Home Fishing Tips Joe Thomas Fishing Tip: Shallow Cranking

Joe Thomas Fishing Tip: Shallow Cranking

Joe Thomas Fishing Tip: Shallow Cranking

yes thank God I the greatest day Oh baby cello cranking has become one of my favorite go-to techniques whether its spring summer or fall there’s always fish shallow and the cool thing about cranking and shallow cover is that you generate a reaction strike so when a fish is not even really in the mood he’ll snap that bait and there’s not a better shallow water crank bait than a square bill asked where Bill is just tailor-made for that style of fishing largely because it can be fished on heavy line that square bill handles it you can throw it on 20 pound and get away with it which is important too heavy cover but more important than anything is the fact that the square bill will come through cover like no other crank bait and it has everything to do with the bill style that square bill allows that bait to slide around cover instead of hanging up as it goes over like it would with a round bill those corners actually free debate and kick it sideways and bring it around just like magic it’s almost as weedless as a spinner bait and then can fish it in the same kind of cover I actually like it a lot better so the next time you’re out fishing give the square bill a try I think you’ll be amazed at how well it performs in shallow cover


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