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K&E Outfitters Drift Series 5wt Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Complete Package


Price: $129.95
(as of Nov 12,2020 08:48:48 UTC – Details)

Product Description


We are a locally owned U.S. business totally run by a husband and wife team with a passion for the sport of Fly Fishing. We appreciate our patrons and like to think of them like “fishing friends we haven’t met yet and not just another customer”. We look forward to working with you and are always available to help with any questions or problems that you may have.

See you on the Water!



THE FLY ROD:  The SK Carbon fast action Rod has a silky smooth cast with amazing sensitivity right down to the high quality cork handle. The rod guides are made from the best materials and aid in smooth, effortless casting. The action on this rod is medium to fast making it a perfect fly rod for just about any level of angler and throws some of the best casting loops we have ever experienced. The subtle blue color is striking. This 5 weight rod and reel set up is the perfect all around trout, bass, and panfish combo that will fish most rivers, streams, and lakes well.

THE FLY REEL:  This all aluminum die cast reel is equipped with a large drag knob making it easy to adjust quickly. The removable arbor allows for quick cleaning and maintenance. The action is sooooo smooth on this reel, and the drag is extremely reliable and consistent. You even have the CHOICE of either black or silver finish.


This is one of our favorite features. The weight forward, floating casts like a dream and the honey colored line is easy to spot on the water but still has a natural, earth tone appearance that doesn’t scream “neon”. This line, 150 yards of backing line, and a 4X tippet is all PRE-LOADED making this package ready to fish right out of the box!


ROD TUBE: Because it is made with high grade Cordura material and outfitted with an adjustable strap, built in rod sock, and accessories pouch; this tube will help to ensure that you and your new fly rod and reel have a long relationship. 

FLY BOX: With This fly fishing package we have included one of our pocket size fly boxes to get you going with your fly collection. This Double sided, WATER PROOF fly box fits perfectly in both the rod tube pouch and in your fly vest or shirt pocket.

FIELD TESTED:  K&E Outfitters thouroughly field tested this rod and reel combo before ever selling our first unit.  We were so happy with it’s durability, fishability, and performance that we still fish this setup on a regular basis ourselves.

FLY ROD: SK Carbon medium-fast action 9 foot, 5 weight, 4 piece with high grade cork handle
FLY REEL: All Aluminum large arbor reel with extremely smooth action and drag
FLY LINE: Top Quality honey colored weight forward, floating line WITH backing and tippet PRE-LOADED on the reel
ROD TUBE: Fully equipped with built in rod sock, shoulder strap, and accessories pouch
FLY BOX: This is a DOUBLE-SIDED, WATERPROOF, transparent lid fly box that fits perfectly in just about any fishing vest or wader pocket.


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