But again, I kind of touched on this earlier talking about last season fish in there the color versus the weight Truthfully weight matters more anybody ever fished the Detroit River or any River situation where your vertical jiggin? I’m not gonna say that color don’t matter But the reality is if you got the wrong size jig head on You’re way worse shape than you are if you got the wrong color I’d rather have the wrong color and the right weight and that’s the thing that people do the backside almost the way it’s a joke Amongst me and my friends when I do these things at the end of it.

Everybody comes up So we’ll buy a few than rattle streets. What’s a couple colors? I should buy I’m only gonna buy one or two And I get the same thing with bandits. Hey, they got 100 color refunds You got hundred colors, and I’m like, where are you at? Where are you fishing? What do you do it, you know? Yeah krome bloop you had to pick one Probably the biggest thing is the tipping Anybody that the I don’t care what type of fishing you’re talking about? You can tip things like a flutter spoon for example, and you put a big giant minnow on there You’ve pretty much killed it, right? I mean again, you can pick a million things how many guys troll and crank beats at some point in here Give me a real raise hands work with me most of you how many times we reel them in and there’s a tiny piece of weed on there that you’re like It’s just that big and the baits doing like a sack of potatoes.

You kill it, right? It doesn’t take much to throw things out of whack that are designed to do a certain thing And the same thing is with these lures. You have to be really careful on how you rig them up Last thing and then we’ll take some questions but – stinger or – not stinger anybody ever caught fish Let’s say even on a hair jig with a stinger.

I Mean maybe one day you catch 3/4 you fish actually on the stinger, right? And then how many times the next day you’re aren’t catching. We’re good and take the stinger. Oh, maybe you haven’t done this Again I get a good sampling I’m not to tell you like I know everything when I got three or four guys that are my test samples every day right, and I’m watching them I know You’ve got a guy like I had some guys from Nebraska last year.

None of them had ever ever digged in their life Corn and jig and they didn’t think that was funny either but the reality is I’m watching these guys that don’t know no different and The one guy says to me, can I take the stare hunk off? Well, I took her off the one guy’s because he was just hanging up my bottom and he was barely moving So again, we learned things by just incidental.

I think if you’re paying attention to what Well, upsetting this guy who don’t know nothing buck. Jiggin is out fishing these other three guys like 5 to 1 again They’re 5 feet apart. We’re drifting on a giant flat 200 yards apart, you know, whatever it is So I take them stare hooks off the other guys and also now they’re catching And I probably that’s probably not as prevalent Maybe that’s why it doesn’t hit home with you guys as much when we’re talking about hooking a water jig fishing with a hair jig But I can tell you that like using a stinger hook for example on a jigging ramp Will either light your day up or shut it down? Again not here to tell you a million scenarios, that could be an hour talk within itself But I don’t know how many guys have lost a lot of fish in a jig around If you all don’t raise your hand you are liars liars liars.

I Mean at times, you know, I’ll put a bigger hook on All right I take up the finger in off of putting a bigger size hook on a Lot of times that isn’t I’ve watched it when they come up and they just headbutt it You put that stinger on and you got that hook minnow down there maybe you’re hooking it into it 100 different ways again that you can do that but the reality is there’s days where that’s how I’m getting bit and Then there’s days where I do that because I started getting shark bit and now I’m getting no bites or the fissure going Bible We’d love to have you guys fishing.

That’s what I do I fish every day that we can legally we won’t take you out when it’s nasty nasty, but all my informations big water fishing just a lot all the different social media stuff will be around in the story here any questions or anything Grabbed me.

Love to talk about fish. So thanks for coming


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